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Now These Are Some Mandals

Not only is this dude wearing some blinged-out gladiator mandals, he’s also rocking the socks-and-sandals. A brave warrior? Or a lost soul? [Jak & Jil Blog] Keep reading »

Are High Heels Unhealthy?

“Style-conscious women are worse than smokers,” declares the Sydney Morning Herald. Why? We sacrifice our comfort and health for high heels and continue to buy them like addicts. (Way to stereotype.) The Herald claims that what’s worse is that we don’t even know the half of it: Not only are sexy pumps wreaking havoc on your feet, but they’re also potential culprits for infertility and schizophrenia. That’s right people—your Jimmy Choos (well, in our case, Nine West!) are silent baby killers and mind effers! Explains one expert, the wearing of high heels distorts your pelvic alignment and supposedly messes with your menstrual cycle, in turn having a negative effect on fertility. As for mental side effects, some researchers in Sweden have explained that the alignment of the feet in high heels could possibly manipulate the transmission of dopamine (the chemical that makes you happy): “After heeled shoes are introduced into a population, the first cases of schizophrenia appear and then the increase in prevalence of schizophrenia follows the increase in use of heeled shoes.”

Make you want to run away? Just don’t do it in your five-inch stilettos. [Sydney Morning Herald]

Keep reading »

Scholl’s Gets A Makeover With New Boot Line

There are two types of people who wear Dr. Scholl’s—old ladies seeking orthopedic comfort and Jessica Simpson. Now the brand is doing something a bit more versatile with a new line of boots. Designed by Diego Dolcini, who has previously worked with Pucci, D&G and Tom Ford, the collection includes classic leather mid- and high-heeled platform boots, riding styles done in rubber, and cute-colored Wellingtons with corduroy patches. Comfy and stylish rain gear? We’re always a fan. Plus, these look a little chicer than, say, a pair of Easy Spirits. [My-Wardrobe.com] Keep reading »

Opening Ceremony’s “Where The Wild Things Are” Keds—A Rip-Off?

Class, please observe:

Up top: Opening Ceremony’s limited-edition “Where The Wild Things Are” Keds, featuring zebra stripes or leopard prints on pony hair. They run for $125 a pair. [Style.com]

Down below: Some pre-existing Keds that are awfully similar (no fancy pony hair or anything) and will only set you back $60. [Zebra print, Zazzle; Leopard print, Zazzle]

So, students, is this a total rip-off? Please discuss. And yes, this will be on the final (receipt, that is). Keep reading »

Thigh-High Boots Responsible For New Type Of Muffin Top

Today’s forecast? More muffin top. Jess talked yesterday about how people shouldn’t assume pregnancy is responsible for that little extra pudge around the middle and just keep their mouths shut when it comes to muffin top. But here’s a new brand of ‘top for you: thigh-high muffin top. Thanks to all those fashionable folks sporting over-the-knee boots this season, we are caught in a veritable muffin top s**tstorm, of sorts. What more should you know about the thigh high muffin top? Let me explain… Keep reading »

Why Do Women Wear Shoes That Hurt Them?

Pipeline has an excellent round-up of the craziest shoes seen on the catwalks this season. We’ve profiled several here previously, including Alexander McQueen’s 10-inch armadillos and Prada’s plastic Cinderella slippers. Also featured are the Marc Jacobs furry flats (ugh), the Givenchy zebra-striped platforms (wild), and the Galliano stacked-balls heels (love, on right). The other day, NYTimes.com asked several fashion and foot “experts” a simple question: Why do women love shoes that hurt them? Because they’re so friggin’ awesome. [Pipeline] Keep reading »

Imelda Marcos’ Shoe Collection Saved From Storm

Last month, a storm in the Philippines tragically killed nearly 300 people in the city of Marikina. But don’t worry, just 100 pairs of Imelda Marcos’ shoes were harmed!

The Marikina Shoe Museum in Marikina, the capital of the show industry, houses more than 800 pairs once owned by the country’s former first lady, some made in the city, and others from fancy brands like Gucci and Ferragamo. When Imelda’s husband, dictator Ferdinand Marcos, was ousted in a 1986, Imelda left more than a thousand pairs of shoes in the presidential palace, including one pair fitted with batteries and sparkled in the dark. Keep reading »

Why Do The Lohans Keep Thinking They Should Design Stuff?

I’m starting to think it was a fluke that Lindsay Lohan‘s line of leggings did so well, especially after the failure of the Emanuel Ungaro runway show she influenced and her well-documented, epic fashion disasters. I mean you can’t really mess up a pair of leggings, can you? Now, mom Dina has caught the design bug because, you know, she’s so fashionable. Dina is creating a line of “designer” shoes called Shoe-Han. Can you even design designer shoes if you’re not a designer? Anyway, if you’re seriously interested, then the shoes should be released around Mother’s Day 2010 and will be sold at LoveMyShoes.com, a “popular” retailer on Long Island where the Lohans are from. Keep reading »

Take A Deep Breath, Clogs Are Back In Style

Troentorp Bastad Mary Jane Clogs, $84.95, Amazon.com
Black Eel Wedge Mules, $545, Sigerson Morrison

Before I started ninth grade, I carefully selected a few new pieces of clothing that I thought would help me make the transition from awkward junior high student to stylish high schooler. Among these items were a pair of Gap jeans, a brown silk-blend knit Banana Republic top, and suede J.Crew clogs. Man, I loved those shoes. They made me feel so chic — and tall! — as I clomped around my high school’s hallways. Keep reading »

How Far Is Too Far When It Comes To Designer Knockoffs?

Leave Alexander McQueen alone! Sheesh, can’t the guy get a break? First Lady Gaga had to mess up his Fashion Week glory; now Steve Madden is all up in his face. The reason? McQueen is suing the affordable shoe company for copying the design for his “Faithful” bootie, a sexy open-toed number with leather snap-flaps and a stiletto heel. According to WWD, “the complaint alleges that the Steven Madden model is a ‘studied imitation’ that reproduces all those elements in the same manner.” OK, we get it: Madden made a knockoff, but isn’t that what their business is about? If they’ve been copying trends for so long, should it really matter now?

We do get the moral principle of copyright infringement (clearly); however, we do have to wonder how much of McQueen’s sales were really impacted by Madden’s cheaper model. Are Steve Madden customers really the type who would, or even could (uh, we can’t), buy the high-end version? [WWD] Keep reading »

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