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The Good, The Bad & The WTF: Glamour’s 21st Annual Women Of The Year Awards

Glamour held their 21st Annual Women of the Year Awards at Carnegie Hall last night, and some of the most bold-faced (female!) names in entertainment, politics, art, fashion, and social justice came out to show their support and recognize the often underrepresented causes that the Awards bring to light. Of course, with this many high-profile women in one place, we’ve got a pretty substantial amount of fashion to ogle. Here’s ten of the best, the worst, and the what-the-hell-was-she-thinking.

Adriana Lima Reveals Her Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Diet/Starvation Plan

VS Model On Dating
candice swanepoel photo
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VS Fashion Show
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Diamond-Covered Panties
selita ebanks photo
Selita Ebanks says VS's diamond-covered panties scratched her vag. Read More »
adriana lima photo

Wow. Adriana Lima has revealed how she preps for the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and it sounds … sucky. Adriana works out with a trainer every day, lifting weights, boxing, and jumping rope — which sounds normal for someone whose body is their livelihood — but beginning three weeks ago, she’s been exercising twice a day in preparation for the show. And that’s not the worst of it: Adriana regularly sees a nutritionist who measures out exactly what she must consume to stay alive but also keep her thin. This tasty diet means nine days before the show, Adriana cuts out solid food entirely and survives off of protein shakes. Twelve hours before the show, she stops consuming liquids. Keep reading »

Do You Live In A Shopaholic City?

Shopping Ban
This writer banned herself from buying -- and it backfired. Read More »

Quick! Do you live in Bakersfield, California? Do you spend an inordinate amount of money on shopping each month? That’s no surprise — you’re just doing your part to keep up with your friends and neighbors, because Bakersfield happens to be one of the most shopping addicted cities in the country. According to a new study from Bundle, Bakersfield residents spend an average of $201.50 a month on clothes, shoes and accessories. But that’s nothing compared to what Washington D.C. spends. D.C.’s residents are top shoppers on the list, spending an average of $263 a month on fashion. Geez, you guys! Surprisingly, fashion capitals New York City and Los Angeles didn’t even crack the top ten 10. Click onward to find out who did. And tell us: about how much do you spend on clothes per month? Answer in our poll, after the jump! [Bundle]

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Water Filtering Goes Sleek

It had never occurred to me that a water filter could be both functional and cool looking. A few years ago, I chucked my water filter because it took up too much valuable real estate in my fridge and I was convinced it had stopped working. I was content with the finding (or maybe urban legend) that the Bronx has some of the cleanest water in the country, so I figured I’d be alright. Then I noticed my refrigerated water had a weird taste and I suspected the plastic bottle I used repeatedly wasn’t meant for such use. That’s why I’m now on the Bobble wagon. The recently launched Bobble Jug has changed how I drink tap water. Not only is this water filtration pitcher sleek enough to fit in the door of the fridge, but it also holds a large amount of water and filters three times faster than other filters. Plus, drinking tap water means there are less single-serve water bottles in landfills. So the Bobble Jug is a sleek, sexy, and sustainable win for us all.

[$29.99 Bobble]

Written On The Body

No Body Snarking!
susan sarandon photo
Susan Sarandon hates when young women snark on their bodies. Read More »
Body Dysmorphic Disorder
One woman's experience battling this disorder. Read More »

Ariana Page Russell has a skin condition called dermotographia, a condition where her mega-sensitive skin swells up at even the lightest contact. Rather than wallow in her condition, Russell opted to turn her condition — and her skin — into art. Russell draws complex patterns, poems and designs into her skin, creating a creepy/cool meta-statement on how women’s bodies are appropriated as objects. Check out more of Russell’s body of work (okay, pun intended) after the jump. [Empty Kingdom] Keep reading »

Craft Time: DIY Necklaces That Don’t Look DIYed

DIY: Friendship Bracelets
A fun DIY project that'll bring you back to middle school. Read More »

Candy necklaces are OK, I guess, but if you’re looking for a more sophisticated jewelry project, look no further. We’ve rounded up 6 DIY necklaces that look so good your friends won’t believe you made them. Click through to check ‘em out…

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