A Chicago lawsuit claims “smart” sex toys collect too much data about users that can easily be hacked

And the language used in the lawsuit literally could not make it any clearer that it revolves around a sex toy. More »

Now you can have an orgasm through your clothes by sitting on this rocket ship

If you’ve been having trouble having an orgasm lately, a new full body massager that looks like a freaking tank is here to help.  More »

An eggplant emoji vibrator exists so we can finally get off like we’ve always wanted

People seem to love eggplant emojis for sexting purposes, and now one Philadelphia entrepreneur going by the pseudonym Jaime Jandler has created an IRL eggplant vibrator because OK, sure. More »

Amber Rose hated her first threesome, and let’s be honest, most are awkward

Despite the fact that her outspoken sex-positive image might cause viewers to assume she’s already explored the world of threesomes, the encounter with the man and woman marked her first, and according to her reviews, her last. More »

You Can Now Buy All These Sexy Mannequins This Guy Left Behind When He Died

After electrician Mike Martin passed away at the age of 88 this past July, he left behind a seriously intense collection of busty mannequins that he kept in four different rooms of the home he shared with his wife Maxine.  More »

What Not To Say To Your Girlfriend When She Thinks She Might Be Pregnant

We’ve all been there. You’ve been enjoying a worry-free sex life with your partner. Life has been good. And then you look at the calendar and start frantically doing math like you’re Russell Crowe in “A Beautiful Mind.” More »

Having Sex With A McChicken Sandwich Is One Way To Turn People Off From McDonald’s

Just when the world thought McDonald’s couldn’t get any grosser, a man had sex with a McChicken sandwich and shattered the glass ceiling of gross into a million tiny pieces. More »

French Schools Are Starting To Use 3D Clitoris Models To Teach Kids About Sex

If only men of my generation had one. More »

There’s Finally A Porn Site With Sexual Assault Survivors In Mind

It’s a body positive heaven. More »

Interesting Coincidence: More People Watching Porn Than Ever Before In Cleveland During RNC

In what can only be described as a bad joke waiting to be told, xHamster is saying that Cleveland’s porn viewership allegedly hit an all-time high for the city during the Republican National Convention Tuesday. More »

If You Need A Pussy Snorkel, You Might Be Doing Oral Sex Wrong

The product is designed to allow a “man to continue breathing while performing oral sex on a woman in a spa, bathtub or even a bowl of green Jell-O.” Alright.  More »

This Brilliant Chart Is A New And Much-Improved Way To Identify Your Sexual Orientation

An update to the old Kinsey scale of sexual identification, the Purple-Red Scale of Attraction factors in more than simply whether you like men or women (because there are a hell of a lot of possibilities in between). More »

HBO Is Trying To Remove Game Of Thrones Scenes From Pornhub, But If The Scenes Weren’t Basically Porn We’d Probably Be Okay

If you don’t want your show to end up on PornHub, don’t make it porn. It’s really as simple as that. According to BBC (The British Broadcasting Corporation, not the eh, porn term), HBO is taking action against Pornhub over breach of copyright and pulling Game of Thrones clips off the site. Pornhub is likely to put up… More »

Why HIV Is Not A Crime, And How Treating It Like One Is Killing People

The criminalization of HIV is not only cruel, discriminatory, and racist, it also doesn’t work. These laws are a holdover when a time when Americans had very little knowledge about HIV, how it was spread, or how to stop it. More »

Why Do Women Like Gay Porn? There’s A Surprising But Logical Reason So Many Straight Girls Are Into It

Apparently, a lot of women feel like the most feminist way to enjoy porn without all the shitty, problematic themes is to just take women out of the equation. More »

11 Thoughts Women Have When Someone Is Going Down On Them

We talked to women about what they think about while their partners are going down on them and what they say might just surprise you — and give you some much-needed pointers on how to make oral sex even hotter for her. More »

OKCupid Just Published 70,000 Users’ Data: Here’s What That Actually Means

There are a lot of risks when it comes to dating sites and apps that go far beyond an awkward dinner date. Even just by creating a profile, you’ve supplied personal information about yourself that marketers, advertisers, and researchers will pay big bucks to get their hands on. According to VICE’s Motherboard, a modest amount of 70,000More »

6 Porn Sites For Women Who Just Want Some Goddamn Feminist Fucking

This has to exist, right? More »

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