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Win This! V-Day Love Kit From Booty Parlor

Happy almost-Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re single or taken, The Frisky wants to be your Valentine. Look for a contest each day leading up to Feb. 14. Prizes will include makeup, books, lingerie, jewelry, and more, but each one only lasts a day—enter now!

If you’ve never heard of Booty Parlor, then saddle up. They carry a bunch of sexy products and gifts and have advisers who throw parties all over the country. You can even book your own if you’re in the mood (find out how here). Wanna get your hands on the goods for free? They’ve put together a custom Love Kit exclusively for Frisky readers that includes the Don’t Stop Massage Candle ($36), Naughty Ballerina Crotchless Panty ($26), Skin Honey ($22), Bath Kitten Kit ($49), Don’t Stop Solid Perfume ($16), Get Flushed Sexy Lip and Cheek Tint ($14), and more, in a pretty box that’s ready to gift, but we won’t blame you if you keep it for yourself.

WIN THIS! We’re giving away one custom Booty Parlor Love Kit, but you have to work if you want it. Share your most essential sexytime essentials in the comments by 3:39 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 10. We’ll pick our favorite response and announce the winner. You must live in the U.S. or Canada to win. Good luck!

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Louis Vuitton Bag Monitors Your Emotions For You

The last time we heard from Louis Vuitton, they were offering $2,000 garbage bag purses. What’s next? A bag that monitors your emotions for you. In theory — and we do mean “theory” — the bag will “feel what you feel” while you take your walkabout. A jewelry accessory attached to the bag features a heart and emotion monitor that sends your location and heart rate to your smart phone, thereby creating a “heartbeat path” that maps the emotional changes throughout your journey. I’m not sure what the point of this device is? I suppose it depends on what you’re doing. If you’re shopping? Eh. But if you’re on your way to meet your valentine? It could be kind of sweet. [FER-OZ] Keep reading »

Italian Vogue Says “Be Yourself,” Just Make Sure You Look Like This

This month’s Italian Vogue came out emblazoned with an all-caps rallying cry for all the “individuals” out there. Oddball models Jamie Bochert and Agyness Deyn pose poutily on either side of crazy-dressing heiress Daphne Guinness and for a second we were a bit heartened. Daphne isn’t even a model! There’s a cowboy hat involved! Yes, we see some thigh and midriff, but everyone’s relatively clothed! Oh, but wait: all three have matching dark brown hair and are roughly the size of a twig. Couple this new, pseudo-unique Italian Vogue cover with the naked LOVE mag images — which claimed to be all about showing different sized beautiful people but featured only tall, thin models — floating around the net lately and it looks like we have an icky trend on our hands: Magazines are simply jumping on the individuality bandwagon without actually committing to the ideology.
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Is Rihanna Jacking M.I.A.’s Style Now?

Rihanna was accused of trying to be a mini Beyonce early in her career. Remember the long, honey blonde hair? But then RiRi got a little punky around the time Sasha Fierce was allowed to come out more and more. And while Rihanna and Bey look nothing alike now, you can’t deny that Rihanna took a few cues about stage presence, leotards, and crazy accessories from Beyonce. Now, though, it seems Rihanna is looking across the pond for some style inspiration, and she has her binoculars fixed on M.I.A. Check out this photo and another one after the jump from Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” video, and tell me those stripes and the mood of the outfits don’t look familiar. [Def Jam Recordings] Keep reading »

Fashion Magazine Layout Makes You Want To Say “Ew”

Our homeslice Copyranter points us to this freaky, and we do mean freaky, layout from Brazilian fashion magazine FFW in which a Kobe Bryant stand-in and his teammates get all weird and sexual with a young lady in the locker room. Er, what is going on here? It seems this pictorial’s “story” is that of model Ana Claudia Michels getting lost in the Lakers locker room, where she stands around in her underwear while all the guys on the team, including Kobe 2.0, form a leering mob and ogle her goods. Seeing as Bryant (who wears number 24) was accused of sexual assault in 2003, and the vibe of this shoot reeks of eu de gangbang, we’re going to have to pronounce this layout gross. More after the jump. Keep reading »

You’ve Heard Of MILFs, Now Meet A “JILF”

Your momma wants you to find a nice Jewish boy? That’s great in theory, but what about a nice Jewish boy whose bones you also want to jump? Attitude magazine proves in this mildly offensive fashion spread that there are dudes of the Jewish persuasion with total mojo, and they’re called JILFs. (You know what that stands for.) Says stylist Elauan Lee, “This is one fashion story that knows how to put the sin into synagogue. Oy Vey!” Just take our advice, and don’t bring these guys home for Shabbat dinner. Check out some more pics after the jump. [Fashion Indie]

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Got Acne? There’s An App For That

Are you a victim of cell phone zits? Now there’s a new iPhone application that can potentially combat this problem while you engage in the very same activity. Called AcneApp and developed by dermatologist Greg Pearson, the program emits red and blue nanometer lights, which are thought to help treat acne by destroying bacteria. Sound like some invention from a science-fiction comedy? Well, the $1.99 app hasn’t been thoroughly tested and even Pearson himself expresses doubt as to whether it works, explaining, “This would have to go through a lot more clinical study before I could quantify its efficacy.” In addition, dermatologists aren’t sure that this particular type of light therapy really works in treating pimples.

So what do you think? Is the AcneApp the stuff of futuristic fantasies or a potentially helpful skin treatment? [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

French Illustrators’ Pin-Ups

BuzzFeed posted this awesome collection of French pin-up illustrations and suddenly all I can think about is how wonderful it would be to live in an illustrated world where everyone has long, luscious hair, wide-set eyes, tiny waists, and an endless supply of super cute cups of espresso. [via BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Gucci’s Spring 2010 Video Campaign Takes Place In A Screensaver

Behold Gucci‘s painfully awkward video campaign for the spring 2010 collection. This is the type of thing where we get what the company was going for, yet can’t help but wonder how weird the filming must have been. Here we have some models trying to be serious, but instead they look like wax Barbie and Ken dolls. They’re so stiff it’s like a kid butted their heads together and made kissy noises. The background: a beach scene so vivid it could only be a digitally altered image either lifted from a Windows ’99 screensaver or “Saving Nemo.” Things start getting really creepy with intense still shots from the torso up that make you think the guy has to be getting a blow job off camera, and then whoa — she’s totally masturbating while sitting in his lap! Cut to: our male model, who has suddenly turned into Beatnik Ken in an all-black ensemble because, clearly, this is deep fashion … we’ll let you take the rest from here. [YouTube] Keep reading »

Girl Talk: Entering The American Apparel Butt Competition Was Empowering

I laughed (like I’m sure many of us did) when I heard about American Apparel’s “Search for the Best Bottom in the World” competition. I found myself aggravated by the douchebaggerous lengths that Dov Charney would go to violate and objectify women. And then I visited the site and was totally taken in by looking at all of the bum entries. They were kind of hot and not in an underfed, underage model kind of way. There was something kind of awesome about all these women photographing their real butts, privately and (mostly) respectfully. I couldn’t help but think, “What would happen if I photographed my donk?” My curiosity outweighed my feminist rage and the next thing I knew, I was slipping on my AA lace body suit, bending over for my camera, and actually kind of enjoying it. Keep reading »

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