15 Facepalm Moments When Visiting Your Hometown For Thanksgiving (In GIFs!)

By: Claire Hannum / November 27, 2014
So, you've left the nest. Maybe you bailed on your suburban childhood home for college, or for life in a big city, or a town across the state. Maybe you have the occasional tendency to think you're pretty hot shit because you're off doing Big Exciting Things while everything back home… More »

20 Ways To Change The Topic At Thanksgiving Dinner

By: The Frisky / November 26, 2014
Thanksgiving has arrived, and there will be turkey; There will be family; There will be uncomfortable conversations likely involving something political, racial or downright inappropriate. If you're like any of us here at The Frisky, you'd gladly prefer talking about how you've gained weight or why you're still single over having to endure others' ignorant… More »

7 Rules For The Best Friendsgiving Ever

By: Megan Reynolds / November 26, 2014
I’ve made Thanksgiving dinner at my house for the past three years, eschewing the hell of Grand Central on Thanksgiving eve for staying quietly in my own home. I spend this blessed event with my three sisters and a ragtag group of friends who are still around. The first year was a blur, due to… More »

Dater X: Timing Is Everything

By: Dater X / November 26, 2014
We both knew we needed to have a talk, but neither of us were saying anything. Over the past couple of weeks, ever since Baby Face and I agreed to slow down our relationship, I've done a lot of thinking. My feelings for Baby Face hadn't faltered one bit and our… More »

17 Common Struggles Of Being Sarcastic (In GIFs!)

By: / November 25, 2014
I'm sarcastic. I'm not just sometimes sarcastic, like in awkward situations where I feel on the defensive or in other scenarios where I'm tying to hide my true emotions. No, I'm always sarcastic, through and through, to the core, and right down to my very bones. And, because of this personality trait, things are difficult… More »

Frisky Rant: Yes, My Name Is Maybe Hard To Pronounce (And, No, You Can’t Opt Out)

By: Phylisa Wisdom / November 25, 2014
As I write this, I’ve just come home from a new gym. A man training a small group of us shouted personalized encouragement throughout in an effort to spur us along. “Well done, Karen!” “Two more reps, Jaz!” “Knees up, Ellen!” “Bum out, Phhhh … bum out!” I know that when someone mumbles “Phhh” under… More »

So You’re Engaged! Here Are 5 Hard Relationship Questions To Ask Before You Even Start Planning The Wedding

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / November 25, 2014
Engagement season is coming up! Yay! Congratulations if you’re engaged! It is indeed a very happy time, but the temptation to see engagement as merely the wedding-planning phase of your relationship and not, more importantly, the phrase of your relationship in which you plan for your marriage. Being married can feel as if it’s just… More »

Make It Work: Handle The Interview, Don’t Let It Handle You

By: Megan Reynolds / November 24, 2014
Like online dating and stopping to talk to people you haven’t seen since college at Urban Outfitters while shopping for underwear, job interviews are a necessary evil. If you have a job, you got that job because you put on your fancy “interview pants," took a long lunch and went to an office somewhere to… More »

Mommie Dearest: No, Feminism Is Not About Stripping Boys Of Their Masculinity

By: Avital Norman Nathman / November 24, 2014
Recently, Tara Kennedy-Kline, a mother of two boys, took to the internet to proudly declare that she cannot (and will not) support feminism. If the title of the piece didn't send up a bevy of red flags, the fact that it appeared on Thought Catalog should have clued me in to the fact… More »

What I’ve Learned About Size And Body Image By Dating A Fat Man

By: Rachel Kramer Bussel / November 22, 2014
I thought I’d dealt with most of my body image issues before I started dating my current boyfriend. But during the three years we've been together, he’s taught me a lot about size, fatness and self-care. How? By being fat and unapologetic. My boyfriend weighs over 300 pounds, and one of… More »

Make It Stop: “My Friends’ Social Media Updates Are Making Me Depressed”

By: Anna Goldfarb / November 21, 2014
I feel like a bad friend. My friends seem so successful and I feel like I’m stalling. All I see are updates about marriages, babies, pregnancies, I feel like I can’t keep up. How do I not feel so terrible about it? Social media is a tool, not a reflection of real life. Like airbrushed… More »

The New John Lewis Christmas Ad Will Melt Your Heart

By: Katie Oldenburg / November 20, 2014
I was having a rough morning when someone very special to me knew just what would cheer me up: penguins. Every year, UK department store John Lewis releases a new Christmas ad meant to tug on the heartstrings just before the holidays. Over the years, the annual ad has become a spectacle of sorts, with… More »

Hitched 2.0: The Pros & Cons Of A Long Engagement

By: Emma Sarran / November 20, 2014
Hitched, our weekly column about getting married, is back! This time around, we'll be walking down the aisle (well, in spirit) with writer Emma Sarran, who will be sharing her thoughts on long engagements, the institution of matrimony and that godforsaken wedding industrial complex every Thursday. I remember my engagement as if it was yesterday. More »

10 Ways To Tackle Money Issues As A Couple

By: / November 19, 2014
A strong relationship with your partner, and a solid, secure financial life together, begins with what you bring to the table. As a money and relationship coach, I work with couples who struggle with this; and, while there's a lot they need to work on together, they first must start with themselves. And so do… More »

Dater X: 10 Red Flags & Warning Signs That I Look For When I’m Dating

By: Dater X / November 19, 2014
Every new relationship comes with its own bag of possibilities and pitfalls. We approach new romance hopefully, keeping our eyes peeled for warning signs and red flags that might tip us off about a character flaw or mismatch, and determine an outcome accordingly. But everybody's past is different, and depending on what you want and… More »

Nothing Says “Bye Bye Bye” Like A Singing And Dancing Flash Mob

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / November 18, 2014
Flash mobs -- aka huge gatherings of people singing and dancing in unison with the purpose of expressing some intimate sentiment in a public, attention-grabbing way -- pretty much jumped the shark when one appeared at the end of that Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis movie, "Friends With Benefits." But flash mob breakups? Now that'… More »

Science Says Doing THIS On A First Date Makes You Sexier

By: / November 18, 2014
Attraction is a funny thing. The qualities you think make someone the hottest thing on the planet might make your best friend give you some serious side-eye. What makes one person attracted to another person can be so varied, and that's what makes it such an interesting subject—which is probably the reason why scientists and… More »

Dealbreaker: He Drank Beef Tea

By: Lauren Corona / November 18, 2014
The day I learned that J. enjoyed a nice, hot cup of “beef tea” was the day I realized this guy most definitely wasn't the one. As anyone outside of the UK might not know, we have this strange meat spread called Bovril. Said viscous, meaty paste can be added to boiling water to create… More »

10 Lessons You Learn From The Assholes In Your Life

By: Huffington Post Women / November 17, 2014
The world is filled with assholes. They are everywhere. They hit your parked car without leaving a note, cut you off while waiting in line at Whole Foods and literally knock you out of the way on their mad dash to the subway, so you face the closed doors instead of them. A**holes aren't limited… More »

Life After Dating: Splitting The Holidays

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / November 17, 2014
My parents separated during my senior year of high school. That was bad enough, not because I was upset at the time about them separating, but because that first holiday season was weird -- my dad was there, but only begrudgingly on my mom’s part -- and once the divorce proceedings started and things got… More »

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