Frisky Rant: My Boobs Are Not A Threat To Your Marriage

By: Rachel Kramer Bussel / July 25, 2014
Recently blogger Lauren of Apples and Band-Aids caused an uproar among bloggers when she wrote a post claiming that racy social media images by sexy female strangers were a threat to her marriage. To wit: When your bare shoulders and stretchmark-less bellies and tanned legs pop up, I not only worry… More »

PurrVerse: What It’s Really Like On A Queer Porn Set

By: Kitty Stryker / July 24, 2014
One of the first questions people  usually ask upon meeting me is what I do for a living. When I respond casually that I’m a production assistant on queer porn, then the questions really get going. What does a porn PA do, exactly? I’ll tell you one thing: much to my regret, I am not… More »

Sex Toy Abandoned In Woman’s Vagina Just Sat There For 10 Years, Ruining Her Bladder

By: Jessica Wakeman / July 24, 2014
Public Service Announcement time:  always remove your sex toy from your pussy. A woman in Scotland complaining of weight loss and incontinence had an icky surprise waiting for her at the doctor's office: a sex toy abandoned in her vagina. As reported by The Journal Of Sexual Medicine, the sex toy (which was described a… More »

Amazon Model Squashes Men For A Living (And They Love It)

By: / July 24, 2014
Amanda is a model. But not just any model — she's an Amazon model. What does that mean? Well, at 6'3 with a 44DD bust and 63-inch hips, she was deemed too big to work as a mainstream model. But she didn't let that deter her modeling dreams: she became an Amazon model. More »

Here’s One More Reason Sex On The Beach Is A Horrible Idea

By: Claire Hannum / July 23, 2014
If sand fleas, nasty infections, and sunburn weren't motive enough, getting arrested might be another reason to think twice about sex on the beach. A couple on Bradenton Beach in Florida seemed to think it was totally fine to get it on in full view… More »

Paris Hilton On Her Sex Tape: “I Don’t Think I’ll Be Able To Fully Trust Any Man Again”

By: Jessica Wakeman / July 23, 2014
 "It was devastating because that was someone I was with for a few years. I don't think I'll ever be able to fully trust any man again after that. It was just the most hurtful and awful thing that anyone could do to a little girl. I was very young, it wasn't my fault." It'… More »

Anatomically Correct Vagina Underwear Might Come In Handy Actually

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / July 22, 2014
British student/artist Eleanor Beth Haswell, 18, made the anatomically correct underthings as part of her senior high school project called "Why Are You So Afraid Of Your Own Anatomy," about the ways in which women are scared and uncomfortable with their own bodies. But as some of the reaction to the underwear, which labels the… More »

Some Thoughts On That Guy Who Sent His Wife A Spreadsheet Detailing Her Excuses Why They Weren’t Having More Sex

By: Jessica Wakeman / July 21, 2014
Last week, women reading the Internet collectively reached for their wallets to check how much cash they had, because there was a fellow lady out there who needed a drink. And that lady was a woman on Reddit who posted a spreadsheet (picked up by Deadspin) that she had just received from her… More »

PurrVerse: Autobiography Of A Queer Gamer Girl

By: Kitty Stryker / July 18, 2014
My first real game, the one I remember best, was Zork — good, old-fashioned white text on a black background. I was obsessed with it, the challenges intrinsic in playing it, and the mythology attached. I read the books that came with the series obsessively, and even did a school report (sadly not preserved… More »

10 Things I’ve Learned As An Intern At A Porn Site

By: Maria Herrera / July 17, 2014
I was on my way to my Web Marketing class when a girl who looked about my age stopped me to ask me a very strange, life-changing question. She asked me if I watch porn. "Huh?" As a girl, I was taken aback by such a question, but her approach was so natural that I… More »

Ventriloquist Veronica Chaos Has Sex With Her Dummy Slappy (NSFW)

Veronica Chaos is definitely taking ventriloquism into new places -- like the bedroom. For the past year, the 26-year-old former stripper has been doing online ventriloquism shows that climax with her having sex with a dummy, "Slappy." "He's bad cop and I'm good cop. He's the misogynist and I'm the battered wife," is how she… More »

I’m Creeped Out: Lonely Guy Turns Shower Head Into Girlfriend (And Now You Can Too!)

By: Katie Oldenburg / July 15, 2014
No girlfriend? No problem. You can do what one lonely man did and construct a girlfriend in the shower with just a mask, newspaper, some tape and your regular run-of-the-mill handheld shower head. That's totally normal, right? NO IT'S NOT. Imgur user tyblazitar has officially planted the seed for all of my… More »

These Undies Were Made Specially For Your Period

By: Claire Hannum / July 15, 2014
Three forward-thinking women have put their heads together to create the ultimate in lingerie -- pretty, stain-resistant underwear meant to help you survive your period without ruined clothes and embarrassing moments. Why didn't anyone come up with this sooner!? The panties are called THINX, and they're the brain child of twin sister… More »

Funny Girl Sex Guide: How Not To Neglect The Titties

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / July 15, 2014
Breasts, boobs, tits, tatas, jugs, melons, knockers, rack — there are about as many nicknames as there are ways to show your appreciation for our golden globes. In the immortal words of Simple Minds: “Don’t you forget about me...” Seriously, fellas, you can go down on me for hours, but if you don’t… More »

True Story: In Defense Of Revenge Sex

By: Amanda Chatel / July 15, 2014
When my first love and I broke up, I was still new to the world of sex. I was 22 years old when we said our tearful goodbye, knowing full well that what we had at that young age wouldn’t be able to transcend time. I remember thinking I’d not only never love again, but… More »

PurrVerse: Adult Sex Workers Are Arrested When We “Think Of The Children”

By: Kitty Stryker / July 14, 2014
I woke up one morning last week to my Twitter in an uproar. That’s reasonably common in my world, as many of the people I follow are marginalized and there’s a lot to be angry about. Turns out that the FBI has seized MyRedbook, a California site where masseuses and escorts could advertise for… More »

“Undress Me,” The Follow-Up To That “First Kiss” Video, Is An Homage To Masters And Johnson

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / July 14, 2014
Remember that "First Kiss" video, featuring pairs of strangers asked to kiss for the first time? The internet went crazy when it which turned out to be a clever ad for a clothing company, inspiring a… More »

You Haven’t Masturbated Until You’ve Masturbated With A Vibrator That Films The Inside Of Your Vagina

By: Jessica Wakeman / July 11, 2014
Call me a bad feminist, but I have no desire to see what my cervix looks like. I will take Amelia and her gynecologist's word for it that my womanhood is a beautiful, flowering rose. So, too, am I uninterested in the Skavkom… More »

Mirror, Mirror: Why You Should Really Look At Yourself

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / July 11, 2014
Here are all the things I know about my body: My angular face no longer gains weight at the same rate that the rest of my body does, so when I gain weight my head looks smaller even though everything else looks about right in ratio to each other. I have proportionately very large thighs,… More »

The Soapbox: On The World Cup, Objectification & The Problem With Thigh Candy

By: Jen Winston / July 11, 2014
When my feminist friends and I began our communal Facebook message thread, we envisioned a no-holds-barred place to discuss careers, gender politics, and the gospel of Beyoncé. But ever since soccer season took the Internet by storm, our only mentions of "Flawless" have concerned abs. In the past week alone, my "progressive" peers and I… More »

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