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Beauty How-To: The Smoky Eye

There is nothing sexier than a smokey eye. Done right, this come-hither look can take you from the office to the red carpet just by changing shades. Deeply set silvers and plums make for a vixonish night on the town, while a mixture of nudes and toupes from 9 to 5 might score you an early promotion.

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Beauty How-To: How to Decide Which Color Mascara to Use

Black, brown, clear, blue- how’s a girl to chose? Mascaras have become so diverse in color it seems that eyelashes are the new “it” bag. Our tip: stick to natural hues for a classic look and save the crayola-colors for a fiesta.

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The Hello Kitty Chainsaw Massacre

Seriously, will Hello Kitty ever cease to be hilarious when associated with tampons, toilets, weaponry, or life-threatening mechanical devices? Survey says: no. [Geekologie] Keep reading »

Beauty How-To: Apply Mascara to Get Twiggy Style Lashes

Draw in crowds with Twiggy’s signature lashes. Flirty and mod, this 60’s style makes for a dazzling doll-eyed look; perfect for the sleep deprived beauty go-getter.

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Would You Wear It: Fringe Tights

The Cut points to these Wolford fringe tights and declares them “tights for the woman who wants to look like a Clydesdale.” When you’re standing still, it looks like you forgot to shave your legs for the last decade. When you move-it, move-it, it looks like you work at the Copacabana. How much for the privilege of rocking these tiered fringe stockings? $425. Ouch. Still, they are Wolford, which, if you’ve never tried them, are the greatest hosiery known to woman. They don’t come cheap, but they are practically impossible to run, and they look and fit like no other stockings. If you want to start your Wolford collection with something less expensive but equally head-turning, try their Diamond Tights ($58) or the Hot Dot Tights with a peekaboo faux garter ($65). Keep reading »

Beauty How-To: Deal with Light/Blond Eyebrows

Bombshell blond is a great color for tresses, but when it comes to eyebrows light hair can leave you looking more Whoppie Goldberg than Brigitte Bardot. No matter, because with a mascara wand and some shadow liner, light brows can pop.

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Poll: Which Nail Shape Do You Prefer?

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Beauty How-To: Give Your Hands a Moisturizing Treatment

Your hands always take the blunt of the day’s activities, but they’re also the first thing you show someone when you introduce yourself. Make a good first impression by treating your hands to a moisturizing process that will make your grown-up paws baby soft.

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Beauty How-To: Give Yourself Highlights

We don’t know about you, but if we have the spare time and money to get our hair salon highlighted, we’d rather spend it on a good night out or a new pair of shoes. Why pay to sit in a chair for hours when you can get the same results in your bathroom?

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Beauty How -To: Trim Your Bangs

There is nothing worse than a set of bangs at the wrong length. Too short and you’ll notice people staring, trying to figure out what exactly is wrong with your face. Too long, and you’ll be the one giving funny looks when you can’t see past your strands. Trimming your own bangs is an easy task when you know how to do it, so you don’t have to sacrifice salon style when you snip ‘em at home.

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