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Farrah Abraham Plans To Show Her Daughter Her Sex Tape “When She’s 13 Or 14″

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Farrah's Pregnancy Test
farrah abraham james deen porn
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Hello, Child Protective Services? “Teen Mom” and erstwhile porn star Farrah Abraham told a radio station that she’s saved a “baby box” for her toddler Sophia, which she plans to hand over when her daughter is “around 13 or 14, gets her period and is like ‘Oh, I kinda want a boyfriend.’”  In it, she’s got all the episodes of “Teen Mom,” her book, and … the porno she filmed with James Deen. Or, as Farrah insists on calling it, her “sex tape.” Why, you might ask, would a 7th or 8th grade girl want to watch a porn film starring her mother? Farrah doesn’t have an explanation herself, but she seems to think that getting one’s period is a sign of advanced sexual maturity and not just, like, part of puberty. There’s nothing wrong with filming a porn, or being a sex worker, and also being a parent. There’s nothing wrong with being a teen parent, either. What is wrong is involving your kid in that confusing (and frankly, gross — no kid wants to know about their mom’s sex life!) realm before the kid is mature enough to mentally and emotionally process it. While I can admire Farrah’s stance as a parent that “I do not hide things,” she obviously isn’t thinking with her Responsible Parenting Cap on with this one. [Celebitchy] [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Man Has Sex With A Hornets’ Nest And Dies

Raccoon Bites Penis
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Snake Fire
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People who are terrified of bees, or the thought of human beings having sexual intercourse with bees, or the thought of dying, please be forewarned that you may find what I am about to tell you highly disturbing. A 35-year-old Swedish man known as “Hasse” was found dead outside of his farm this week in Ystad after having sex with a hornets’ nest. Let that sink in for a moment. Sex with bees. SOMEONE WANTED TO FUCK A SWARM OF HORNETS.

Hasse’s bloated corpse had a total of 146 wasp stings, including 54 on his penis and balls.  At this point you might be thinking to yourself, OK. So this guy got stung to death. That’s awful. It happened Macaulay Culkin in “My Girl” and I bawled my face off. But how did they know Hasse died specifically from having sex with a hornets’ nest? Oh, because they found Hasse’s semen on some of the dead wasps and his pubic hair in their nest. Keep reading »

11 Times When It’s Totally Appropriate To Have A Loud Orgasm

Hotel Sex!
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So, you’re naturally a screamer whose partner has to put a pillow over your mouth when you’re having an orgasm. You’ve probably resented this at some point, because when you’re cumming, instead of reveling in pleasure, you’re thinking about who heard you and thought you were getting your organs harvested against your will. Your loudness might have left you envious of those quiet types who let out one tiny sigh when they cum. WTF is that all about? Maybe you’ve even fantasized about, at the very least, being a grunter because it would be better to sound like a cavewoman than a murder victim when you have sex. At least dogs wouldn’t bark every time you climax and your stupid, nosy neighbors would stop making jokes about you being a porn star. You’re just enjoying yourself and that’s what it sounds like, FUCK YOU VERY MUCH! It’s time to stop feeling shame about your natural sex noises and start seeking out situations where screamers are welcome. Here are some ideas for where you can take your loud orgasms… Keep reading »

Zoe Saldana’s Lesbian Desires — Plus Men Get PMS, Too!

Zoe Saldana's Weight
Zoe Saldana on Allure
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  • Has Zoe Saldana ever had a relationship with a woman? “…” Seriously, that was her answer. That seems like a YES to me. [Evil Beet Gossip]
  • Shed some tearz for the world’s saddest prostitutes. Or don’t. Because one of them is Lindsay Lohan. [Cracked]
  • After a series of appeals, a transsexual woman in Hong Kong has been granted the right to marry. Congrats! [Newser]
  • IMS is just like PMS … but for men. This changes everything. [iVillage]
  • A new study says that our sex dreams may affect our real life relationships. Now that I’m thinking about it, I once had a sex dream about a boss and then quit shortly after. Let’s just say that it wasn’t a particularly sexy sex dream. [Nerve]
  • Speaking of sex dreams, this guy’s girlfriend dreamed that the tip of his penis broke off. I hate to think how that would affect their relationship. [Em & Lo] Keep reading »

Man Named Hostgator Dotcom Is Getting Porn Site Tattoo Removed From His Face

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hostgator dotcom

If your parents have ever hassled you about a no-good, worthless jerk you’ve been dating, it’s time send Mom and Dad an email saying, “At least I wasn’t dating this guy!” This guy is Billy Gibby, who changed his name to Hostgator Dotcom when he sold his name the the web hosting company That’s not the only thing Dotcom’s made a quick buck off of: he earned $50,000 a decade ago getting his entire face tattooed with URLs for porn sites and online casinos. He’s a walking billboard for sleaze! But after learning that Dotcom might want to remove some of those face tats, one of the porn sites,, has offered to pay for the cost of laser tattoo removal. ”They advertised on my face a long time ago … and decided they wanted to help me,” Dotcom told VICE magazine. “They’re just doing it to be nice.” Nice indeed. Just think of all the respectable jobs he could get with one less porn site URL tattooed on his face.

[Daily Dot] [Image via]

5 Simple Steps To A Sexier Bedroom

Many of us are focused on self-growth and self-reflection when it comes to enhancing our sex lives — and there’s nothing wrong with that! But most of us aren’t even aware of the importance that our environment plays in having a better sex life. Sadly, we often neglect the place where most of the action takes place: the bedroom.

Have you really looked at your bedroom lately? Go ahead, give it a once-over. Does it invite intimacy? Is it comfortable? Does it feel like your sanctuary? Or could it use some improvement?

Below are some totally doable tips for creating a bedroom that will not only enhance your sex life, but become a refuge from the stress of daily life, too.

1. Sexy to the touch. A cozy comforter makes you want to slip into bed, and soft sheets complete the experience. Remember, only a few throw pillows … you don’t want to ruin the romantic moment by doing manual labor to clear yourselves a spot on the bed! Plush carpeting is always nice, but if your budget is an issue, a soft and furry throw rug creates a comfy landing for your feet … or for the both of you, in case the mood strikes before you make it to the mattress. Read more on Your Tango…

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