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Million Dollar Shoes Deemed Kind Of Crass During Recession

Sadly, the recession has nabbed another victim. Ever since 2002, Stuart Weitzman dreamed up an elaborate pair of shoes, sometimes diamond encrusted, other times ruby, priced around $1 million for one lucky Academy Award-nominated woman to wear to the big show. But in lieu of the world’s current financial crisis, the shoes are again a no-go. “While the Oscars will certainly still be a glamorous event, we feel this year — like we did last year — that it is still not appropriate to be extravagant,” Weitzman tells StyleList. “As such, we have decided not to create a ‘million dollar shoe’ for someone to wear to the 2010 ceremony.” Over the years, female stars including Laura Harring, Alison Krauss, Anika Noni Rose, Kathleen Bird York, and Regina King were the lucky ones chosen to wear the shoes, while “Juno” writer Diablo Cody notoriously refused, basically calling the whole thing a stupid PR scam. [Hahaha ... But seriously folks, do these shoes look even slightly attractive? -- Editor] [Stylist] Keep reading »

Sequins For Men?

The staff of Dazed Digital got a sneak peek at some of the goods from Louis Vuitton‘s men’s collection. The spring 2010 line apparently includes these very shiny dress shoes covered in silver sequins. As far as sequins in men’s fashion go, they’ve thankfully stayed put in the closets of Chippendale’s dancers. Is this Louis Vuitton’s attempt to make them manly?

In the realm of weird new shoe trends for guys, many of you were actually not that bothered by men’s shoes with a bit of heel. So, what about this flamboyant footwear? We have to say we could totally see Kanye rocking a pair …

So what’s the word, twinkle toes? [Dazed Digital] Keep reading »

Charlize Theron Is Actually Kind Of A Good Shoe Designer

We’re just going to call it now. 2009 is officially the year of celebrity fashion collaborations. And Charlize Theron just made it into the design world at the last minute by teaming up with TOMS Shoes. But while many celebrities simply think they have the ability to cull fashion brilliance from their dramatic interiors, Charlize is using her style sense for a good cause, and given TOMS’ charitable aspect, the partnership really is quite perfect. Keep reading »

How Many Pairs Of Shoes Do You Own?

Ohmigod, newsflash: women like shoes! In the latest of lady debates, people have discussed which women care more about—guys or their footwear? This should be an obvious answer, but recent studies have tried to convince us that ladies actually obsess way more over shoes than men. Apparently, these women do exist, and one of them has asserted to the Daily Mail that “shoes ARE sexier than men.” She’s invested a lot of heart and soul into her collection, which numbers some 700 pairs! (Would the term “slut” be justified here?)

Anyhow, we want to know—how many pairs of shoes are in your closet? And for those out there with big collections, where does the obsession come from? Keep reading »

What’s More Important To You: Shoes Or Dudes?

What’s more important to you: your shoe collection or your dude collection? Survey says … shoes! A new study proves that Carrie Bradshaw was right to worship her Manolos because shoes are way more important to us ladies than men are. The shocking stats say that 92 percent of women remember the first pair of shoes they purchased with their own money while only 63 percent remember the name of the first dude they kissed. And even more insulting for the gentlemen … 96 percent of women regret throwing out a pair of shoes while just 15 percent feel sorry for dumping a boyfriend. I must be in the slim minority here, because I have no recollection of my first pair of shoes but I could never forget my first kiss with Jeremy. Dreamy.

And PS: Of course we don’t regret dumping a bad news dude. Good riddance. Maybe I’ve just never owned the right pair of shoes or something, but this study seems insulting to me. How about you? Are shoes really more important to you than men? [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

Jean-Charles De Castelbajac Takes “Kitten Heels” Literally

Definitely not for the dog-loving fashionista, these Jean-Charles de Castelbajac leopard heels are perfect for the shoe freak who wants to take her footwear to a whole new level. I’m sure I’ve seen shoes that look like cats before, but I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a pair that has actual tails. In case you’re still unclear on the concept, Colette describes the collection from whence they came as: “Leopard print, Muppet Show, Warhol, three themes issues with a lot of humor for a colored Pop show made with over-size Kermit, faces dresses and rubicube down jackets.” I’m sure that cleared things up for you. And they’re a steal at a mere €510.00! That’s around $750. [Colette]
Keep reading »

4 Boots In 1 Actually Kind Of A Good Idea

Know those convertible pants that become shorts just by unzipping the bottoms? In theory: good idea. In reality: ugly as hell. So it’s pretty amazing that Michael Kors has managed to take the same principle, stick it on a boot, and make it moderately stylish. Behold his new “Franny” style, which can be zipped up or unzipped to create four different length boots. You can rock the currently trendy thigh-high, and once it goes out of style (which it will), take off a level to get a classic calf-height. For everyday wear, unlatch all and skip around in a simple bootie.

While we’ve seen convertible shoes before, they haven’t offered quite as many options as Mr. Kors’ model. What do you think—would you get a lot of use out of these zipper boots? Or are they not your style? [HighSnobette] Keep reading »

I’m Looking Through You

Where did your feet go? Andreia Chaves’ mirrored heel is dubbed the “invisible shoe.” What’s the point of cute kicks if you can’t even see ‘em? [PSFK] Keep reading »

Wear Stuart Weitzman Around Your Arm

Shoe man Stuart Weitzman is not content to only dress your feet. The designer’s decided he wants to create handbags as well, so he just entered the purse market. And from the first look, it’s pretty safe to say his brilliance for shoe design clearly translated to handbags. Most people wouldn’t consider our economic situation the ideal time to launch a new collection — especially one that ranges in price from $395 to $595 (ouch!) — but Mr. Weitzman is of a different mindset. “Recessions have always opened up opportunities for people who like to be a little aggressive in their business,” he said. Ahh, capitalism. Unfortunately, if you can actually afford one, you’ll have to wait until next summer when the handbags land in Stuart Weitzman stores to add these to your collection. [WWD] Keep reading »

Can You Tell The High-End Glitter Heels From The Knock-Offs?

Glitter high heels are the kind of accessory every girl oohs and aahs over, but probably hasn’t worn since the days of princess dress-up sessions. Well, these flashy kicks are making a comeback. And a very expensive one at that, thanks to some new models by Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, and other high-end footwear designers. Two of these pairs are extremely pricey (one is worth over $1,300!) and the other two will cost you less than a chicken dinner. Can you guess which? The answers, after the jump. Keep reading »

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