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Does Your Foundation Need A Vibrator?

About a year ago, I began my obsessive relationship with Lancôme Ôscillation mascara. A day was not complete unless my lashes were adorned to perfection by the vibrating wand. Yes, it’s expensive, but I promise it is worth every penny. The day my mascara ran out was certainly a mourning moment indeed, causing me to rush to the store for replacements. Obviously, the beauty brand realized their genius invention, and now they’ve expanded the vibes into Ôscillation Powerfoundation, a mineral foundation. It also has a hefty price tag — $48 — but vibrates up to 7,000 times per minute (which supposedly creates even product distribution), claims 14 hour wear, and promises to make skin smoother and healthier. I’m sold. [Lancome] Keep reading »

The Fashion Peacekeepers: Nicole Kidman’s Pretty In Puce?

Sometimes we feel like Us Weekly‘s “The Fashion Police” and other similar style critics can be a tad harsh. Also, they tend to have these really boring, conservative styles and we have to wonder what their real fashion credentials are. (Case in point: US Weekly‘s “Top Cops” include random comedian Stefanie Novik and Chet Cannon of “The Real World, Brooklyn.” When did they ever go to design school!?) The Fashion Peacekeepers are here to say, hey, can’t everyone’s styles just get along?

Another day, another “Nine” premiere. With so many starlets cast in the film — Kate Hudson, Penelope Cruz and Fergie, to name a few–there are bound to be some mighty interesting red carpet moments as the ladies promote the movie around the world. But last night in Hollywood, Nicole Kidman really turned The Fashion Peacekeepers‘ heads. Hmm … let’s just focus on the positive here. The color is semi-flattering … it certainly fits well. She looks happy wearing it, and as Amelia put it, “She’ll look awfully chic when she’s a granny.” So there’s that. Anyone care to weigh in? Keep reading »

Bite Eric’s Style

The vampire obsession continues, and the cold ones have inspired yet another designer by the name of Pamela Love, who’s also known for creating “Where the Wild Things Are” jewelry for Opening Ceremony. She created this Eagle Claw necklace in bronze for Alexander Skarsgård’s “True Blood” character, Eric, to show off his prickly persona in jewelry form, and it seems there’s a desire from the public to make the necklace available to the hot-blooded masses. So, for all you vamp lovers out there, now a copper-plated version is for sale at HBO. It’s up to you to decide if you want to spend $60 on it. [Racked] Keep reading »

The Trouble With Tavi?

Is Tavi becoming a case of too-much, too-soon?

The latest news: The 13-year-old blogger has been “hired” by Harper’s Bazaar to write copy for its January issue, which would seem like the magazine is treating the teen fashion blogger as an ingénue. Other editors, however, are taking issue with this move. Huffington Post style editor Lesley Blume tells New York magazine’s The Cut, “I think she’s very dear, but I think it’s crazy,” while Anne Slowey of Elle calls her “gimmicky.”

So what’s going on here? Is Tavi being taken advantage of? Or is her entrée into a career just exposing the world of fashion journalism for what it is? Here are our thoughts and feelings … Keep reading »

Annika’s Style Diary: Thursday

What I’m Wearing Today:

  • Vintage Coat
  • Infinity Scarf from Marshall’s
  • Gap Sweater from Thrift Store
  • Uniqlo Heattech Turtleneck
  • Lorick Pleated Skirt
  • Hot Sox Tights
  • BCBG Max Azria Shoes

Keep reading »

Cheapskate: Aeropostale

I’m feeling a little nostalgic as I remember how Aeropostale was the shizznit when I was in high school. The retailer still caters the teen-set with its logo-splattered clothing, but adults like us can still find some necessary basics for cheap, which is how we Cheapskates roll. Keep reading »

Lady Gaga’s Outrageous Costumes Shtick Is Nothing New

Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles, which also included Nona Hendryx and Sarah Dash, were donning Gaga-esque outfits before Lady Gaga had ever been thought of. [1970s, Philadelphia] Keep reading »

France’s Guerre De Cuisine Focuses On Horse Meat

In a country that adores cheese and foie gras, vegans in France are a joke in the same way that Lindsay Lohan thinks she’s a designer. So you’d think the French wouldn’t give a damn about politically correct food. However, tensions have risen lately in Paris over the use of horse meat in contemporary cuisine. Last week, the trendy Le Fooding event went down, this year’s theme being “Les Incorrects,” meaning meals filled with indulgent and controversial ingredients. One dish focused on horse meat, and in response, an anti-horse meat group (only term we could think of for them) ramped up its presence in the city with campaign buses and in-your-face subway advertisements. Brigitte Bardot‘s still-existing animal rights foundation has apparently been combating the issue as well.

So now you have something to throw in the face of the next snobby Frog who condemns American food culture. “Hey, Americans might be obese … but at least we didn’t get fat by eating horses.” [Je Ne Mange Pas De Cheval] Keep reading »

The Easy Way To Tame Baby Hairs

This isn’t a how-to-do-an-updo post—but I do really love Lake Bell’s latest updo. Check out all of her baby hair running along her hairline—we all have it to some degree, and it can be totally annoying to deal with. The damn baby hairs just don’t stay put where you want them to. Getting them wet only solves the problem for 10 minutes, then they dry up and frizz, wack out and don’t listen to even the strongest hold gel. The one thing that does really, weirdly tame the baby hairs? Clear mascara. True story. Buy the cheapie kind and just use the brush they give you to comb your hair into place! You won’t get super shiny/glossy or wet looking hair this way, either. Keep reading »

Iran Bans Makeup On Female TV Hosts

Though millions of Iranian women wear makeup daily, the state television channel has officially banned its use by female presenters. In a perplexing effort to explain the decision, the station’s top manager told The Washington Post that, technically, it’s illegal. We get that things like makeup and overly sexy mannequins are big “issues” in Iran, but give a girl a break. Intense TV lighting and multi-angle shots don’t exactly make it easy to look good. Keep reading »

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