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Season’s Savings! Easy-Wrap Patterned Swaddlers From Learning Curve

Call us crazy, but we think this is just a glorified baby Snuggie. And however twisted that may be, it doesn’t make the idea of our nieces and nephews rolled up in this cotton tortilla any less hysterical. Adorable! [$20.99, Learning Curve]

Learning Curve is offering Frisky readers a 15 PERCENT shopping discount from today, Dec. 10, to Thursday, Dec. 31. Simply click here and enter coupon code “FRISKY15″ when shopping. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer, promotion or voucher code.Check back daily for more Season’s Savings discounts!
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I’m Looking Through You

Where did your feet go? Andreia Chaves’ mirrored heel is dubbed the “invisible shoe.” What’s the point of cute kicks if you can’t even see ‘em? [PSFK] Keep reading »

Pearls—What’s It To You?

According to The Moment (and a large handful of designer runway shows, included Mr. Marc Jacobs) pearls are B-A-C-K, back! Mostly, I find them sort of ho-hum/blah and way too prim and proper, especially when not jazzed up in some way (like Lanvin does with it’s gorge pearls-wrapped-in-black-lace necklaces). But try as I may to avoid them like the plague, pearls are on their way back, so everyone should get ready for pearl sightings. What do you think of pearls? Will you resurrect your strands or buy more to add to your jewelry rotation?
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Cherry Blossom Earrings Bring Spring To Winter

I have a problem, which is an ongoing desire for that which I cannot afford. Take, for example, these exquisite silver cherry blossom hoop earrings by my favorite jewelry designer Shaun Leane. I’ve got a thing for cherry blossoms; according to legend: “the dazzling white and crimson flowers were believed to be from seeds sprinkled by a goddess from the clouds of Fuji Mountain.” The earring’s branches hold pink fresh water pearls. Reality check: They’re around $700. Maybe Santa thinks I’ve been nice this year? [Shaun Leane] Keep reading »

It’s A Uterus. No, It’s A Vase. Oh, Wait. It’s A Vase In The Shape Of A Uterus.

At first, I thought this was a toothbrush holder in the shape of a uterus and fallopian tubes. Then, I realized it was a flower vase in the shape of a uterus and fallopian tubes. I suppose putting flowers in a porcelain replica of your reproductive organs is slightly less weird than putting your toothbrush in a porcelain replica of your reproductive organs. Either way, weird. The object is a collaboration between The Plug and Stéphanie Rollin, who explain it thusly: “the statuary exquisiteness of this silky porcelain-like vase of pure pastiness gives its decorum back to an inherent human topic that these days has become the distinguished theme of over-consumed erotic metaphors.” Um, excuse me? I have no idea what that means, but the vase would make for an interesting Mother’s Day gift, no? [Street Anatomy] Keep reading »

Last Minute XXXMas Gift: Porno Dress For Sale On Etsy

We’ve told you all about the vaginas for sale on Etsy, but now there’s some penis in the mix too. Bellettres made a dress out of laminated shots of hot naked men clipped straight out of pornos. While some of the 342 images are pretty in your face (who likes the money shot to land there?), the pics are not even the most shocking part. “The Dirty Dirty Dress” retails for $1,200! That’s pretty stiff. For that you can get your hands on some real sausages — roughly 131 pounds of hard salami from Katz’s Deli in NYC. Keep reading »

Move Over FIT, It’s Fashionista University

With MTV’s glorification of Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port, the non-stop parade of reality shows, and the infiltration of the “celebrity designer,” it’s really not a shocker that girls (and boys) are devoting their career dreams to the ever fickle world of fashion. If you’re still in school (junior high through college) and jealous of the style bloggers who rise to fame, Fashionista University is here to help with two courses: Fashion Design 101 and PR Prep 101. With lessons from designer Kathlin Argiro and PR guru Gwen Wunderlich of Wunderlich Inc., the school claims you’ll learn the basic job functions of a publicist and just how to create frocks everyone will want to wear. Of course, these classes come with a hefty price tag — $600 for a seven week term. Yikes. And we thought ballet lessons were expensive. Keep reading »

Wear Stuart Weitzman Around Your Arm

Shoe man Stuart Weitzman is not content to only dress your feet. The designer’s decided he wants to create handbags as well, so he just entered the purse market. And from the first look, it’s pretty safe to say his brilliance for shoe design clearly translated to handbags. Most people wouldn’t consider our economic situation the ideal time to launch a new collection — especially one that ranges in price from $395 to $595 (ouch!) — but Mr. Weitzman is of a different mindset. “Recessions have always opened up opportunities for people who like to be a little aggressive in their business,” he said. Ahh, capitalism. Unfortunately, if you can actually afford one, you’ll have to wait until next summer when the handbags land in Stuart Weitzman stores to add these to your collection. [WWD] Keep reading »

How To Buy Coats For Dudes

My friend here (left) is wearing a good-looking coat today. It’s simple with interesting seams and subtle hardware. I shouldn’t be so impressed, but I am, mostly because dudes are generally not known for their outerwear selection abilities. I’m not entirely sure why, but it’s always been my experience that most boys seem to consider coats an afterthought, caring not at all that they look like 5-year-olds in jackets they borrowed from daddy. Too-boxy shoulders, weird lengths and gross fabric pilling all qualify as grave offenses, and it is your duty to help the men in your life avoid them. We’ve got a few suggestions to make the task less terrifying. Keep reading »

Annika’s Style Diary: Wednesday

What I’m Wearing Today:

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