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Meet Ali Wise, Fashion Publicist / Ex-Girlfriend From Hell

Some mean girls never grow up—they just get jobs in PR. Meet Ali Wise, age 32, a former party planner for Dolce & Gabbana who went bats**t with jealousy when her ex-boyfriend starting dating new women. She is facing charges from four women whose phones and voicemail she hacked into using a computer service called SpoofCard, all because they were dating her exes, Josh Deutsch, CEO of Downtown Records, and hotelier Jason Pomeranc. A friend of Wise told the NY Daily News she has used SpoofCard “forever to find out about her exes’ new girls. She hacks in to voicemails, MySpace and Facebook accounts, emails … you name it.” Charges against this blonde bully include eavesdropping, computer trespassing, aggravated harassment and stalking. Ack! You sure don’t see this side of PR girls on The City …. Keep reading »

ESPN’s Steve Phillips Diddled A 22-Year-Old Production Assistant

Oh, man. The drama of Steve Philips is kind of like David Letterman on crack, plus a stalker. Phillips, an ESPN baseball analyst and former general manager of the Mets, is a married man and father of four. Still, he schtupped a 22-year-old production assistant named Brooke Hundley at least three times over the summer. He apparently felt “meh” about her, but Hundley was under the impression they were meant to be together. And so she went CUH-RAZY with jealousy trying to expose the affair to Phillips’ wife. Keep reading »

TLC Looking To Sue The Ed Hardy Pants Off Jon Gosselin

How, how, have Jon and Kate Gosselin managed to milk a disintegrating marriage into months worth of drama that just won’t leave us alone? The latest in the debacle: TLC is suing Jon, saying that he’s used his concerns over his kidlets to wiggle out of his contract with the network. Their version of the story goes like this: They tried to contact Jon to let him know their intentions to change the show from “Jon and Kate Plus 8″ to simply “Kate Plus 8,” but were unable to reach him before making the public announcement. The day the news broke, the production company received a call from Jon’s lawyer, giving them an hour to release him from his contractual agreement. When they refused, he went public saying that he thought filming the show through the divorce was detrimental to his kids’ health and filed paperwork barring filming from continuing. Basically, he gave them the ultimate middle finger. Keep reading »

Woman Broadcasts A Porn For Elementary School Students

Perhaps North Dakota woman Nicole Altendorf was trying to supplement the sex education unit at the local elementary school when she broadcast a porno out the window of her home for all the kiddies to see. As you can imagine, parents, teachers and authorities were less than orgasmic about Nicole’s feature presentation. When the police arrived at her sex den this past Friday, 37-year-old Nicole allegedly bit, spit and kicked an officer in his junk to avoid arrest. Nice judgment, Nicole! But wait! As surprising as it may be, there was also drug paraphernalia found at her house. She may be looking at felony charges of assault, contact by bodily fluids, preventing arrest, and misdemeanor charges of possession of drug paraphernalia and disorderly conduct. But I think the real tragedy here is that she won’t be to be invited to speak at Career Day this year. Now the kids will miss learning about a day in the life of a drug-addicted sex addict—a profession in high demand. [AOL] Keep reading »

Couple Denied A Marriage License Because They’re Different Races

This story makes me want to stand up and scream. And then sit down and scream a bit more. A justice of the peace in Louisiana named Keith Bardwell refused to issue a marriage license to Beth Humphrey, 30, and Terence McKay, 32, because they’re an interracial couple. Instead, he referred them to another justice of the peace, saying that, in his experience, interracial relationships don’t last. “I’m not a racist,” he told the local newspaper, explaining his actions. “I do ceremonies for black couples right here in my house. My main concern is for the children.” Um, maybe we should sit him down for a chat with Barack Obama? Luckily, lots of people are raising a stink about this and asking that Bardwell resign from his post. Ugh. And this is, supposedly, our post-racial world? [CNN] Keep reading »

Jaycee Lee Dugard On The Cover Of “People” Makes Us Feel Icky

Really, people? Or maybe I should say really, People? Kidnapped for 18 years, Jaycee Lee Dugard and her two children finally escaped their lives as prisoners of Phillip Garrido this August, much to the joy of the Dugard family. But not two months have passed before Jaycee is on the cover of People magazine. Keep reading »

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