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Erin Andrews Wants The Book Thrown At Her Voyeur

Six months after an uber-creepy stalker filmed her walking around her hotel room nakey and posted the videos on the interwebs, Erin Andrews faced the guy behind the camera in court. His name is Michael David Barrett and he’s a 47-year-old insurance agent from Illinois who never met Andrews in person, but somehow developed an obsession with her. He admitted in court that he tracked Andrews in three different cities, rigging the peepholes on her hotel room doors in order to be able to make the vids. Insanely, this offense only carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison, though experts think Barrett will get more like two. Andrews is, of course, hoping for the maximum. “I have nightmares. I walk in crowds and I see him in my peripheral vision. When I’m alone in my house, I have fears that he’s going to walk inside and hurt me,” she said. “I don’t know him. I’ve never met him. I don’t know why he chose me. But I hope he never sees the light of day again.” We hear you, Erin. [NY Daily News] Keep reading »

A Dubious Sign Of Progress For Women: When Ladies Have High-Profile Sex Scandals Too

It’s 2009, bitches, and women are kicking ass and taking names. We’re outpacing men in colleges, running our own companies, and buying our own homes. But there’s one area in which we girls are sorely lacking: sex scandals. Yes, sex scandals. Poor LeAnn Rimes is one of the only high-profile ladies who has been caught cheating and she’s up against infidelity heavyweights like David Letterman, South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, and, of course, Tiger Woods. Keep reading »

University Of Tennessee Recruits Football Players With Sexy Co-Ed “Hostesses”

Since seeing “The Blind Side” a few weeks ago, I have totally become an expert on college football recruiting and NCAA violations. So when the New York Times did a piece on the University of Tennessee’s football recruitment, for once in my life, I actually understood what they were talking about. Tennessee is in hot water for using sexy college co-ed “hostesses” to lure high school athletes to their school, and the NCAA is investigating to see how many violations they’ve made, since their coach Lane Kiffin has been bragging about it. The NCAA has super strict rules on what is appropriate for luring in athletes. Whoring out women to attract innocent high school jocks is not within that category. [NY Times] Keep reading »

Ashley Dupre Gives Good … Advice?

Ashley Dupre deserves some credit for turning her notoriety as Eliot Spitzer’s favorite lady of the night into a full-scale career. First, there was her pop song “What We Want,” which blogs hailed as “not half bad.” Then came her reality TV show deal, and her turn as a model at NY Fashion Week. Now, Ashley is showing off her writing chops. The New York Post has given her a weekly column called “Ask Ashley,” which reminds us of the genius advice column with Spencer Pratt that appeared in Radar for the few issues before it folded. Not only did Ashley rock glasses and a button-down shirt in her author photo—no more bikinis for this classy girl. But, uh, Ashley’s advice is actually shockingly astute. Read the excerpts after the jump. Keep reading »

Scandal Control 101: Don’t ‘Yadda, Yadda, Yadda’

While reading this week’s New York Magazine, the article “The Yadda Yadda Conundrum” stuck out at me. “Yadda, yadda, yadda” is an expression, of course, made famous in an episode of “Seinfeld”—it’s what Elaine says when glossing over a major part of a story. Here’s why the phrase is relevant today: David Letterman‘s intern-banging scandal dropped out of the news pretty quickly. Why? Because he told his whole story, or at least enough of it to satisfy us. Tiger Woods, on the other hand, gave a public apology with so many holes in it that it begged the question, “What exactly did you do?” Each missing detail just fed our need to know more, which has led to the whole uncovering of so many salacious details, it’s hard to keep track of them anymore. Keep reading »

Tiger Beat: $60K Worth Of Call Girls & A (Spoof) Sex Tape!

  • Before we get into the latest round of salacious Tiger gossip, let’s take a moment to watch this pretty hilarious spoof of Tiger’s philandering, complete with golf commentary. Funny, no? [Oh No They Didn’t]

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