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How Do We Feel About Breast Milk Shampoo?

Shiseido sells a line of shampoo and body washes in Japan that touts “mother’s milk” as a component. Ew! Do these Shiseido products really have breast milk in them? Turns out they don’t (phew), but rather, the beauty company is trying to sell “the concept of mother’s milk,” which apparently means pulling nutrients from other sources that also happen to be found in breast milk.

So, uh, isn’t that still kind of strange? The idea of getting the benefit of mother’s milk (even if it isn’t the real thing)? Let’s hope this isn’t the beginning of an uncomfortable trend—breast milk for beauty products. [Inventor Spot] Keep reading »

Terry Richardson’s Hipsterfication Of Uggs?

So, too cool for school photographer Terry Richardson has a new blog, Terry’s Diary, on which he likes to post pictures of models, beautiful celebs, and other famous people you pretend to know of. Here’s a shot of Terry himself, seemingly tame until your eyes scroll down to his feet—UGGs. No! You can’t do that! Now you’ve gone and made UGGs ironic. And you know what that means, right? Fleece-lined booties coming to an American Apparel near you.

Resist, sweet followers of fashion, resist, I say! [] Keep reading »

Jessica’s Style Diary: Monday

What I’m Wearing Today:

  • Forever 21 flower barrette
  • Aqua for Bloomingdale’s white blazer with fab ’80s shoulder pads
  • Bluefly pink lightning T-shirt
  • Forever 21 jeggings
  • Baker’s boots
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs heart ring

Keep reading »

French Fashion Police May Fine Women For Wearing Burqas

Whether or not you agree with Sarkozy’s so-called “Burqa Ban” in France (and judging from the comments on this post, you are a nation divided), anyone who’s ever felt demeaned for violating a dress code can relate to the idea that as a woman, being told what you can and can’t wear is oppressive, period. The latest strategy to enforce the controversial initiative will literally cost burqa wearers: The French government is voting on a proposal to not only ban burkas and niqabs, but to fine women who wear them €750, which is about $1090.00! We’ve already talked about how misguided this proposed ban is in the first place, but to echo writer Kate Faithfull’s sentiments: “The trouble is, if the government starts dictating what its people wear, where will they stop? And won’t passing a law that appears to directly attack Muslim beliefs just antagonize extremists?” [] Keep reading »

H&M Clothing Trash Scandal Update—Something’s Still Fishy

Shame, H&M, shame. Last week we learned that both the trend-forward retailer and Wal-Mart engage in the odd and wasteful practice of destroying unsold merchandise, and throwing it in the trash. Both companies scrambled to come up with apologetic statements, a rep for H&M vowing that it was an anomalous error that wouldn’t reoccur: “It will not happen again. We are committed 100 percent to make sure this practice is not happening anywhere else, as it is not our standard practice.”

Yet when New York’s WPIX recently returned to the scene of the crime, reporters came across an employee hauling bag after bag of shoes into a truck. When asked where the bags were going, the employee clearly stated, “In the trash,” as if it should be obvious. When they questioned if he was aware of H&M’s wasteful shredding and trashing method, he got shy, repeatedly saying, “I can’t comment on that.”

Of course, all of us are watching this, completely appalled. Why wouldn’t H&M or Wal-Mart drop the clothes off at a charity? It would require the same manpower and resources. Yet, there is a reason why retailers wouldn’t want their merchandise going back into circulation. Keep reading »

Another Place To Wear A Thong

I’m convinced that there are two types of people in this world—you’re either a long-time thong wearer and devotee or you just can’t stand having a piece of fabric wedged in between your butt cheeks. Personally, I loathe thongs. But a thong as jewelry? I’m all about it! Check out this cheeky (sorry, couldn’t resist) piece of jewelry by designer Delfina Delettrez, interestingly called “Saffo” (after the bisexual Ancient Greek poet). The gold and black diamond ring, though, is an investment at $3,502—yow. [Trend de la Creme] Keep reading »

“Where The Wild Things Are” Slippers

The hype over the “Where The Wild Things Are” movie may have died down, but that didn’t stop us from seeing the cuteness in these slippers modeled after the main character, Max. We can’t think of a more ferocious way to warm up your feet around the house (seriously, is anyone else freezing?), than by shuffling around in these fuzzy, plush slip-ons. Guaranteed to scare the crap out of your boyfriend. [$9.97,] Keep reading »

Something’s Missing …

Photographer Jurgen Teller seems to have forgotten something when shooting models for Celine’s Spring 2010 ad campaign … where are their heads? Decapitation fashion? [] Keep reading »

10 Gross Grooming Habits Girls Love

You heard it here first. Chicks are nasty. Guys do not have the monopoly on gross. To prove it, I have 10 real examples of odd, secret grooming habits women really enjoy. Keep reading »

A Different Kind Of “Mood” Ring

Bored of your bling? Sorry, you’re out of luck … well, unless you bought this interchangeable diamond stone ring. The ring “set” (that’s what we’re calling it) by Sruli Recht comes with a total of three stones, which are in different colors and shapes so they can be switched out depending on your mood. It’s like a slightly more expensive (the stones are rough, uncut diamonds totaling €3530, approximately $5,060) mood ring! OK, so the price isn’t exactly accessible, but how cool-looking do these untreated gems look? [InventorSpot] Keep reading »

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