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Teenage Power Couple Pencils

When we were in high school, our love lives were kind of pathetic, which is why when we were supposed to be paying attention in class, we were actually doodling and daydreaming about the day Jordan Catalano would wizen up and realize that Angela Chase could not only help him learn to read, but also rock his world. You know, on “My So-Called Life”? Harken back to those carefree days of obsessing about fictional romances by daydreaming and doodling with these Teenage Power Couple pencils. Our only qualm with this set — <i>Dawson</i> and Joey? Ugh. Any fan of the “Creek” knows Pacey was way hotter. But that’s another post…

7 Models Falling On The Runway

Funny Or Not?
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Hatfields vs. McCoys. Sox vs. Yankees. Sharks vs. Jets. People who laugh at models falling on runways vs. people who think laughing at someone else’s faceplant is cruel. Such distinctions either pull us humans apart or bring us together! I kinda have no opinion: I just think it’s bizarre that our culture praises adult women for tottering around in six-inch-tall shoes that impede their mobility and names this “attractive.” Then again, I (safely!) wear flats six days a week.

In the spirit of unity for my fellow human beings who appreciate a good falling model faceplant, here’s some of the craziest twisted ankles bruised egos on the catwalk:

The Best Way To Get Your Art Collection Started

Dakota Fanning's Pad
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It was bound to happen. You got older. You got wiser. “The Crow” and the “Pulp Fiction” posters that were tacked up in your college living room made way for the more sophisticated framed skylines from Ikea and  machine-printed canvases from Urban Outfitters in the living room of your early twenties. And that brings us to your first adult apartment, where your focus has shifted from filling space to investing in pieces that will not only last through a move, but also give visitors a taste of your style – not to mention create a comfortable and inspiring place to call home.

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Shopping Guide: Obsessed With Vests

When I was a child, there were three things that defined my style — big earrings, hats, and vests. Big earrings and hats are style preferences that not everyone shares, but I’m going to argue that everyone needs a vest or two. For one, they’re excellent for layering this time of year, but won’t be too hot when the temperature warms during the day. And vests show that you’re more adventurous than simply choosing a jacket or cardigan as a cover-up. Here are nine of our favorite knit, tunic-length, drape-y, and menswear-inspired vests.

Random Single Gal Recipe: Beef Carpaccio With Arugula

The Juicy Lucca Burger
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Creamy Linguine
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Roasted Butternut Squash Soup
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Hi Frisky readers! Fun fact about me—I love to make and eat food! Now, if Kelly Bensimon were to meet me, I’m sure she’d emphasize in her psychotic way that I am a cook not a chef, and I would agree. That being said, I think I manage to whip up some tasty things in my tiny New York kitchen, so when the mood strikes, I like to introduce you to an easy recipe I’m currently loving.

Wednesday nights are what I like to call “date night,” only I’m not going out to dinner and a movie with a handsome fella. No, “Date Night” is when I stay in, make dinner, and watch “America’s Next Top Model,” “Revenge,” and “American Horror Story,” aka the Boob Tube Trifecta. Last Wednesday night, I was feeling especially posh but not especially ravenous (I ate a late lunch), so I found myself going back to a recipe I used to make years ago when I was in a relationship: beef carpaccio. Keep reading »

This DIY iPod Dress Turns Me On!

Everything Halloween!
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Halloween Inspiration
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iPod dress photo

I love a good lazy-girl Halloween costume. This super-cute iPod dress from is so easy that even I can handle it. All you need is a tube dress, iron on sheet transfers, a printer and an iron. You can download the iPod dress’ images straight from the Instructables site (which features lots of other DIY Halloween costumes as well). Grab the nearest fella in a black turtleneck, tell everyone he is Steve Jobs and – presto! You’ve got yourselves a couples costume. []

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