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Love Vandal: Public Transportation

This probably has less to do with someone showing their affection to “J” and more to do with a graffiti artist tagging the Q train in NYC, but it still looks pretty cool.

Have you seen graffiti that’s kind of sweet (even if it is against the law)? Send us a pic at Keep reading »

Click & Tell: Just Another Bad Date

Online dating is not just winks and flirty emails. Some dates are so full of halting conversation they would best be portrayed in silent-movie form. This is the story of one such bad date. After emailing back and forth a few times, N. and I decide to get a drink. We agree to meet at the corner of a busy intersection, for reasons I don’t remember. Keep reading »

Finding Love On The Subway

Whenever I ride the subway, I am surrounded by people I don’t know. And some of them are quite attractive. I never talk to them because they are too busy reading Wired and I am too busy listening to my iPod. But now I can try to find my heart’s desire on, a missed-connections site for subway riders. I wonder whether people can actually recognize themselves in someone else’s description. Sadly, no one has posted their yearning for a brunette with curly hair riding the Q. [Via Gothamist] Keep reading »

Is “Tasty Wedding Food” An Oxymoron?

Wedding season is basically upon us, and do you know what that means? Besides requiring me to purchase gifts I don’t understand (Does anyone need a tureen?), attending a wedding means I won’t be eating. This is not the result of an eating disorder or attempts to squeeze into dresses. When I get a wedding invitation and am asked to check a box — chicken, beef, or fish — I can’t, because I don’t eat any of those things. I went to a wedding last year where they only served roast beef. Everyone at my table (mostly strange, single men) asked me why I wasn’t eating. I said I was getting over the flu. Needless to say, no one asked me to dance. Fortunately, I don’t go to weddings for food or men. Keep reading »

The Frisky TV: Does A Threesome Ruin A Relationship?

We cannot keep track of how many times we’ve heard dudes say that their ultimate dream in life is to have a threesome with either two random sexual partners or their girlfriend. But we’ve always had an inkling that having one might not be so good in the long run. So we sent Lori out onto the streets to find out what average guys and gals think about the ol’ menage a trois. Keep reading »

Wearin’ Your Heart On Your Face

“Rita Hayworth gave good face.” So the lyrics to Madonna’s “Vogue” states, but even science agrees. A new study by the U.K.’s Durham, St. Andrews, and Aberdeen Universities, has just come out linking facial features to romantic desires. Nearly 700 heterosexuals were asked by researchers to rifle through photos of men and women in their 20s and make snap judgments about the subjects sexual habits — whether they were in it to win it or just a one-night stand. Wide eyes and big lips on women were shown to signal interests in short term entanglements, like the late, great example, Hayworth, who had five A-list husbands, including a prince. For men, broad jaws, pronounced noses, and slight eyes inferred they were straight up players, like lady’s man George Clooney. On the other hand, softer features showed a softer side for both sexes and more potential for long-term relationships. Could your face really reveal your heart’s desire? When researchers compared the recorded first impressions to the actual sexual attitudes of the subjects in the photographs, they found 72% of the participants had accurately assessed the pictured person’s romantic behavior. [Reuters] Keep reading »

So I’m Engaged: 99% Of Wedding Dresses Are Fugly

This may come as a total shock to you, but there are a lot of hideous wedding dresses. I expected to see a bunch of them when I went on my first wedding dress shopping trip, but, as an admitted shop-a-holic with a pretty decisive “style”, I didn’t expect to find the whole process so difficult. Not to obnoxiously reference that TV show, but you know that episode of Sex and the City when Carrie is engaged to Rub-Mah-Belly-Baby-Aidan and she and Miranda try wedding dresses on and she gets a crazy case of the hives? Well, my reaction to putting on my first bridal gown was not that extreme, but I did get a bit of the clammy palms, cold sweat, and “holy crap”-need to swallow hard. Keep reading »

No Cuddling Allowed In Germany

Taking a trip to Berlin this summer? After you learn a few key phrases, you should know something about the beds. Couples are not meant to sleep in the same bed, writes Michael Gorra on The Smart Set. “Each person in Germany is meant to sleep under his own covers…No snuggling under a common blanket.” While double beds might be sold, they’re only meant for people who sleep alone. Instead, two single mattresses are put side by side with separate bedding for each. It saddens me to know that people in Germany are missing out on spooning and such, but they’re probably getting better sleep. [The Smart Set] Keep reading »

A Doggie Wedding Next Door!

The Frisky was on the way to lunch when we noticed that on the rooftop of the doggie daycare next door, a photo shoot was taking place! A wedding photo shoot! With puppies! Our reaction was a mix of excitement (me!), revulsion (Emily), and “huh?” (Catherine). What do you guys think of household pets having weddings? Keep reading »

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