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What Is Up With Peaches Geldof’s Fur Tail?

Oh, the irony. Last night, British socialite Peaches Geldof attended a store opening, and later lamented on Twitter: “Tonight was too indie. Even for me. Never though I’d say it but I’m gonna have to – too many hipsters spoil the b[r]oth.” Too indie, you say? Then what’s that ridiculously bizarre fur tail doing on your purse? Because that looks pretty hipsterific, if you ask us.

For a moment we thought the accessory might have been part of the Louis Vuitton SS 2010 collection, which included dangling fox fur tassels. But no, the LV designs were larger and featured dyes in splashy colors. Geldof’s tail appears to be the real deal, au naturel. Coming soon to an Urban Outfitters near you. [DailyMail.co.uk] Keep reading »

Julianne Moore Puts Jewels On A Parrot

In case you hadn’t heard, the gorgeous, the divine Miss Julianne Moore is the new face of Bulgari. (Stunning redheads are having such a fashion moment right now!) The company leaked this teaser today and it is certainly confusing indeed. Random bird alert! That is all. Keep reading »

Bra Called “Milkshake” To Make A Splash At Lingerie Show

The Paris lingerie show is later this month and organizers are expecting some extremely high-tech underwear this year. Some of the interesting innovations will include the Decollete anti-wrinkle bra, which we’ve talked about before, “that can iron out crinkly cleavages as a woman sleeps,” as well as ” a smart Slovenian brassiere whose foam cups expand with body heat when the wearer works out or flirts.” A bra that expands cup-size when the wearer flirts? Eh, wake me when there’s a bra that’ll do my dishes for me! Oh, and there’s also a French bra called Milkshake that will make an appearance at the show. Its fabric is made of milk proteins that contain 10 amino acids to hydrate the skin. With a name like “Milkshake,” I’d think it might do well in the “nursing mom” category. So, big question: would you wear any of these kinds of bras, and if so, how much would you be willing to spend? [via Yahoo] Keep reading »

Beauty School Reality TV Pitch Backfires, Big Time

Andy Warhol’s “15 minutes of fame” prediction has certainly panned out, and the accessibility of some any degree of stardom puts dollar signs in people’s eyes and motivates them to make crazy, horrible moves (like Balloon Boy’s parents!). Students at an Alameda, California beauty school feel burned, and it has nothing to do with all those chemicals lying around. That’s because they got hold of a rather insulting TV pitch:

“The students are mostly inner-city, unwed mothers taking advantage of government subsidies for a better life. The instructors can’t find any other job that offers ‘bennies’ [benefits]. The new owners are white, naive suburbanites bleeding cash and trying to keep it all under control.”

Cute! Not. More after the jump … Keep reading »

Bikram Yoga Makes Dudes Harder, Stronger, Longer

We’re a little Bikram crazy here at The Frisky. Back in November, I completed my first “30-Day Challenge,” where you do hot yoga every day for a month straight, and since then, I’ve managed to rope Amelia and at least two more girlfriends into the twisted, sweltering world. The health benefits are numerous and almost immediately evident: Not only do you feel better, experience increased energy and, oddly, a craving for fruits and vegetables instead of cheeseburgers, as an off-and-on smoker, I’ve noticed subtle but markedly improved blood flow and circulation in my hands and feet and, yes, even the pelvic region.

Apparently, some guys have too, and it’s even more pronounced. Like, way more. Keep reading »

Win This! A Box Of Gorgeous Sampar Products

Some of us around here keep Sampar‘s dreamy rose- and geranium-scented Skin Quenching Mist on our desks to keep our skin looking fresh and feeling hydrated all day long. (Yes, we’re that vain.) Now that we’ve met the Line Up Box, $59, we have two additional products to stock in both our offices and bathroom cupboards. This collection of gems includes not only our favorite mister, but also the Nocturnal Line-up Mask, a gel-textured, peptide-filled, anti-aging, nighttime treatment and Ultra Hydrating Fluid, a silky, refreshing, mint and white lupin-enhanced moisturizer. Use all three for a few weeks and maybe you won’t forget that it’s freezing and dry out, but with regular use, your skin might.

WIN THIS! We’re giving away Sampar’s Line Up Box to five readers, but you have to work if you want it! Send us a pic of the inside of your bathroom cabinet and email to Style@TheFrisky.com with the subject line “Sampar giveaway.” Click HERE to read the official rules.

Keep reading »

MWAH: The Cocktail Gallery K.I.S.S. Poster

The mantra “Keep it simple, stupid” may get you through life, but it won’t help you mix a delicious drink. The Cocktail Gallery’s “K.I.S.S.” poster reminds us what’s really important when it comes to shaken or stirred beverages: simple syrup. Be sure to keep the 1:1 water and sugar combo in mind whenever you whip up a batch of mojitos. [$25, The Cocktail Gallery] Keep reading »

How Do You Stay Warm Without Compromising Your Style?

I couldn’t figure out what to to wear this morning. It was 8:30, the time I normally leave my apartment to catch the subway to work, and I was still in my pajamas. At first, I pulled on black skinny jeans, flat boots, and a long-sleeved T-shirt, but that is basically what I wore on Monday and awfully similar to what I wore on Tuesday and Wednesday. Keep reading »

Attack Of The Glamazons!

Cooly cranky ad dude Copyranter points us to these Amazon-themed ads created by Soho, a Zurich-based clothing store chain, that suggest their high heels will make you feel so high, you’ll be able to kiss the sky. I love these ads because a) they make me think of that wacky fetish called macrophilia, and b) I’m 6’1″, 6’4″ in my three-inch boots, and this is about how tall I feel when I wear them. [Copyranter] Keep reading »

Heidi Klum Puts Her Maternity Experience To More Use

Forget fragrances. The new celebrity branding trend is maternity clothing lines. Heidi Klum is getting into the mom-to-be biz just like Nicole Richie and Christian Siriano have done in the past six months. Heidi will launch not one, but two maternity lines on Feb. 12. “Lavish by Heidi Klum” and “Loved by Heidi Klum” will feature 29 pieces, including a tunic and a maxi dress, the expectant mom must-have. We all know Heidi’s had quite a bit of experience in dressing a pregnant body. “I experienced fashion challenges during my four pregnancies and combined my knowledge of what works in terms of style, comfort and practicality to create these lines. Being pregnant shouldn’t stop you from being fashionable and feeling great about your changing body. It’s an exciting journey,” she says. [Starpulse] Keep reading »

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