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Modest Proposals: Would You RSVP?

There’s a lecture and book signing on November 13 in Washington, D.C., featuring a few noted authors and journalists discussing how “hook-up” culture on campus has led to rising numbers of sexual assaults, date rapes, and sexually transmitted infections. Included on the panel is Washington Post scribe Laura Sessions Stapp who coined the term “gray rape” to describe sexual encounters that are not quite consensual but not totally denied either. Her theory was discussed in further detail in an article in September’s Cosmopolitan, which garnered loads of debate on sites like Jezebel and Feministing. Suffice it to say, we’re not sure we’d take the thoughts of someone who thinks having sex with someone while they’re passed out drunk is “gray” rape all that seriously. Keep reading »

Weekly Turn-On: Tea Time!

I’m not talking about teabagging here — more like Queen Elizabeth’s afternoon cup o’ English Breakfast makes some people horny. I came across the blog Tea Birds and was instantly confused — I’m a coffee drinkers to start with, but do some people actually have a fetish for pretty girls drinking a hot cup of tea? It seems so! While initially my thought was that this might just be a quaint little site produced by an innocent budding blogger in the U.K., I changed my mind when I saw the scribe’s name: Hardly Surton. If that ain’t a successful porn star’s name, then I’ll bid you a hearty “Cheerio!” (Psst! Our Catherine does enjoy a hot cup of tea every morning — we’ll try and sneak a shot in secret and send it the site’s way….) [Tea Birds] Keep reading »

Putting Out In Bed Same As Putting Out The Trash

Or so says Dr. Pam Spurr, a sexpert who writes in the Times Online that feminism has made it so women are routinely depriving their partners of sex because “they just don’t feel like it.” Her solution to the problem of awkwardly unbalanced sexual desires in relationships is that both partners need to suck it up and treat sex as a duty that they need to perform whether they’re in the mood or not. We take some issue with this — obviously going without sex in a relationship is usually a sign of a larger problem, but her solution sucks. Nothing is less panty-wetting than having sex out of obligation, even if the person you love is getting off. Plus, routinely doing something you don’t want to tends to create, uh, anger at the person you’re performing said unwanted duty for. Additionally, Spurr seems to think that feminism makes women cold and unfeeling towards their partner’s desires — we suspect there’s a certain insensitivity to her needs at play too. So our big, bad, awesome solution? Freaking talk about it people! What’s distracting you from being interested in the nookie? Chances are the issues causing the disinterest are totally work-through-able, without throwing up your hands, spreading your legs, and pretending to moan for his benefit and not your own. Now that we’ve put out the trash… [Times Online] Keep reading »

Sluts of the World Unmasked!

Condom brand Durex did a study on the sexual partners of people around the world and found out the following: New Zealand’s women are the most promiscuous, averaging 20.4 sexual partners. This makes New Zealand the only country where women out-whore men. Austrian men, however, are the most promiscuous of the dudes, averaging 29.3 sexual partners (is the .3 a hand job?), more than twice the world average of 16.8 sexual partners. This is in an entire lifetime people. Um, yeah. We are soooo dangerously close to that world average for dudes, and given the fact that we are just a few years shy of 30 and we totally plan on living till at least 90, the Kiwi’s lady number is looking quite doable. Which got us wondering… Keep reading »

The G-Shot Promises A Pouty, Kissable Vagina In Minutes!

Thank heavens there are rogue doctors out there who will take an FDA-approved product and inject it somewhere that’s not approved. First Coast News reports doctors are injecting collagen — you know, the junk that goes in Jessica Simpson’s lips — into the walls of the vagina near where the G-spot is located. We guess the premise is that if you fatten up the vag, the space inside will be less, um, cavernous, and hence the G-spot will be extra-stimulated. So, while we’re all for women taking strides to improve their sexual pleasure, we sort of think that injecting a foreign substance (besides sperm, obvi!) into your nether regions, especially one that hasn’t really been approved for that usage, should come as a last resort after masturbation, sex toys, and finding a dude who’s actually committed to seeing you come without a giant needle stabbing you in the groin. You know, a keeper! [First Coast News] Keep reading »

Market Test: The Shenis

One of the sucky things about being a woman is not being able to pee standing up during emergency situations. When nature calls and a loo isn’t available, it would be so nice to do a little zip and piss with no one the wiser. Doing the ol’ crouch and pee between a pair of parked cars often results in ass-soaking back splash and the occasional damp foot. The makers of the Shenis feel our pain. What looks like a sex toy is actually a handy-dandy portable penis-shaped funnel of sorts, which women can place below their nether regions and pee into, resulting in a stream that ends up far, far away from your backside and your Manolo Blahniks. Tried and tested, chick approved, we only have a few qualms with the Shenis that are preventing us from breaking out the plastic.

1) Um, isn’t it a little large to discretely fit into most evening handbags?
2) When you’re done using it, isn’t it too wet and soiled to put anywhere other than a plastic bag? Does it come with its own portable cleaning kit as well?

Get a look at the 14K contraption after the jump… Keep reading »

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