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Interesting Findings About Men And Sex

The National Institutes of Health funded a large survey of adults between ages 57 and 85, and the results were released on Wednesday. While some of the stuff they “discovered” was pretty predictable (getting erections and having orgasms becomes more difficult with age), there were a few rather interesting findings:

  • Men who have sex no more than once a month were 2.4 times more likely to report the sex was not pleasurable. This could mean 1) that they’re not having sex because it’s not any good anyway, or 2) that these men would be having better sex if they did it more often.
  • Sex is better for men in a satisfying relationship.
  • Men with college degrees were more likely to report pleasurable sex and ease reaching orgasm than those who hadn’t finished high school.
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    Loud Sex Lover Banned In The UK

    A couple in Southern England has been seriously putting the WHAM! BAM! in the Thank you ma’am! According to Kelly “The Screamer” Norris’ neighbors, the 29-year-old comes louder than a freight train. Even after the other apartment residents obtained a court order in 2006 to lower the volume on her bumpin’ music, slammin’ headboard, and x-rated dirty talk, she still refused to comply when she got down. Now, we here at the Frisky can appreciate a woman who likes to be vocal, but she’s been teaching a six year old who lives in the building a whole new set of vocabulary words. And Norris has also been giving them more than just an earful, she’s also showing an unwanted eyeful by sunbathing nude in the communal backyard. Man, this chick’s got balls! So how did her neighbors finally beat her off? They cleverly decided to apply for an injunction to ban her boyfriend, Adam Hinton, 32, from visiting her apartment. In court earlier this week, the ban was granted and Norris was also fined $600 for loving too loud (but I think we can all agree that finding a man who makes you scream is priceless.) Although, maybe she should think about moving…into a sound proof place with blind neighbors. [The Daily Telegraph via Fark] Keep reading »

    Five “Philias” That Freak Us Out & Five That Don’t Sound So Bad

    I once dated someone that had a thing for pretty feet. It didn’t really bother me because he usually only admired my feet. But sometimes, especially in the summer, he would introduce me to someone and ask, “Doesn’t she have pretty feet?” This would freak me out because beauty is subjective and I didn’t want so-and-so thinking, “Uh, not really.” So today, I came across this really funny diagram of sexual fetishes and started thinking about the ones that aren’t too bad and the ones that would totally freak me out. [Cracked via Tango] Keep reading »

    Poll: Have You Ever Used A Female Condom?

    We probably learned about female condoms in eighth-grade health class, but did you do anything with the knowledge that they exist? We didn’t, mostly because they seem unwieldy. A new study published in the American Journal of Public Health shows that women who were placed in an experimental four-session female condom skills training intervention were much more likely to use female condoms, and they still used male condoms, as well. So, with a few classes, these women were more likely to use two kinds of protection. But we don’t know anyone who has ever used a female condom, have you ever tried? Keep reading »

    Female Chastity Piercing Available On Amazon

    Somehow, a few of us at The Frisky got to talking about genital piercings, and it came up in our conversation that some women use piercings as a kind of chastity belt — a female chastity piercing, if you will. We did a little Googling to see exactly what this entails, and not only did we find that a man used a piercing to halt his chronic masturbating, but we also discovered that Amazon.com actually sells an item called the “Safe Lock Chastity Belt Barbell Steel Jewelry Piercing.” The barbell features a padlock, presumably to keep you closed for business, however the item’s description warns, “This doesn’t actually work so be sure to use secondary methods to protect your virtue.” [Amazon.com] Keep reading »

    Sound Bites: How Many Sexual Partners Is Too Many?

    Whoopi Goldberg recently revealed on The View that she’s had 50 sexual partners. Carla Bruni, pop singer and wife to French president Nicolas Sarkozy, has had 30. And little ol’ me has had 15. The three of us are comfortable with our numbers — though I am not necessarily psyched about the dudes in particular who occupy the notches on my bedpost. Though we retired the debate over what makes a person a “slut”, it nevertheless remains the case that each person has some general feeling on what number of partners they’re comfortable with, for themselves and for their partners. For one person, it may be five, for another 5,000 — after the jump, some sound bites from women on how many notches are too many. Keep reading »

    Below-The-Belt Chic: Designer Condoms

    Condoms. So important — yet so not stylish. Until now! For years, condoms haven’t exactly been the next Birkin bag. Instead, condoms are what you peruse in the drugstore aisle late at night, and the big decision is whether to get Trojans or Durex. Recently, though, as safe sex has become the golden rule, fashion designers, hip artists, and condom manufacturers have begun offering up a bevy of stylish choices when it comes to rubbers. Is there really a Marc Jacobs condom? Found out that and more after the jump.

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    Death To This Debate: What Makes A Person A Slut?

    One of my most shameful moments as a person was in the fourth grade. I was fairly invisible within my class, but had a desperate desire to be liked. There was another girl in my class who also was not popular and was picked on fairly often for being a little grubby. One day, in what I guess was an attempt to appear cool and funny to my classmates, I picked on her too. I told her she was dirty and that she reminded me of used toilet paper, whatever that means. Then I told her she was a slut. She cried. I still wasn’t popular after that, so the point was lost, and I’ve clearly spent the last 18 years thinking about how mean I was to her. But the thing is, I had no idea what the word “slut” even meant, I just knew it was a bad thing to call a girl. I still don’t know what a slut is and that’s because I don’t think there’s any definition that everyone can agree on. The debate over what makes a person a “slut” is so…ridiculous. Can’t we just retire it already?
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    Orgasm With The Slightest Touch

    Most women need clitoral stimulation to achieve an orgasm, but there are some of us that can climax with just vaginal stimulation. Now, we can all get lucky by barely touching our lady parts. The makers of “Slightest Touch” say their device can trigger an intense orgasm without touching the genital area.

    Here’s how it works: Drink an electrolyte sports drink 20 minutes before using the device, then attach two electrode pads extending from the “Slightest Touch” to the inside of ankles and then turn on the device to start the stimulation. The device doesn’t actually cause an orgasm, instead, it stimulates the nerves sending gentle pulses up the woman’s leg for between 10 and 30 minutes leaving her on the verge of climax. Keep reading »

    Sex Advice: My Guy Won’t Stop Talking Dirty!

    “Ugh, the guy I have been dating will not shut the hell up during sex! He’s always directing me (“do this…do that”) or giving a play-by-play of every second (‘I love seeing your breasts bounce, blah blah blah’). How do I politely tell him to BE QUIET?” — Wishing I Was Deaf, via email

    Ugh…that would drive me crazy! For me, talking non-stop in bed is like talking in the movies…totally uncalled for and annoying. But some chicks are super into it, and that’s probably why this guy you’re dating does it. An ex of his probably said, “Oooh, yeah. Tell me what you’re doing to me right now. Talk dirty to me!”, and he decided to work it into his sexual arsenal. All it takes it one girl to eff it up for the rest of us.

    Go ahead and undo the damage caused by that beyatch and tell him talking during sex makes you feel weird. Tell him you’re not used to it and it takes your focus away from him. If he doesn’t understand or like what you’re saying, then you might be too late to save this one.
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