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All You Really Need To Know About Last Night’s “Girls”

I guess eating ass is officially hip? No, I’m really asking a serious question: Is this something singles like myself, but not literally myself, are doing with regularity? Because Marnie got her salad tossed on last night’s “Girls” premiere — and yes, HAPPY MONDAY, that is a GIF above for you to look at just as your boss passes by your cubicle. And everyone knows that if it’s on “Girls,” that mean all the cool kids are doing it, so tell me cool kids, when was the last time did this? No judgement, promise. [Gawker]

How A Danish Activist Reclaimed Her Body After Her Ex Posted Revenge Porn

HECK YEAH to this: Danish activist Emma Holten’s ex-boyfriend released “intimate photographs” to a creepshots web site three years ago, and she’s reclaiming her agency over her body by publishing topless photos for which she has given her consent.

The photos depict her in the process of doing everyday tasks like reading or brushing her teeth in order to give a human context to the sexual content her ex-boyfriend shared without her permission. She told the Feminist magazine Hysteria that after he shared the “creepshots,” she got messages from strangers asking her if her parents knew she was a “slut,” if she had gotten fired, and trying to threaten her into sending them more nude photos (in typical online-asshole fashion). Keep reading »

Here’s What To Expect From Porn In 2015

Here's What To Expect From Porn In 2015

PornHub published its 2014 yearly review this week, and it was full of illuminating statistics about what exactly the world gets off to. PornHub analyzed the most popular search terms, countrywide porn statistics, most popular porn stars, the viewing habits of men vs. women, which world events impacted PornHub’s traffic, and even which countries’ viewers last the longest. The data was also used to come up with predictions of what porn trends to anticipate in 2015. Sigh, where would this world be without someone to keep track of these oh-so-important factoids? Keep reading »

No, Your Dick Is Not Too Big To Wear A Condom

Next time you’re gettin’ down with a dude and he tries to pull the whole “Baby, I would wear a condom but they’re too tight around my big dick” thing, pause the action and show him this post. Because unless his dick is actually so big that it could qualify as a third leg, a condom will fit it just fine. Swedish pop star Zara Larsson was playing dress up with a box of condoms or something and pulled one over her foot and up her leg, wearing it like a stocking. She posted the above photo to her Instagram with the caption “To all the guys saying ‘my dick is too big for condoms’ TAKE A SEAT.” It has since gone viral, which has come as sort of a surprise to Larsson. “I merely meant it as a funny joke,” Larsson wrote on her blog, according to Gawker. “Since then newspapers have been writing about what a feminist genius I am!” [via Gawker]

Watch Kids Getting The Birds-And-Bees Talk For The First Time


Do you remember the birds-and-bees talk? I do: I avoided having to talk to my parents about sex as long as I could, relying on my sister for the info (she was only two years older than me) and reassuring my mom and dad that I knew enough and didn’t need them to tell me anything more about it. By the time my mom insisted, I just said something to the effect of “Yeah, yeah,” and then made that gesture where you make a circle with your left hand and put your right index finger through it. It saved us a lot of trouble and embarrassment, and biennial sex-ed classes filled me in on the details. Thanks, education! Keep reading »

The Definitive Guide To Sexting

The Definitive Guide To Sexting

Sending the sexiest text is a difficult game, but it’s one I excel at. And lucky for you ladies, I’m here to help and tell you my best-kept, juiciest, sexting secrets. Use these tips and believe me, the men will come running! Read more on College Candy…

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