Street Style Spotlight: 18 Ways To Wear Gingham Like A Grown-Up

Claire Hannum / June 8, 2015

Vogue and friends keep claiming gingham should be our new BFF this summer, but how do we wear it without looking like 12-year-old Dorothy Gale wannabes? These 18 ladies found a way to pull it off…… More »

Willow Smith Is One Of The Stars Of Marc Jacobs’ Latest Campaign

Katrin Higher / June 6, 2015

The 14-year-old actress and daughter of super famous actor Will Smith, is one of the faces of Marc Jacobs’ newest campaigns.
I am all the hell about this and she looks amazing. She is rocking this goth/glam look and will be sharing the campaign stardom with none-other than Cher. Woo!
We can’t wait to see… More »

PSA: Don’t Forget To Air Out Your Baby In Its Baby Cage

Megan Reynolds / June 5, 2015

House your baby in the same place you’d put an AC window unit. More »

Oh, Thank God, Barbie Can Finally Wear Flats Now

Megan Reynolds / June 5, 2015

Barbie has been around since 1959, wasp-waisted and pert, teetering on permanently pointed, rubbery toes. Her feet have been her handicap, forced by nature and her creator to wear only heels or walk around on her tippy-toes. But soon, she will experience the freedom to wear whatever shoe she sees fit and walk on flat… More »

Do Something New: Go To A Hack Night

Don’t worry, it’s way easier than it sounds. More »

Absolute Beginners: Gymnastics And What Makes Embarrassment Worth It

Turns out I suck at gymnastics, but it was 100 percent worth trying. More »

Frisky Eats: 18 Donut Recipes To Celebrate National Donut Day!

Claire Hannum / June 5, 2015

Tomorrow is National Donut Day! Dunkin’ Donuts and several other sellers of glazed goodness are offering free donuts, but if you can’t get to a store, why not make some of your own? Since we rarely see homemade donuts at a bake sale or pot luck, I always assumed that making your own was some impossible feat. More »

Zara Gets Slapped With A $40 Million Anti-Gay And Anti-Semitic Discrimination Suit

Megan Reynolds / June 4, 2015

Zara, your one-stop shop for those really cute sandals and children’s shirts that look like concentration camp uniforms, is being sued by their former corporate attorney, Ian Jack Miller. He claims that he was fired from his role as the first and only in-house counsel for the U.S. and Canada because he’s American, Jewish and… More »

Do Something New: Try Tantric Sex

I tried slowing sex waaaay down – here are the results. More »

Beauty IRL: Picking Your Skin Is Gross, But It Feels So Right

Megan Reynolds / June 3, 2015

Lots of things happened after I turned 30. Hangovers went from tolerable nuisances to crippling events that required utter silence and very little movement. Eating pizza and maybe some peanut butter from a spoon at 11:30 p.m. was no longer a suitable dinner, and the soft blub that formed at my waistline didn’t go away… More »

Do Something New: Look At Your Own Vagina

Your vagina is totally not scary! More »

Now You Can Buy The House So Haunted That Its Ghosts Turned Up On Google Street View

Claire Hannum / June 2, 2015

Is anyone else having “Poltergeist” flashbacks? More »

Check Your Vibes: 11 Ways To Stop Being Such A Worrywart

Claire Hannum / June 2, 2015

We’re all just fine, is my point. More »

Do Something New: Get Tested For HIV

Getting tested for HIV might be daunting, but it’s worth it. More »

Local Travel: 23 Places To Visit In The Southeast This Summer

Claire Hannum / June 2, 2015

Warm weather means long sunny weekends and the sudden itch to explore someplace new, so why not start with your own backyard? If you need a break from the big cities and major sights, hop in the car and take a dayMore »

14 Summer Wardrobe Malfunctions & The Basics You Need To Survive Them

Claire Hannum / June 1, 2015

Sweat through your shirt? There’s a bra for that. More »

Do Something New: Shop At Abercrombie & Fitch

It’s not just a shopping experience; it’s a healing experience. More »

Do Something New: The Science Of Embarrassment

I like to try new things. My comfort zone is pretty large. This is why, when I was first brainstorming a column to write for my job, I decided to do one that involved trying new fitness activities in the hopes that giving them a shot myself would encourage other people to try new kind… More »

The “Blonde” Myth

Can we please stop boiling women down to their hair color? More »

Creepy Fashion Tips From The Duggars’ Homeschool Curriculum

Katrin Higher / May 31, 2015

Caution: read only if you do not have a round face, because if you do have a round face you are AN INSTRUMENT OF SATAN, according to this totally creepy fashion guide provided for homeschoolers of the fundamentalist Christian sect “ATI.”
Also, I read the entire guide and still I do not quite understand thi… More »

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