Life After Dating: On Expecting A Relationship To Save You

By: Claire Hannum / December 8, 2014
If someone suggested that you were holding out for a relationship to save you and magically solve all your problems, you'd adamantly insist they'd gotten you all wrong and briefly consider slapping them in the face, right? Expecting a guy to save you sounds ludicrous on a surface level, and even reminiscent of the dreaded… More »

Love This: Business Insider‘s 21-Day Plan For Radical Self-Improvement

By: Katie Oldenburg / December 8, 2014
It's already mid-December, which means it's almost time to make resolutions for the new year. But how can you expect to start off with a clean slate if you're still tackling career, personal and health goals now? I stumbled upon an awesome infographic calendar, created by the folks at Business Insider, that aims to hel… More »

Make It Work: How To Quit Your Job

By: Megan Reynolds / December 8, 2014
There comes a time in everyone’s career when you will quit your job. You will stand in your boss’s doorway, cock your head and say, “Do you have sec?” You will quietly shut the door. You will sit down in that weird chair reserved for guests and your boss’s jacket, palms sweating, and tell him… More »

Trauma, PTSD & A Lifetime Of Loss

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / December 8, 2014
A note: There's a lot of trigger-y, very heavy material in this particular essay, including descriptions of graphic fictional violence (in nightmares) and mentions of sexual violence. I included it to paint as clear a picture I could of what it feels like to have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. All respect given to those who wish… More »

13 Things That Happen When You Send Taylor Swift Lyrics to Your Tinder Matches

By: Tres Sugar / December 7, 2014
Tinder is a battlefield. Swipe left or swipe right, and within seconds you can find yourself connected to your crush of the week, or a "nightmare dressed like a daydream." Or worse. A ghost, aka matches that never message you first. It's a Tinder epidemic, since guys do essentially swipe right "at everything," it could… More »

Men Check Out My Dog More Than Me & I Have Mixed Feels About It

By: Laura Barcella / December 7, 2014
Men check out my dog more than me. I only wish I were kidding. I’ve gotten used to catching unexpected smiles creep onto strangers’ faces while gazing at Henny (why yes, she does look like a bear cub). But after one of our daily walks last month, during which I passed four men in their… More »

Mommie Dearest: Why Are Kids’ Toys So Crappy?

By: Avital Norman Nathman / December 5, 2014
One of the coolest parts of childhood is definitely all the toys. But as a parent today -- especially a feminist one -- toys can be one of the more frustrating aspects of raising a child. Marketing and branding has increased tenfold, and even kids who don't regularly watch TV are aware of all the… More »

Make It Stop: “I’ve Never Had A Boyfriend & I’m Rarely Attracted To Anyone”

By: Anna Goldfarb / December 5, 2014
I'm 28, and have never have a boyfriend, and I do not find attraction in other people. I won't say that I *can't* find attraction in people, because there have been a handful of guys that I've fallen head-over-heels for, but of course, those endeavors have never amounted to anything. I get crushes maybe once… More »

Hitched 2.0: Why Both My Parents Will Walk Me Down the Aisle

By: Emma Sarran / December 4, 2014
I’m not one of those girls who started planning her wedding before even hitting puberty. I didn’t create a pre-engagement “Someday…” Pinterest board. Nothing against those girls, but it wasn’t for me. I wanted to wait to plan my wedding until it was a real, tangible thing. (Not to mention, my tastes change on such… More »

Dater X: Short Stacks With A Side Of Self-Reflection

By: Dater X / December 3, 2014
"So what's the deal with that dude you've been seeing?" my friend asked, chowing down on a massive pile of chocolate pancakes and scrambled eggs. "You guys still good?" I hadn't seen Darius in a couple of years, but it was like no time had passed at all. We’ll usually talk on the phone weekly… More »

Couple Marries On New York City Subway

By: Claire Hannum / December 1, 2014
When 26-year-old Hector Irakliotis boarded the New York City subway's N train Friday afternoon, passengers had no idea they were about to witness in one of the biggest days of his life. He announced to the train full of strangers that in a few minutes, he'd be getting married -- right there in front of… More »

Faith In Humanity In A Revolutionary Age

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / December 1, 2014
Faith in humanity is the only faith I have. As in, I don’t have faith in a god or anything particularly spiritual. I’m not going to waffle over that and say that there’s a possibility that a god, in fact, does exist, or that I could be wrong. I am certain that I’m not wrong. More »

Make It Stop: “My Classmate Copies All Of My Work And Invades My Personal Space!”

By: Anna Goldfarb / November 28, 2014
I recently returned to school and I am enrolled in an intensive program. I genuinely enjoy working with the other students, except for this one woman I’ll call Lucy. I was nice to her on the first day because she seemed lost. However, she seems to have some sort of learning disability or other mental issue… More »

15 Facepalm Moments When Visiting Your Hometown For Thanksgiving (In GIFs!)

By: Claire Hannum / November 27, 2014
So, you've left the nest. Maybe you bailed on your suburban childhood home for college, or for life in a big city, or a town across the state. Maybe you have the occasional tendency to think you're pretty hot shit because you're off doing Big Exciting Things while everything back home… More »

20 Ways To Change The Topic At Thanksgiving Dinner

By: The Frisky / November 26, 2014
Thanksgiving has arrived, and there will be turkey; There will be family; There will be uncomfortable conversations likely involving something political, racial or downright inappropriate. If you're like any of us here at The Frisky, you'd gladly prefer talking about how you've gained weight or why you're still single over having to endure others' ignorant… More »

7 Rules For The Best Friendsgiving Ever

By: Megan Reynolds / November 26, 2014
I’ve made Thanksgiving dinner at my house for the past three years, eschewing the hell of Grand Central on Thanksgiving eve for staying quietly in my own home. I spend this blessed event with my three sisters and a ragtag group of friends who are still around. The first year was a blur, due to… More »

Dater X: Timing Is Everything

By: Dater X / November 26, 2014
We both knew we needed to have a talk, but neither of us were saying anything. Over the past couple of weeks, ever since Baby Face and I agreed to slow down our relationship, I've done a lot of thinking. My feelings for Baby Face hadn't faltered one bit and our… More »

17 Common Struggles Of Being Sarcastic (In GIFs!)

By: / November 25, 2014
I'm sarcastic. I'm not just sometimes sarcastic, like in awkward situations where I feel on the defensive or in other scenarios where I'm tying to hide my true emotions. No, I'm always sarcastic, through and through, to the core, and right down to my very bones. And, because of this personality trait, things are difficult… More »

Frisky Rant: Yes, My Name Is Maybe Hard To Pronounce (And, No, You Can’t Opt Out)

By: Phylisa Wisdom / November 25, 2014
As I write this, I’ve just come home from a new gym. A man training a small group of us shouted personalized encouragement throughout in an effort to spur us along. “Well done, Karen!” “Two more reps, Jaz!” “Knees up, Ellen!” “Bum out, Phhhh … bum out!” I know that when someone mumbles “Phhh” under… More »

So You’re Engaged! Here Are 5 Hard Relationship Questions To Ask Before You Even Start Planning The Wedding

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / November 25, 2014
Engagement season is coming up! Yay! Congratulations if you’re engaged! It is indeed a very happy time, but the temptation to see engagement as merely the wedding-planning phase of your relationship and not, more importantly, the phrase of your relationship in which you plan for your marriage. Being married can feel as if it’s just… More »

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