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Sneak Peek: Adidas Pays Homage To Princess Leia

Behold, an immaculate conception that threatens to overshadow that other one commonly celebrated around this time of year: Take perhaps the most famous sexy movie costume ever, combine it with a pair of iconic sneakers and you have, ta-da, the Adidas Originals Star Wars Collection “Princess Leia.” So far, the preview only shows a sliver of the shoe, but we’re gonna go out on a limb here and guess they’ll look pretty awesome? Start lining up behind the serious collectors in January. [Nitrolicious] Keep reading »

I’ll Fly Away

Vivienne Westwood, the queen of rubber shoes, has done it again with these fleet-footed platforms which feature removable wings. (But why would you want to take them off?) [My Wardrobe] Keep reading »

We’re Off To See The Wizard

I. Love. These. Shoes. I’ve got a thing for sparkly red shoes — I think I watched “The Wizard of Oz” one too many times when I was a kid — and I’m still sort of obsessed with the whole heel-less shoe phenomenon, so these amazing numbers by Natacha Marro are drool-inducing. Stars who’ve worn Marro’s out-there designs include Gwen Stefani, Daphne Guinness, and Grace Jones; plus, she designed Luke Skywalker’s shoes in the latest “Star Wars” movies. These glittery “liquid red” Mary Janes are hand-made to order, and a limited edition, so only 10 pairs will ever be crafted. Also, they are around $800. So, you know, I will probably never own a pair. Sigh. [Style Bubble] Keep reading »

We Love: Flat Ankle Boots

We’ve been noticing an awful lot of flat ankle boots lately and can’t get enough of them. Style blogger Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast is particularly badass in her use of our new favorite footwear, pairing them with cropped pants and mini skirts alike. We’re big fans of her Jimmy Choo for H&M faux, snake-skin booties, but also like the idea of something a bit more, well, toned down. Either way, they’re going on the shopping list. Keep reading »

Season’s Savings: Cozy Booties From Gap

Let’s get one thing straight: not everybody is dreaming of a white Christmas. For those on your shopping list who are anything like us and dread the dropping temperatures this holiday season, there’s the Gap’s soft-looking knit slipper booties. These calf-covering slippers have a no-slip bottom, while the chunky sweater style and dangling pom-poms make them cuter than any cold-weather alternative. Keep your feet toasty and your slummin’-it-around-the-pad-wear cute! [$29.50, Gap]

The Gap is offering Frisky readers FREE SHIPPING AND 20 PERCENT OFF ALL ORDERS at The Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime, and Athleta today, November 30th, only. Simply click here and enter coupon code “FRISKY20″ when shopping. Check back daily for more Season’s Savings discounts!
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Christian Louboutin Weirdly Obsessed With Cankles

Shoe god Christian Louboutin has a major erm, bone to pick with ankles. More specifically, he hates cankles. Like as in he really can’t shut up about how much he detests them. The designer notoriously spoke out about Barbie’s “fat ankles” recently, and now the iconic designer can’t keep quiet, as he’s back on the issue. “The thing that really restricts me is not fabrication; it’s the ankle,” he said. “You can do a design, and it looks good on paper — then when you put it on it makes your legs look fat.” Interestingly enough, Mr. Louboutin himself wears Adidas tennis shoes. [Times UK] Keep reading »

Quotable: About Those Shoes You’re Wearing …

“I prefer shoes that undress to shoes that dress. A successful shoe is a shoe that accentuates nudity. The woman remains entirely nude when she wears those shoes. The shoe becomes the privilege of nudity … If you are very chic you might not need an extra drop of chicness, so you go for the sexy side and buy my shoes because they are … tarty. We get very smart women coming in and buying a pair to feel a little more sluttish. And then, thank God, we also get the hookers coming in the store, who buy my shoes because they are superchic. You see, whatever you have, if you add a drop of the opposite, then it just becomes a little more sexy.”

– Famed shoe designer Christian Louboutin explains why chic women, smart women, and hookers buy his shoes [The Cut]
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Quotable: Christian Louboutin’s Goal Is For You To Kick His Shoes Off

“I prefer shoes that undress to shoes that dress. A successful shoe is a shoe that accentuates nudity.”

– Shoe designer Christian Louboutin, who I am pretty sure accomplishes his goal of undressing the wearer by making the footwear so painful, you can’t stand to keep them on! Keep reading »

How To Wear The Oxford Shoe Trend

Oxford shoes are all the rage this season, and your feet should be thankful. You no longer have to manage walking and keeping your foot inside the narrow toe box of a pump, or you can simply forgo wearing heels altogether. But how exactly do you wear these¬†boyish shoes¬†… well … without looking like a boy? We’ve got some outfit tips for flat and high-heeled oxfords.

Running In Heels Is Painful, But Worth It

Running in heels is a talent — one which my boyfriend is very happy that I possess, because somehow we’re always running late. But I never knew that my skill could earn me prizes. I also never heard about the National Stiletto Championship run. Boy, I was missing out. Over the weekend, 96 women took to the streets of Paris for the marathon in heels at least three inches high to show their running skills. Over a course of 196 yards, they competed for the chance to earn over 3,000 Euros worth of shoes. So, when you think about it, ruining one pair for countless others is totally worth it. Yes, there is always the potential for stiletto accidents, but never fear, the Red Cross was on the sidelines watching for heel-related injuries. Get to practicing for next year! [Independent] Keep reading »

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