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Forever 21 Goes Militant

It might have taken a while for the military jacket trend to trickle down to the affordable mass retailers, but we’ve finally found a version we love. (Of course, when you spend time seeking out the perfect alternative to the luxury model, the second you find something, no one’s really talking about it anymore. Which is just as well.) This Forever 21 soldier jacket plays up the style well with its epaulets and antique-inspired buttons, but stays far away from camp with a neutral color. [$27.80, Forever 21] Keep reading »

Sit On It

Interior designer Nata Janberidze was inspired by the sight of her jacket on the back of her chair at a dinner table. We’ve seen our coats in similar positions at restaurants and never thought about adding a dress, necklace, and broach to the mix. But why not? [FocusOnStyle.com] Keep reading »

New Zealand Flight Attendants Not So Pretty In Pink

Air New Zealand is redefining the term “high fashion.” This pink Trelise Cooper frock will be pushing beverage carts past patrons in 2011. Offended by what some are referring to as the “Barbie uniform,” there has been sharp opposition to the dress. We think any demeaning qualities the design may inspire is overshadowed by the fact that the dress itself is just plain ugly. But alas, pink has, for better or worse, long been a flight attendant staple since the days when they were called stewardesses. Check out more bubblegum flight attendant fashions after the jump. [Jaunted] Keep reading »

Opening Ceremony And Levi’s Create Denim Awesomeness

We’ll come clean: Opening Ceremony is one of those concept stores we love to follow and write about, but have we ever bought anything there? No. We believe the term is called … aspirational living. Anyhow, now’s the chance for us to step across the gilded threshold because the high-end retailer has teamed up with Levi’s to launch a special collection with a $150 price cap. The range will include some denim items, including jackets (nice, bringing them back), plus a bunch of unisex pieces (everyone’s favorite thing these days).

Interestingly, a large chunk of the line will be devoted to corduroy. Teen Vogue reports that there will be “eight different shades including lavender and curry.” The material is definitely classic, but come to think of it, we haven’t worn our corduroy pants in quite some time. How do you feel about them? Different for girls than guys? [Teen Vogue] Keep reading »

Sneak Peek: Lewis Cho Gets Graphic For Spring

Givenchy isn’t the only line that’s getting black, white and bold all over this spring. The infinitely more accessible and darling NYC-based Lewis Cho has also whipped up some covetable graphic prints that we want to wear with shorts and skirts and sandals the very second it starts getting warm out. See more of their spring collection here, and click through for a closer look at these seriously cute tops. Keep reading »

Not Your Mother’s China

Ever thought of eating off of plates tagged with graffiti? Well, if they are anything like the set of china (above), you should! The “New York Delft” dinnerware collection is made of fine porcelain and has five pieces — a dinner plate, side plate, soup bowl, cup and saucer. (It’s $100 per set.) [lovegrove & repucci via Apartment Therapy] Keep reading »

Here’s A Panda With Enviable Fashion Sense

Most people keep their love of animals and fashion separate (except for the morons who created these disturbing ads). But for Chinese art student, Ben Liu, the two go hand in hand in a perfectly adorable way. He created Benda, a panda with style and class, not to mention a closet full of Yves Saint Laurent. The sweet creature parades around in a Mondrian dress with matching background, and poses in the different outfits, all while showing off her cute little ears. It’s kind of the most precious thing I’ve seen in a while. But YSL isn’t this little panda’s only obsession. She dresses up as Andy Warhol sometimes, or Marilyn Monroe, and even Audrey Hepburn. Why a panda? Who knows, but Liu has been known to sport a fuzzy-eared hat around town. [Trend de la Creme] Keep reading »

Laundry Day Just Got Greener And Neater

Laundry is my least favorite chore: It takes hours to complete and the results don’t last more than a day. While Method’s new line of laundry products won’t make washing your clothes more enjoyable, at least it’ll make the task more environmentally friendly and less messy. Because their plant-based formula is super concentrated, a 20-oz. bottle will get you through 50 loads, which means the stuff leaves a smaller carbon footprint. Plus, the detergent comes out of a pump, so it won’t dribble all over the bottle (and you won’t get powder everywhere, as I’ve been known to do). Laundry day is never fun, but at least now it won’t be as messy or bad for Mama Earth. [$15, Method Home] Keep reading »

Grace Coddington Is The Coolest Cat Lady We Know

Our favorite flame-haired fashion hero Grace Coddington made a quick appearance on “Martha Stewart” yesterday in what looks like some kind of cat episode. (True story: Our dog-loving friend showed up because she thought the show was all about Grace, then was horrified to find out that all the audience members had their cats on their laps and the segment wasn’t about fashion at all.) Still, hearing her chat about her book The Catwalk Cats kind of makes us want to pick up a copy. [Huffington Post] Keep reading »

Jessica’s Style Diary: Tuesday

What I Am Wearing Today:

  • H&M black studded sweater
  • Anthropologie frilly, purple tank
  • Zara gray miniskirt
  • H&M black leggings
  • Baker’s boots
  • bunny necklace from Etsy.com
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs heart ring

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