A Eulogy For My AIM Screen Names, My Former Lives

By: Beejoli Shah / January 28, 2015
Late Monday night, as I was wildly searching "what to do in a power outage" instead of gathering my candles and stick lighters and putting them in the same easily accessible place as normal people do when preparing for inclement weather, Facebook went down around 1:30 a.m. How did I find out? When my particularly… More »

Make It Work: Don’t Be Such An Office Gossip

By: Megan Reynolds / January 27, 2015
High school is the ultimate preparation for the place that we will all end up eventually -- the modern office. In high school, you learn how to navigate tricky social situations, and you figure out, sort of, where you stand in a mixed social environment in which you are also expected to succeed. College i… More »

This Newly Married Couple Proves Tinder Isn’t Just For The Youths

By: Beejoli Shah / January 26, 2015
Ever embracing modernity, the New York Times published one hell of a wedding announcement this weekend, about a New York couple that found love the second time around. But for these 40-year-olds, they found their second marriages in an entirely millennial way: Tinder. More »

Frisky Rant: There’s A Difference Between Being Critical And Being “Too Angry” — Trust Me, I Know

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / January 26, 2015
Some of the feedback I get online is that I’m “too angry.” When people tell me I’m “too angry” in my writing, my immediate thought is somewhere along the lines of “HA HA HA HA HA HA YOU HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA.” That’s because I know what “too angry” actually looks and feels like. Whe… More »

Yes, I’ve Been The “Crazy Girl” — But Let’s Talk About What That Really Means

By: Giulia Rozzi / January 25, 2015
If “bitches be crazy,” then bros be lazy because a man calling a woman crazy is one of the most unoriginal, overused, generalized, dismissive labels you can give a woman. It seems whenever a woman is engaging in some kind of irrational behavior, there is always a man there to label her as totally psycho. More »

Hitched 2.0: 10 Questions To Ask Videographers

By: Emma Sarran / January 25, 2015
I’m obsessed with wedding videos. I absolutely love watching those three-minute “trailers” that highlight the excitement, speeches, and kickass (or awkward) dance moves that occur throughout the day, all set to some sort of intense and emotional soundtrack. But when I started my hunt for our wedding videographer, I quickly realized there’s a lot more… More »

17 Reasons Netflix Is Your Boyfriend

By: College Candy / January 24, 2015
We all have some sort of love/hate relationship with television. Whether it’s good, bad, or flat out ugly, it’s classic entertainment. Netflix, however, has introduced the ultimate movie/TV show lover’s paradise. When I say lover’s paradise, I also mean Netflix is one of the best boyfriends a girl can have. Through the good and the bad, he’… More »

Make It Stop: “I’m Broke & Can’t Afford To Go Out With My Friends”

By: Anna Goldfarb / January 23, 2015
As a result of chronic underemployment, I’m poorer than most of my friends. The problem is that they always invite me to go to expensive restaurants and happy hours at trendy spots. Just one of those happy hour hangouts costs as much I’d spend on grocery shopping for the week. It’s nice that they want… More »

Confession: I Don’t Wanna Hold Your Hand

By: Robyn Pennacchia / January 23, 2015
Yesterday, I came across an article on Elite Daily titled "8 Scientific And Romantic Reasons Why We Love Holding Hands." "Ew. Gross. Blech," I said to myself. It occurred to me that this was probably not the reaction other people had upon seeing this article. Probably other people who are not terrible curmudgeons said to… More »

Woman Fakes Her Own Death To Get Out Of A Bad Date

By: Claire Hannum / January 22, 2015
Remember that episode of "Sex and the City" when Miranda's date dies on her? Apparently, Ann Gray saw that one too, and decided to fabricate something similar to dodge her own date. The British 29-year-old met a man on a dating site, and knew after their third date that he wasn't the guy for her. More »

Science Says Men & Women Process Emotions Differently

By: Claire Hannum / January 22, 2015
A study by the University of Basel discovered there's some truth to the cliched belief that men and women process their feelings differently. Maybe John Gray was on to something?  The study, which will be published in the Journal of Neuroscience, "focused on determining the gender-dependent relationship between emotions, memory performance and brain activity." The results show… More »

Hold On To Your Latte: Starbucks Weddings Are A Real Thing

By: College Candy / January 21, 2015
Who doesn’t enjoy Starbucks? Just ask any stereotypical basic bitch. They’ll tell you that they wouldn’t be able to survive without their daily venti skinny no-foam caramel latte. Whether they take the drink on the go or spend a while in-store working on their novel (AKA people watching), it’s a perfect little escape. Well, next time… More »

Dater X: Love Is About Choice, Not Chance

By: Dater X / January 21, 2015
I’m convinced that 2015 is going to be a year of learning for me. We’re only a few weeks into the new year, and I like to think I’ve already discovered quite a few things about myself, big and small, both in life and in love. But it wasn’t until I got together with my… More »

Nah, I’m Good: Working Out With My Partner Isn’t Really My Thing

By: Megan Reynolds / January 21, 2015
Like riding the subway or running out to the corner store to get toilet paper, tampons and seltzer, working out is one of those activities that occurs in public space, but is widely acknowledged as private.  I will work out begrudgingly, but usually prefer to do so in the privacy of my own home, or a… More »

For Just $25, This Fake Boyfriend Will Be More Attentive Than Your Real Boyfriend

By: Beejoli Shah / January 20, 2015
As someone who is well versed in making up fake boyfriends, and even better at making them zero percent believable [Hello Jamie from Escondido, who was a bad fake boyfriend given that A) all of my friends had actually met the real Jamie from Escondido, and B) we had met him at CHEERLEADING CAMP], I… More »

Mommie Dearest: The Facebook Crowd-Sourcing Guide To Sleep-Training, Feeding & Vaccinating Your Baby

By: Avital Norman Nathman / January 20, 2015
My Facebook feed is exploding with new babies. Adorable, squishy, big-eyed baby pictures are popping up all over the place, and most of them belong to first time parents. One of the great things about social media is that I have easy access to an array of newborn cuteness, from friends across the globe. At… More »

Do Men Think Your Hobby Is Sexxxxxy?

By: Beejoli Shah / January 16, 2015
Today in news that's exactly zero percent shocking, the Journal for Creative Behavior released a study that tells you nothing you didn't already know about what men and women find sexy. The study, done by a University of Pennsylvania professor, interviewed 815 male and female undergraduates and asked them to rank various creative pursuits o… More »

Make It Stop: “I Can’t Stop Being Jealous Of My Boyfriend’s Ex”

By: Anna Goldfarb / January 16, 2015
My boyfriend, Sven (not his real name), and I have been together for about seven months. And while he’s incredible, there's just one thing that makes me uncomfortable. My BF is very close with his ex-girlfriend Veronica (not her real name either). They hang out with each other one-on-one, share a circle of friends and commo… More »

If You’re Going To Tell Us Banging Your Dad Is Okay, Please Be An Actual Adult

By: Beejoli Shah / January 15, 2015
New York magazine's splendid "Science of Us" section released a whopper of an interview today, talking to an anonymous female who was in a sexual relationship with her father. The opening narrative of the article focused on "Genetic Sexual Attraction," a phrase coined by an incest support group to describe the relationships between adopted childre… More »

Hitched 2.0: Why My Brother-In-Law Is Officiating Our Ceremony

By: Emma Sarran / January 15, 2015
It was almost as if we communicated by ESP. My fiancé and I got engaged, sat down over lunch to start talking wedding stuff, and at the same exact time, both blurted out, “Let’s have a friend officiate!” Okay, it didn’t go exactly like that. But I swear, it may as well have.  As soo… More »

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