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Click & Tell: Your Profile Is The First Step

A couple months ago, I came home from work one evening and suddenly decided to sign up for online dating. Without telling or consulting anyone—I didn’t want to lose my nerve—I hastily chose a screen name, uploaded the first picture I found, and wrote some random blurbs. In my refrigerator one will find…beer, milk, eggs, and jelly. Twenty-five years from now I see myself…having a few wrinkles, mostly from laughing.

Looking back, I realize I probably should have had a friend edit my profile, filter my personality, and help me pick a photo, but I got 40 “winks” in the first 30 days, so I figured I couldn’t have done that bad a job. Then Leslie Oren, author of Fine, I’ll Go Online!: The Hollywood Publicist’s Guide to Successful Internet Dating, took a look. Keep reading »

Choreplay Is The New Foreplay

Move over sensual massages and champagne! According to a new report, women get off on men doing chores around the house. “Emptying the dishwasher is a real clear sign that you’re fighting for her love,” said Scott Haltzman, Brown University psychology professor and author of The Secrets of Happily Married Women. He’s discovered that helping out around the house unburdens your special lady and helps her relax. When she is at ease, she’s more likely to be in the mood to really get down to the dirty work of being a wife. But husbands, don’t get greedy because it’s not a tit for tat system. If you really want to tend to her needs, in or out of the bedroom, your intentions must be as good as your handy work. So, bend over and clean up! [] Keep reading »

Relationship Novice: Sexual History 101

Revealing the number of people you’ve fooled around with is a lot like calling your grandmother. It’s one of those things you feel like you should do, but you really don’t want to. Why? Because you know you’re going to have a loooooong, drawn out conversation that essentially makes you feel uncomfortable. Sorry, Grams, but it’s true.

While you might lie to your grandmother about that time you jumped on top of the bar and took your shirt off, lying to your new boyfriend about your “free and easy” stage is a stickier subject. So what DO you tell him? And when? Keep reading »

A Possible Upshot Of Moving

Moving is not the most fun activity in the world. It’s less fun than going to the dentist. Less fun than getting delayed at the airport. Less fun than filing taxes. I am moving in approximately 14 days, but watching this little video (scroll to the bottom of the page), is making me a little more excited about it. Have you ever dated someone who lived in your building? I haven’t. And I actually don’t think it would be a good idea to even consider, because there are only four apartments in my new building. Sure, it would be convenient, but if it didn’t work out, I would probably have to move again. [] Keep reading »

Finding Out True Love Is Blind

Love is one of those things that has a million different precious expressions about it: Absence make the heart grow fonder. All you need is love. When it comes to matters of the heart, it’s the heart that matters most. Love is a many splendored thing…. The list goes on and on. Despite how cool they sound in song, most of the altruisms are unproven. Although, researchers at UCLA, just like the sexy boy band Louis XIV, are “Finding Out True Love Is Blind.”
Keep reading »

How Barack & Michelle Obama Fell In Love

Politics aside, I think Barack and Michelle Obama are the cutest couple on the campaign trail (though John and Elizabeth Edwards were pretty sweet too) — here’s a video clip of Michelle describing how and why she fell for the Presidential candidate. It’s nice to see that even in the middle of a tough campaign, with all that mud-slinging and sleepless hours on the road, a couple like them still seems so in love. [You Tube] Keep reading »

Online Confessional: Come Clean About Playing Dirty, a sexy site for singles in New York City, has wormed its way into our pants with smutty copy and personal ads. Just yesterday they added yet another guilty pleasure: a relationship confessional. No priest necessary. Within a day, the section is brimming with tales of love — lost, hot, and sloppy. From “I once left a twenty on a nightstand after a one night stand with a really snobby bitch who had blown me off a year earlier” to “I seek out women that I’m not attracted to online. I talk to them, make them feel super-duper special, and get their hopes up. Then when it’s time to meet I withdraw and act aloof and end up never talking to them again,” the gossip is juicy. It’s perfect fodder for a slow day at work — when you’re not surfing The Frisky, that is. Keep reading »

So I’m Engaged: The Thing About Commitment

Here’s how I thought being engaged would make me feel: OLD. Here’s how being engaged really makes me feel: like I’m in on the funniest inside joke ever. Two of the most opposite people on the planet, at least on the surface, are in it for the long haul. Who would have thunk it?

I’m not going to go into the details of my engagement because I don’t think it matters, and, besides, wouldn’t that be a bit braggy? The truth is, as elated as I am to be taking the next step in my relationship and as spring chicken-like as I still feel, thank God, I wasn’t always so convinced that marriage was for me.

Keep reading »

Valentine’s Day Slideshow: Love Is For Breakfast

Nothing says “I Love You” like breakfast in bed and these love-themed cooking utensils and food say it even better. Click on the images to buy! Keep reading »

Japan Is For Lovers

Sure, from square watermelons to batteries that run on pee, Japanese culture can seem a little backwards to us Americans. On Valentine’s Day, traditionally, Japanese women give the men they’ve had their eye on chocolates. Then a month later, on White Day, the men have the same opportunity to gift give. While the holiday pairing sounds middle school-style romantic, it doubles the amount of days singles want to die. But luckily, Tokyo-based cosmetics marketers Hime & Company understand that flying solo is hard to do. In addition to sick days and vacation, the sensitive CEO, Miki Hiradate, offers his employees paid leave after bad break ups: up to the age of 24, you get one day a year, 25-30 years of age get two days, 30 and up’s get three days, plus two extra mornings off for everyone to shop away their sorrows! It’s like the man knows we want to curl up and cry while surfing the internet for cute shoes. Keep reading »

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