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Poll: When Did You Last Get Laid?

Confession: I Hate My Gynecologist

Do any of you ladies kind of hate your gynecologist? I sort of do. I called in a refill on my birth control a couple days ago to a local pharmacy. The audio recording told me I didn’t have any more refills left, but that they would call my doctor for approval. Now, the last time I saw my doc, she gave me a six-month prescription and technically I did run out of refills a few months ago — I didn’t think much of it because she kept giving the pharmacist permission to refill it, and besides, I figured she could just write me a new prescription the next time I had a chance to come in for a pap. Which was going to be soon, I swear.

So anyway, yesterday she rejected my request for a refill, telling the pharmacist that I needed to call and make an appointment for an exam. Alrighty. Annoying, but okay, that is not entirely unreasonable. Besides, if I called this morning to make an appointment, she could call in my prescription after that and I’d be able to double up my pills today and not get knocked up. Unfortch, when I called her office this morning, her very bitchy receptionist told me that under no circumstances would my doc renew my prescription until after I’ve come in for an exam. Too bad, pathetic pap smear slacker, they said, “You’ll have to skip this month’s pack of pills.” Say what? My doctor is screwing with my hormones, which have been used to taking Ortho-Lo for over five years, because she’s mad I haven’t come in for a visit? She hasn’t called me about coming in. She hasn’t sent me a letter. She’s just cut me off. And everyone knows that if your body is super used to the hormone levels in birth control pills and you go off them, you can be much more fertile at first. If I get pregs, I am going to be pissed. Does anyone else think this is kind of unprofessional and unreasonable? Sympathize with me (or tell me I’m wrong) in the comments! Keep reading »

Was Oprah Wrong About Promiscuous Teens?

When Oprah talked about oral sex on her show, people were aghast at how slutty today’s teens had become. But author Tim Harford would probably disagree. In The Logic of Life, his follow-up to The Undercover Economist, Harford looks at various hidden human behaviors. One of his findings is that teens aren’t more promiscuous now than before, they’ve just shifted from intercourse to oral sex. Read it and weep, O! [Bloomberg] Keep reading »

Sit In Someone’s Lap, Literally

We love art students! They are so crafty in their free time. Like this lovely lady who’s selling a couch she made in college on Craigslist. FYI, it’s shaped like a vagina. But plush poonani comes at a price — the seller is asking $600 “and a loving home”, but does warn that the couch does have a few scuff marks and stains. Eww. More pics of the cozy looking vessel, after the jump. [Craigslist] Keep reading »

Jenna Jameson Retires From Porn. Sniff.

Big news in the porn world, ladies. Jenna Jameson, star of such films as Briana Loves Jenna and Blue Movie, announced at the Adult Video News Awards Ceremony in Las Vegas this weekend that she was retiring from porn, telling the crowd, “I will never spread my legs for this industry again.” I couldn’t really give a hoot, but what I absolutely love about this video of the event is A) Jenna’s whole Dorothy Gale in Oz romanticism on getting into porn at 18 and B) the absolutely ludicrous amount of nominees up for the award she’s presenting. Literally, there are 15 nominees for “Crossover Star Of the Year” — who didn’t get nominated? Also, what is a crossover star? Did one of these people — Lexington Steele, maybe? — make an appearance on Grey’s Anatomy or something? So confused. [YouTube] Keep reading »

It’s Not Fair That Guys Are Incapable Of Getting Pregnant

The New York Times had an interesting op-ed piece entitled “Sex and the Teenage Girl” in yesterday’s paper. Basically, it brings up the fact that the effects of a pregnancy—whether it is terminated or the baby is given up for adoption—are lasting. The writer says that Juno is a fairy tale, albeit a very entertaining one. In the movie, Juno is able to go on with her adolescent life after she gives up her baby. In the world outside of the movie theater, she would have lived with physical and psychological burdens, whatever her decision had been. And even though it takes two to tango, or whatever people say, the only worry guys have is getting infected with an STI. Since they aren’t bulging in the belly, they can escape association (or claim they’re not the father). Do you think things would be a lot more equal if guys could have babies, like in that movie Junior? [NY Times] Keep reading »

Are You A Swinger?

Figuring out whether or not you’re a swinger doesn’t seem like it would be all that difficult. There’s not really any gray area: Either you are, or you aren’t. So if you find yourself relating to a few of the “100 Signs You May Be a Swinger” but don’t consider yourself a swinger, there can be other explanations…

3. You are running out of reasons to tell your coworkers why you can’t go out with them this weekend. You have lame coworkers.

29. You don’t think twice about wearing a short skirt, high heels, and fishnets when there is three feet of snow on the ground. You are a hooker, a drag queen, or a sorority girl.

79. Making it an early night means getting home before 3 a.m. You are under 30 and live in New York City.

87. You’re at the market, and the only things in your basket are condoms, breath mints, and Red Bull. You are Britney Spears.

99. You spent twice as long on your online profile than you did on your resume. You are in your 20s. [Kasidie] Keep reading »

Can You Judge Man’s Sexual Prowess By Man’s Best Friend?

She may play an awesome bitch on TV, but Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s Susie Essman told Animal Fair magazine that you can tell how awesome a man is in bed based on his bitch — that is, his dog.

“You want a guy that’s good in bed? Find a guy with a Shih Tzu or a Pomeranian or a little Yorkie. Because if he’s secure enough in his sexuality to carry around a frou-frou little dog like that, that is a guy who’s a keeper. Never go out with a guy with a beagle. I know they’re cute, cute, cute, but they’re dumb, dumb, dumb, and they have no attention span, so you’re with the guy and he might not know what to do – the next night, you have to tell him all over again.”

Crap. My dog Lucca is a mutt, but we (Note: That is, myself and my boyfriend, who parents her with me — and yes I said parent. Deal with it.) are pretty sure she’s probably a mix of Italian Greyhound (known for loving the attention of people), Jack Russell (hyper, much?), and, gulp, Beagle. This begs the question: If a man owns a Beagle with a woman, does that mean they both suck in bed? Catherine and I discuss the issue, after the jump. Keep reading »

Sweet Valley High: The First Time We Read A Book That Made Us Feel Funny Down There

Whoa. We totally just found our favorite new blog (besides The Frisky, of course!) — a San Francisco writer named Casey is rereading and recapping the entire Sweet Valley High series. On the off chance a few of you readers weren’t fans of the series, it was the book series for tweens growing up in the ’80s and provided loads of thinly veiled sexual innuendo that overwhelmed our sense of what life would be like once we got our period. The series followed identical twins (twins were a big thing in the ’80s) Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield around their totally perfect town in California. Both of the twins were blond, with green-blue eyes and size-six figures, which permanently imprinted in our brains that a six was the size to be if we were going to be popular in high school. Keep reading »

Malaysia’s Minister of Health Stars In Sex Tape And Resigns

Malaysia’s minister of health, Chua Soi Lek, announced his resignation today after trying (and failing) to brave a sex-tape scandal. This proves that starring in a raunchy video is an unforgivable act outside of Hollywood, despite Kim Kardashian’s statement that “Everyone has sex with their boyfriend. Everyone takes pictures.” Before the minister’s tape came out, he was dealing with infidelity rumors. Then, he was caught on camera, from FOUR different angles, with a “friend.” The minister didn’t deny that it’s him on screen but wants everyone to know that he didn’t have any part in the making of the video, which was edited into two full-length DVDs. As the minister of health, couldn’t he have claimed they were part of a new sex education effort? [NY Times, The Lede] Keep reading »

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