Top 10 Reasons You Don’t Need To Have Sex Tonight

By: Catherine Strawn / March 24, 2008
Sex can do a lot of things. It can get you knocked up, give you an STD, or make you feel glorious, and doctors and researchers just love spouting off the benefits of having a healthy sex life. Some of us, however, don't have that going for us. Whether you're just having a dry spell… More »

Down and Dirty Advice Straight From The Stars

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / March 24, 2008
Is your love life in a tizzy? Feeling trapped in a scandalous situation that only cosmic forces can pull you out of? Looking for answers that only fate can provide? If so, then you've come to the right place — right to the presence of Kiki T., the one and only Astrosexologist Extraordinaire and overall… More »

FriskyScopes With Kiki T

By: Kiki T / March 24, 2008
For the week of March 24-30, 2008 Aries (March 21-April 19) Self-possession is 9/10th the way to turn on any object of desire. Remember you’re the sign of fearlessness and thrive on challenge. You’re a warrior and failure is never an option. Repeat this to yourself often, like putting on armor and then ready yourself… More »

The Nookie Know-It-All: Makin’ A Break

By: Sexpert Lindsay / March 21, 2008
"What's the best way to exit an awkward morning-after?" -- Pullin' The Slip in Akron, OH Planning a hit and run? The best way to get out of dodge is usually the most obvious. Tell your boy-toy you’ve got plans. If it’s a weekday, tell him you’ve got an early work meeting. If it’s a… More »

FDA Smackdown: Cervarix vs. Gardasil

By: Simcha / March 20, 2008
The FDA is rushing to rubber stamp Gardasil, a cervical cancer vaccine, for women ages 27-45. Initially, the miracle HPV-preventer has been well received by its intended market -- women and girls ages 9-26. Due to Gardasil’s success, amounting in $1.5 billion in sales last year, its makers, Merck & Co, are looking… More »

Celebrity Sex Dolls Make Us Barfy

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / March 20, 2008
They say one of the signs that you've "made it" as a celebrity is when you have your own action figure -- but what about your own sex doll? Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, and Lindsay Lohan's likenesses are among those that have been replicated as blow-up "love" dolls. Of course, since none… More »

A Trend From Chile

By: Catherine Strawn / March 19, 2008
Apparently, hundreds of teenagers gather in public parks in Chile to take part in orgies, called ponceo, where they anonymously get and give oral sex. (They refer to themselves as "Pokemones.") reports that sociologists have labeled the Pokemones an "urban tribe," a term that has also been applied to hippies, punks, and goths, but… More »

The Nookie Know-It-All: Pregs On The ‘Rod

By: Sexpert Lindsay / March 19, 2008
"Can you really not get preggers if you have sex on the last days of your period?" -- Hating Condoms, Cleveland, OH How many times have you heard an “Oops” story? Every Christmas there’s always that relative that drinks too much eggnog and says something like, “You know, Larry was a mistake. We were done… More »

Decode My Dream: Spooning Dad

By: Catherine Strawn / March 19, 2008
Have you ever dreamed that you slept with your father? Or rode a mechanical bull while a coworker watched? We have and were disturbed for months. Fortunately, dreams don’t always mean what you think they do, and having sex with your father is nothing to worry about, so long as it only happens in your… More »

The Nookie Know-It-All: Freaking Fabio

By: Sexpert Lindsay / March 17, 2008
“My boyfriend put on a long blonde wig for Halloween and it really turned me on. Am I a lesbian, or do I just like Fabio-look-alikes?” -- Bodice Ripping, San Francisco, CA Funny you should ask. I’m lying in bed with my laptop (I’ve got “the cramps”) and I was just watching my boyfriend jokingly… More »

FriskyScopes With Kiki T

By: Kiki T / March 17, 2008
For the week of March 17-23, 2008 Pisces (February 20-March 20) Your misunderstood villainness will be in full effect, causing undue mayhem wherever you go and inciting love affairs that you will end cruelly and coldly — but to you, it’ll be all in a day’s work. Yes, there’ll be no accounting for your behavior… More »

The Nookie Know-It-All: Party Sex

By: Sexpert Lindsay / March 14, 2008
“My boyfriend and I feel the need to have sex at most apartment/house parties that we go to. Is this weird? And what are some of the best ways to pull it off without getting caught?” -- Party Crashing, Dallas, TX This is kind of like my need to do a number two at… More »

The Frisky TV: Would You Rather Watch A Porn With Your Parents Or Starring Your Parents?

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / March 13, 2008
We sent out Frisky TV reporter Lori to ask men and women on the street a puzzling question -- would you rather watch a dirty video with your mom and dad, or one starring mom and dad? Here are the dismayed responses. More »

French Museum Teaches Kids About Kissing

By: Simcha / March 13, 2008
“Sex -- What’s the big deal?” A French Museum of Science and Industry exhibit for children is asking that very question. The “cheeky, hands-on” experience is adapted from a book by Zep and Hélène Brulle and features a comic girl and boy as hosts. Kid visitors, unlike most adult sexual experiences, start off… More »

Don’t Passover Viagra

By: Simcha / March 12, 2008
Passover is a spring time Jewish holiday that commemorates when my people sprung from slavery in Egypt by not allowing us to eat leavened bread products. In addition to being deprived of everything from delicious bagels to even the sprinkles on ice cream, devout tribe members have not been allowed to take Viagra since it… More »

The Nookie Know-It-All: Threesome Etiquette

By: Sexpert Lindsay / March 12, 2008
What are some easy steps to having a threesome where no one gets hurt? -- Menage A Trois, Greenwich, CT You’d think there’d be a Threesome for Dummies or Emily Post’s Guide to Entertaining Your Third Party…but alas, there’s not. Instead, you’ve got me. More »

Decode My Dream: Naked On The View

By: Catherine Strawn / March 12, 2008
Have you ever dreamed that you slept with your father? Or rode a mechanical bull while a coworker watched? We have and were disturbed for months. Fortunately, dreams don’t always mean what you think they do, and having sex with your father is nothing to worry about, so long as it only happens in your… More »

Cosmo Wants You To Get On Top

By: Simcha / March 11, 2008
Cosmopolitan’s articles can induce so much puke, sometimes I think the magazine is making me bulimic. The sex advice usually applies to girls who drink too much at frat parties or bored housewives who just can’t figure out their husband is gay, but this month there’s a gem that can put any woman on to… More »

Men Are From Mars, Vicars Are From Venus

By: Simcha / March 11, 2008
The Church of England just wrote another bible and this one is all about S-E-X. With 150,000 thousand divorces a year and even one of their own Bishop’s 25-year marriage breaking up, the Church decided to author a how-to guide about the “holy and wonderful” thing that takes two (at least). The book, entitled… More »

Food Fight Foreplay

By: Simcha / March 10, 2008
Supermarket commercials usually advertise fresh food, but this one for the U.K.’s is all about the fresh clients. In the funny ad, a British hottie starts a sexy/gross food fight after seeing his wife bent over the refrigerator. Let's just say, it begins by asking "How low can you go?" and then ends with… More »