Thank Us Later: L’Oréal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

It really IS magical! More »

15 Extremely Convincing Reasons To Take A Walk Today

A radical pedestrian revolution is underway in America! Or at least, that’s what The Guardian is reporting. Acting Surgeon General Boris Lushniak said we should “go retro!” and treat walking as our patriotic duty – and indeed, the Society of Actuaries has estimated that if just 1 in 10 Americans started a walking program, America… More »

Do Something New: Get An Energy Healing

Who knows? Maybe it works. More »

Please Do Not Throw A “Bro-Dal Shower”

Megan Reynolds / June 23, 2015

Are you a man who is getting married, but feels sad that your soon-to-be-wife gets to go to like, three different parties in which people shower her with gifts and praise while you get one scuzzy party in Atlantic City with a stripper that your brother’s friend found, but you really didn’t want? Do you… More »

Do Something New: Put Up Street Art

I have conflicting feelings about street art. I became a big fan a few years ago, not via watching “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” but via strolling around Chicago neighborhoods where street art abounds. It was like a treasure hunt: In the midst of hundreds of paste-ups and stickers, sometimes I’d find something really beautiful… More »

Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Watch “Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer,” Read Little Boy Needs Ride, And Listen To In Colour


It took me a while to pick up Chris Bower’s Little Boy Needs Ride, but Bower is a reliably dark, funny, and compelling storyteller. This is Bower’s first collection of stories, illustrated by Chicago artist Susie Kirkwood, and I am fully prepared to laugh my weird ass off. More »

Beauty Test Drive: Frank Body Coffee Scrub Is A Caffeinated Adventure

Claire Hannum / June 19, 2015

Over the past few years, the lifestyle blogosphere (and Pinterest) has been overflowing with DIY coffee scrub recipes that claim to reduce cellulite and make our skin glow. First off, I know it’s been said that caffeine can reduce the appearance of cellulite, but has that been actually studied? (It probably has, I’m just suspicious.) I… More »

Local Travel: 19 Places To Visit In The Northeast This Summer

Claire Hannum / June 19, 2015

Warm weather means long sunny weekends and the sudden itch to explore someplace new, so why not start with your own backyard? If you need a break from the big cities and major sights, hop in the car and take a day trip close to home. No matter whereMore »

Do Something New: Smoke A Cigarette

I think I get why so many people do it now! More »

Body-Shaming Games Strike Again With The Collarbone Challenge

Remember just a week ago when users on Chinese social media site Weibo launched the belly button challenge? Well, they’ve come up with another Bizarro World way to prove that you’re skinny enough for something something something, and it’s called the collarbone challenge (I will not grant either of these things the dignity of caps). More »

Benevolent Therapist Traumatized By “Dowdy Patient,” Internet Displeased

Megan Reynolds / June 18, 2015

Here is a tale as old as time, from the pages of the New York Times.  A mid-thirtes woman is in therapy. She is in therapy to discuss a variety of issues, from career concerns to personal things, and her therapist, a kind and benevolent man, helps her through these issues, because that is his job,… More »

Here’s An Ant-Sized Painting Of A Hot Dog For Your Thursday Squee

New York artist Lorraine Loots is organizing an art exhibit for ants! Well, kind of. The artist has made a name for herself on social media for her miniature (and insanely detailed) paintings, many just a few millimeters tall. Now she’ll be exhibiting 730 of her ant-sized paintings at Brooklyn’s Three Kings Studio, but only… More »

Beauty Test Drive: Simple Sugars Vanilla Grapefruit Scrub Is Heaven In A Jar

Claire Hannum / June 18, 2015

I had never heard of Simple Sugars scrubs until a few weeks ago (how is that possible?), but most of the world knows the product through the entrepreneur-focused reality show “Shark Tank.” Creator and company founder Lani Lazzari was just eighteen-years-old when she appeared on the show in 2013 to seek out investors, and her busine… More »

Do Something New: Eat Food That Scares You

I grew up with a meat-and-potatoes, South Dakota- and Nebraska-raised mother. The woman wasn’t exposed to seafood much as a kid, except for canned tuna, and in turn she didn’t expose us to it much, either. One of my sisters developed a taste for it anyway, but now she’s a vegan, so it’s a moot… More »

Beauty IRL: Get Ready For Work In 6 Easy Steps

Megan Reynolds / June 18, 2015

The only guide you will ever need. … More »

Local Travel: 17 Places To Visit In The Heartland This Summer

Claire Hannum / June 18, 2015

Warm weather means long sunny weekends and the sudden itch to explore someplace new, so why not start with your own backyard? More »

Mormons Are Using Pinterest As Vision Boards For Prepping For The End Times

Megan Reynolds / June 17, 2015

This is the best use of Pinterest by far. More »

Do Something New: Get A Bikini Wax

By the way, it really doesn’t hurt that much. More »

Lindsay Lohan Has A New Fashion Line And It’s Called ‘My Addiction’

Katrin Higher / June 17, 2015

Yes girl! Embrace yourself.
Lindsay Lohan, the famous actress and beloved train wreck has partnered with the brand Civil Clothing to come out with a small collection called “My Addiction.”
Lohan has been to rehab six times and has more DUIs than everyone in Los Angeles combined and we couldn’t be more proud.
Prices are… More »

Do Something New: Attend A Baha’í Service

I can’t really remember the last time that I went to any kind of church service. It may have been May 2012, at my cousin’s wedding. It was shortly after that that I started my path down the atheist rabbit hole, studying the art of Felix Gonzalez-Torres and, eventually, falling out of my faith.
I’ve wondered… More »

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