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Tiger Beat: Nudie Tiger Pics To Appear In Playgirl?

Here’s a riddle for you: What does Tiger Woods have in common with Levi Johnston? Besides a last name that sounds a lot like a penis euphemism? Soon, Tiger may be joining Levi in the pages of Playgirl. The nudey mag has revealed that it has received photos supposedly of Tiger, sans clothes, and will be publishing them if they turn out to be authentic. “We were approached by a third party who wanted to know our ‘interest level,” the editor says. “Our lawyers are currently going over them, the source, the entire package.” If Playgirl does publish the photos, it would be a big ruh-roh for Tiger, who’s already lost his Gatorade deal. Do you think this will make his other endorsement deals evaporate? [NY Daily News] Keep reading »

Sex Scandal Gives New Meaning To The Words “Green Balloons”

Is there anyone out there who is not embroiled in a sex scandal? Rod Jetton, a 42-year-old Republican and the former Speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives, has gotten himself in some legal trouble over his sexual exploits. A woman is claiming that he drugged her and then beat her up during sex, and he has been charged with a felony. Here’s the gist of what the woman claims happened: Jetton came over to her place on Nov. 15 with two bottles of wine in hand for a night of wild sex—they’d agreed beforehand to use the safe word “green balloons” if either of them was feeling uncomfortable. Things started out tame. He poured her a glass in the kitchen and then sat down with her to watch a football game. She noticed herself feeling hazy and felt like she was nodding off. Next thing she knew, she was on the floor and Jetton was allegedly choking her. She says he then hit her so hard she lost consciousness. He apparently stayed over and was all tender to her in the morning. “You should have said green balloons,” she quotes him as saying. Ugh. [TPM Muckraker] Keep reading »

Are All Athletes As Bad As Tiger Woods?

According to AJ Daulerio over at Deadspin, lots of big-time athletes are probably pissed at Tiger Woods. No, not for cheating on his wife with a billion different women, but because they’re all doing the same thing and have thus far flown (mostly) under the radar. Here is Deadspin’s take on this whole thing: Rachel Uchitel and Kalika Moquin weren’t sleeping with Tiger. (Well, for Uchitel, it may have happened on occasion, but for Moquin, an insider says she’s the “goody-two-shoes of the Vegas nightlife scene.”) No, as VIP concierges, their job is to lure athletes to clubs with VIP rooms stocked with drinks … and loads of hot, young things to the particular athlete’s liking. They’ll go as far as to fly in women from other cities—sometimes to wherever the athlete is traveling—and while the women, of course, aren’t obligated to sleep with the men, the allure of fame and fortune makes it pretty probable that they will. Insiders speculate that Uchitel and Moquin got retainers in the arena of $10 to $15K a month for their services, plus hefty tips and bonuses. This is probably how Tiger met ladies like Jaimee Grubbs and Jamie Junger. Keep reading »

Wife Gives Husband’s Mistress Abortion Pill

They say there’s nothing like a woman scorned, but Brooklynite Kisha Jones’ revenge was criminal and sadistic. When Jones learned her husband Anthony Jones had impregnated Monique Hunter, she allegedly took matters into her own hands to terminate the seven-month pregnancy. Jones reportedly used a stolen prescription pad to prescribe Cytotec, a drug used to terminate pregnancies. She then allegedly used a spoof-calling website (like SpoofCard or PhoneGangster) to pose as someone calling from Hunter’s doctor’s office. Jones told Hunter that the medication would prevent the baby from developing Down syndrome. Hunter took the drug and went into premature labor. The baby, named Anthony Jones Jr., survived, but this devious plot wasn’t the end of Jones’ revenge. Keep reading »

Was Amanda Knox Slut-Shamed Into A Murder Conviction?

On Friday, after nearly 14 hours of deliberation and a trial that spanned almost a full year, an Italian jury returned to the courtroom and delivered a verdict—Amanda Knox is guilty of murder, sexual assault, unlawful possession of a weapon, and staging a crime scene, and was sentenced to 26 years in prison plus fines of close to $7 million. Keep reading »

Tiger Beat: The 7 New Notches On Tiger’s Bedpost

The number of women who’ve supposedly gone for a ride on the Tiger Woods Golf Cart O’ Love seems to be growing exponentially. When we last left you, we’d told you way more than you ever wanted to know about Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs, and Kalika Moquin. Over the weekend, lots of new Tiger paramours came out of the woodwork, bringing his tally to (egads) 10. So who are these other women? Read on. Keep reading »

Tiger Beat: Who Should Elin Nordegren Date Next?

The word on the street, or more accurately on the Daily Beast, is that Tiger Woods is putting up serious dough to get his wife Elin Nordegren to stay with him. The prenup that she signed in 2004 stated that she would get $20 million after 10 years of marriage. But, according to a source, a lawyer involved in the negotiations, Tiger has upped that to $75 million if she stays with him for seven years. And he also has allegedly offered her $5 million up front. These are huge amounts of money, and it’s really hard to imagine someone saying, “Yeah, I don’t want $75 million,” especially since this couple has two children together and, until recently, seemed happy together. But if Elin did walk out the door, I would have to give her props for sticking up for herself, à la Jenny Sanford. And then, she’d be free to play the field herself. Here’s who we think she should look into dating next. Keep reading »

Tiger Woods All About The Ambien Sex?

Remember Rachel Uchitel who didn’t, then did, then didn’t have an affair with Tiger Woods? Well, according to RadarOnline.com, she told friends that they liked to pop an Ambien before doing the no-pants dance. A “friend” quotes Rachel as saying, “You know you have crazier sex on Ambien—you get into that Ambien haze. We have crazy Ambien sex.” One would think taking one of these prescription insomnia pills would put you straight to sleep, but apparently, it makes you crazy horny. And evidently, Tiger and Rachel aren’t the only ones to have discovered this. Keep reading »

Tiger Beat: Rachel Uchitel May Be Well Acquainted With Tiger’s Wood, After All

Remember when Rachel Uchitel swore that she’d only met Tiger Woods twice, casually through work, and said, “The whole thing’s a lie. It’s just stupid,” in reference to the rumors of their affair? JUST KIDDING. Now she says she really was involved with him, and she’ll be holding a press conference today at 2:30 p.m. to tell us all about it. Huh, that turnaround didn’t take long, did it? TMZ is reporting that Tiger and Rachel were texting on Thanksgiving, and when Elin asked Tiger whom he was talking to, a fight allegedly broke out. Elin grabbed the phone and called Rachel, which led to the golf club wielding, which led to the car accident. And RadarOnline.com is saying that when Tiger and Rachel were in Australia at the same time—which Rachel claimed was just a coincidence—he actually paid for the vacay. [NY Post]

**Updated** This press conference has been cancelled. What is going on here? Keep reading »

Tiger Beat: Who Are Jaimee Grubbs And Kalika Moquin?

As another hour goes by, more of Tiger Woods’ alleged sexploits have come to light. Us Weekly has a source saying that in August, Tiger took a blonde and brunette, one on each arm, back to his room at a New York casino. Another informant tells the mag shortly before that Woods had his hand up a woman’s skirt at an Orlando bar. [NY Post]

But two possible mistresses are starting to get a lot of attention—Jaimee Grubbs (left), who went public yesterday saying that she had a 31-month affair with the Tig and has more than 300 text messages to prove it, and Kalika Moquin (right), a club marketing manager who reportedly hooked up with Woods but is keeping her mouth shut about the whole thing. So who are these women? Read on. Keep reading »

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