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A Look Inside Style A-Lister Closets!

Who doesn’t love a little sneak peek into the closets of the stylish and fashionable? That’s what the interiors blog Habitually Chic figured, too—check out a whole slew of super pretty, ginormous (and jealousy-inducing) closets holding the chic threads of fashion and beauty’s most put-together ladies, like designer Tory Burch‘s clothes-space, above. (Looks a lot like the way her stores are designed, no?) Check out the closets that Olivia Palermo, Aerin Lauder, Jenna Lyons, Rory Tahari, Rachel Zoe, Padma Lakshmi and Vivre CEO Eva Jeanbart Lorenzotti get to wake up to, after the jump! Keep reading »

Quotable: Lily Cole Is A Serious S.T.A.

“I’d like to act and not really model so much. I wouldn’t want to treat acting as a convenient thing to do now and again. I’ve been doing modeling for years and I feel like I’ve taken out of it what I need to. I’m ready for new things.”

– Supermodel-turned-actress Lily Cole, who we personally think held her own opposite Heath Ledger and Christopher Plummer in “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” [Monsters and Critics]

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No Chance Of Freezing In London Today

Why do celebrities have to be so dang extreme? We’ve either got Taylor Momsen walking around in a garter belt when it’s below freezing, or Pixie Geldof dressing for a major Arctic expedition. Better to stomp around Jolly Old than N.Y.C. in that getup though: If all the roaming PETA activists in Manhattan had their way, that coat would be painted red. [London, 1/4/10] Keep reading »

Alexa Chung Adds Pepe Jeans To Her Resume

MTV might have canceled “It’s On With Alexa Chung,” but Alexa‘s career is hardly on a downward spiral. She’s adding “face of Pepe Jeans” to her resume now that she’s featured, along with models Tom Guinness and Boyd Holbrook, in the brand’s Spring/Summer 2010 ad campaign. The ads are bright and airy, unlike the edgy DKNY ads that featured her last summer. See another photo after the jump. [Grazia] Keep reading »

These Wacky Japanese Beauty Products May Be Headed Your Way

When it comes to beauty products (and fashion, for that matter), you can always count on Japan for crazy out-there trends. And with a new decade comes new inventions, and more ways to spend money on your appearance. These inventions are already a big hit in Japan, so they have a fair chance of being repackaged and sold here. Just what beauty gizmos might your hard-earned cash go toward this year? Well, let’s see, there’s …

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Is It Too Early To Start Thinking About Spring Shades?

Coming this spring: Alexander Wang‘s first sunglasses collection, which includes these uh-may-zing cat’s-eye shades that I’m going to declare this summer’s must-have beach peepers. How much do they cost? I’m guessing somewhere in the range of I-don’t-want-to-know. [Pipeline] Keep reading »

Can A Facial Fend Off The Swine Flu?

When the going gets tough, there are those who get knocked over, and then there are folks who figure out how to profit from a bad situation. Looks like the beauty industry is looking to the latter by facing the swine flu epidemic with expensive, fancy treatments. High-end spas have started offering healthy-sounding preventative care treatments like “immune boosting” facials and detoxes. Many of these offerings feature antibacterial ingredients meant to ward off sickness—a few examples include bee propolis (bee goo, basically) and high-pH, Japanese water.

So does this stuff work? One doctor tells New York magazine’s The Cut: “There is no question that these treatments will protect against winter illnesses, even the flu and swine flu.” [Interesting. Doesn't sound like any doctors we've ever interviewed. -- Editor]

The cynics in us are intrigued yet doubtful that a facial could replace a flu shot. Either way, pretty clever business-wise, no? [The Cut] Keep reading »

OTK, VBL, TFFF—WTF?: The Frisky Guide To Fashion Acronyms

There are some fashion acronyms so standard—LBD, VPL—that women use them with the same ease as LOL and OMG (although, come to think of it, don’t those sound a bit vintage now?). The UK’s Guardian has explained some of the more obscure ones, which are sure to challenge your style vocabulary. There’s OTK (over the knee), VBS (visible bra strap) and TFFF (too fat for fashion.) Come now, children, that is just plain silly.

Well, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. After the jump, our attempt at some fashion acronyms and nicknames you will hopefully never use. (And if you do, trust us, no one will understand you.) [Guardian.co.uk] Keep reading »

Is The Shoulder Pad Bra On Your Shopping List?

The pronounced shoulder is definitely here for another season, but that doesn’t mean we all can go out and splurge on a Helmut Lang blazer. Fortunately, shoulder pad bras are also available this season for those that have a commitment phobia when it comes to flighty fashion trends. These bras will give the favorite pieces in your closet a more structured look, but won’t break the bank. The shoulder pad bra above only costs $15! I’m still on the fence about the strong shoulder trend because I think my shoulders are too wide as it is, but I wonder what other non-celebs think. Do you want a shoulder pad bra? Keep reading »

Emily’s Style Diary: Monday

What I’m Wearing Today:

  • Silence + Noise gray cardigan
  • Gap striped tank top
  • thrifted red skirt
  • gray sweater tights
  • Urban Outfitters red heels
  • Grandma’s leaf necklace
  • J.Crew Timex watch

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