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Is This Model The Next Kate Moss?

Who can resist a good model Cinderella story? In 2007, the 5’9″ British boarding school student Jasmine Munting hopped on the tube and tried to avoid the stares of what she assumed was a creepy stranger. That intimidating person happened to be a Select Model Management Agent, and the rest is fashion ad campaign-making history. Munting, now 17, goes by the more model-y name of “Frida” (obvs!), and Vogue U.K. has named her a 2010 Model To Watch, an accolade that now supermodels Agy Deyn and Lily Donaldson once shared. And some industry insiders are predicting she’ll be the next Lily Cole (um, because she’s English as well?) or even skyrocket to Kate Moss-level stardom. We like her unique look and the fact that she’s still in school–apparently, she’s a really good student and has been on scholarship since the age of 11. Brains and beauty. [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

Reality Ad Campaign: Agyness And Orlando Couple Up

Leave it to Terry Richardson to create the most uncomfortable and awkward scenarios, only to capture them in a way that’s grossly entertaining. That’s what he’s brilliantly done with a campaign for a Chinese clothing label called Me & City. In the shoot, he sets up Agyness Deyn and Orlando Bloom as a couple, catching their most realistic moments on film—a mundane conversation at a cafe, being goofy in the kitchen, or playing around in Orlando’s dressing room. OK, so maybe the shots of Aggy with a chainsaw or surrounded by dozens of balloons aren’t quite everyday happenings (well, who knows what you do with your boyfriend). Keep reading »

Fashion Nightmare: Wearing The Same Outfit As Your Date

Poor Henry Holland had a bit of an embarrassing encounter, which he detailed on his Twitter: “My date just showed up in the exact jumper i’m wearing. It’s House of Holland. More embarrassing for him i think…” We’d have to agree with Mr. Holland. Poor guy was probably only trying to flatter the designer, and his wardrobe choice completely backfired.

Still, it’s pretty funny to think of this happening, even if you aren’t gay. With all this andro dressing going on, it wouldn’t be an impossibility to come dressed to a date, only to find the same American Apparel sweatshirt staring back at you in the face. Gulp.

Isolated incident? Or has anything like this ever happened to you? [Twitter] Keep reading »

Hair Model Citizen: Beyonce’s Hair Bling

After posting yesterday’s sleek Grammy hair photos, I noticed something when I zoomed in on Beyonce‘s hair—it had sparkly strands running through it! Now, after much tireless hair research, I’ve finally ascertained that 1) I’m not seeing things that don’t exist, and 2) Her hairstylist did, in fact, pump up her hair with loads of bling. According to Kimberly Kimble, the stylist who created the hair look, there were strands of Bella Via Hair Glitz woven into her ‘do. (Apparently, they were coordinating with her Minx mani.) Keep reading »

Do You Have A Go-To Style Uniform?

Most of us have had the what-to-wear experience in the morning. You stare at your closet looking for inspiration. And then, if you’re like me, your eyes dart over to that pile of clean clothes fresh from the laundry. You think: I really should hang those up at some point. But really you have no time for distractions. You’re five minutes late getting into the shower, which means you’ll only have five minutes to waste time reading your bath product labels again (I can’t be the only one that does this). So instead of making a decision about your outfit, you head into the shower to kill two birds with one stone. But when you emerge fresh and clean, your mind still isn’t made up, so you grab what you know works because there’s no time for experimentation.
Keep reading »

Shirtless, Oily Diaper Ad Takes Cues From Shirtless Oily David Beckham Ad

Creepy sexualization of the kiddies or a clever copycat of David Beckham‘s hot Armani underwear ad? Whether or not you think this South Korean ad for Good-Nites diapers is inappropriate, one thing is for sure: That baby has got to work on his six-pack. [Mom Logic] Keep reading »

Get Loose With Some Tea

Steaming cups of tea are one of the only things getting us through this cold spell, and as a result, we’ve become expert sippers. Regular ole filter bags are fine in a pinch, but we’ve become a little snooty and like the dynamic flavors loose teas create. The funny-looking Luci Loose Tea Infuser will turn dried, crushed leaves into a delicious drink, and the matching mini tea tray means you won’t create a tea puddle while looking for a place to set it after you’ve steeped a cup. [$12, Tea Forté] Keep reading »

The Fashion Police Are Having Their Own Emergency

If, that is, they’re caught wearing these crazy heels. Wow. [Yanko Design] Keep reading »

Keith Haring Foundation Kicks It With Tommy Hilfiger

Looks like the iconic urban street artist Keith Haring is experiencing a bit of a rad revival. Although Haring died of AIDS in 1990, his foundation lives on and has been bringing his works to life in new forms, first with SIGG water bottles and now with shoes, thanks to Tommy Hilfiger. Available at Colette, Hilfiger uses Haring’s exuberant designs to decorate women’s, men’s, and kids’ sneakers, as well as rain boots. Although these styles are pretty specific to a certain fashion taste, we’re loving this collaboration for bringing together two different facets of Americana—Hilfiger’s traditionalism and Haring’s urban punch. [Colette] Keep reading »

Flowers, Magazines, Free Beauty Products — Wait, This Is A Bar?!?!

Call me prissy, but I avoid bars like I avoid men who wear bow ties. The loud music, the basketball game on TV, the syphilitic-looking bathrooms? No thank you. I’d much rather meet my girls for a Frappuccino or a mani-pedi, any place where the seats aren’t sticky. But if dive bars took a cue from the Brits, I might be convinced to change my ways: Greene King, a chain of pubs in the U.K., is revamping 1,600 watering holes to make them friendlier to female customers. According to London’s Daily Mail, Greene King pubs are wooing the ladies by offering larger wine glasses, decorating the bar tops with flowers and magazines, and filling the bathroom with free toiletries. “Pubs often fail to accommodate women eating and drinking alone or out with other female friends,” said Greene King’s director of recruitment. “Typically pubs generally target mainly men, under 25s and families, and we need to redress the balance.” Even though these perks are supposed to appeal to the so-called “SWAG” demographic — Sassy, Wise And Grown Up, meaning over age 35 — you won’t hear me complaining if someone girly-ed up the local dive. [Daily Mail UK] Keep reading »

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