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Senryu: Break Through Your Breakup In 17 Syllables

Actually, Simcha, what you’re writing is called a senryu. “Sen-what?” you say? Senryu! Like haiku, senryu (sounds like send-yew) is a 3 line poem that follows the 5-7-5 syllable pattern, but while haiku traditionally focuses on nature-nature, senryu speaks to human nature. As a recent article in “Women’s Health” explains, writing a little senryu is the perfect way to get past a breakup. Simcha got us started with a some senryu already, and after the jump are a few more from some of my own past breakups. Please feel free to leave your own in comments. Together, and with the help of 17 poetic syllables, we’ll help each other through our heartache… Keep reading »

Seven (Inches) Or Better

There’s a new online dating site for those women who think size definitely matters. only accepts men who are packing at least seven inches of artillery. The site was conceived under the premise that women want to know what their date is working with before investing too much wasted time. But they can’t exactly ask for that info on the first or second date — so now they can know upfront. But don’t expect any sleazy talk or nudity — because the members are supposed to be “quality” people looking for a “quality” relationship. So, I’m guessing it’s like an eHarmony for above-average men? The one plus is that the site is free. The biggest negative? There are probably about 10 guys for every 1,000 women. There’s no explanation as to how the site guarantees the men’s size, but let’s hope girth is measured, as well as length, because pencils are about as much fun as a stubby crayon. Keep reading »

Ask The Astrosexologist: Will My Virgin Virgo Want To Sow His Wild Oats?

“I’m a Cancer gal (07/07/1989, born at 12:36 pm), and I recently started dating a Virgo (09/04/1989) that I have known for a number of years. Even though we only got together recently, I have a really good feeling about this relationship. I know I get obsessed easily, but I pretty much feel like he’s y’know… ‘The One.’ He’s also expressed similar feelings for me. So the other night he confided in me that he is still a virgin. Not because he hasn’t had the chance, he just didn’t feel right with the girls he did have chances with. Now, I am not a virgin, but I’ve only slept with three people and can probably count on my fingers (and toes) how many times I have had intercourse. I just worry that he’s not going to stick with the girl he first sticks it to, and is going to want to sow his wild oats later on. Am I freaking out unnecessarily or should I be worried?” – Cancer Gal Keep reading »

The Upside Of Being Single In A Recession

As a single person, it sometimes feels as if the world is partial to couples. Perhaps you’re like me—tired of checking that “single” box on your tax return while your married counterparts file jointly and gleefully claim dependents. You see a family buying in bulk at the supermarket and wish you could take such cost-saving measures without having to eat spaghetti every night for a month. Or you wonder what you’d do with the extra cash if your rent was suddenly halved.

Sure, families get tax breaks and cohabitaters have lower living expenses, but there are some financial upsides to being on your own, especially during an economic downturn. The truth is, with fewer responsibilities, singles are freer to take risks and find novel ways of coping with the stress of a Great Recession. Finally, the singletons have some advantages. Keep reading »

Dish The Dirt On Your Ex

Smith, of six-word memoir fame, is doing another story roundup. But instead of micro-digesting your life story, they’ve come up with a new topic that’s even more self-indulgent. You get to blab about your ex! Revenge is ours! Smith‘s giving you 1,500 words to tell your tale online. Now that’s a whole lotta crap you can fling on the internet! I, on the other hand, felt I could best express my tale of relationship woes in haiku-form:

Jen said she saw you
French kissing another man
Huh, I should have guessed

Well, at least my ex is happy now. Do yours in the comments! Keep reading »

Dating Don’ts: How To Keep A Dry Spell From Turning Into A Bad Smell

While some women have trouble with breasts that droop or low-hanging butt cheeks, my heart has always been my least-resilient body part. Like Chet Baker once crooned, I fall in love too easily. And once it ends—especially when it’s not my idea—I tend to have a little trouble getting back up on that passion pony. The worst time was after a six-year relationship went kibosh (translation: he dumped me). I didn’t so much as kiss another man for two years. I know. It still makes me shudder.

Sure, I was busy moaning, moping, sobbing, and sighing for the first six or eight post-dump months, but by month 10, I thought I was ready to move on. For the next year and a half, I kept wondering, mostly aloud, to anyone within earshot, why nothing was happening. It was only in retrospect that I noticed what a basketcase I’d become… Keep reading »

Tips From A Recessionista: 15 Tips For Throwing A Budget Wedding

Since I started planning a wedding in one of the most expensive cities in the world (New York City) during the worst economic climate since the Great Depression, I’ve picked up a few tips on cutting costs and staying sane without compromising too much on what I want. If you’re willing to be flexible and open to nontraditional ideas, you can have the “perfect” wedding, whatever your budget may be. After the jump, 15 tips for throwing a budget wedding. Keep reading »

10 Reasons To Flirt With A Married Man

Before getting your moral molars all impacted, we’d like to make clear that we’re not endorsing having an affair or ruining a perfectly good marriage (or an imperfect one, for that matter).

Whether single or taken, flirting is fun. Getting hitched helps out in the tax and health care departments, but married social life can start to feel like a blur of “dinner at the Newman’s” and “girls’ nights out.” We already know that flirting at the office helps business and is good for substance-free spirit-lifting. Unlike flirting with single blokes, hair flips and deep conversations with married guys aren’t automatic green lights for making a move. Here are ten other reasons to flirt with a man in a (wedding) band. Keep reading »

Love Vandal: Nicknames Are Just The Cutest

[Photo: Stefanie Warren]

Have you seen graffiti that’s kind of sweet (even if it is against the law)? Send your pic to Keep reading »

A Wedding Announcement To Love

Well, this is a first. Rather than making me roll my eyes and gag, one of the wedding announcements in this weekend’s New York Times not only inspired me, it actually delighted me. Instead of the usual pedigree of good fortune, this announcement read more like a quirky rom-com starring a Lucille Ball look-alike. Besides an impossibly sweet girl-meets-boy story, the marriage of 46-year-old Dixie Feldman to 48-year-old Jeff Laite is a hopeful tale for anyone who’s ever worried that love and marriage is only for the conventional.

A first marriage for both, theirs will be non-traditional not only because they’re past the age of needing new cookware from a gift registry, but because they plan to “maintain separate residences and spend weekends together” (though Dixie herself told me on Twitter “he usually sleeps over four nights a week.”). Just last weekend I was having brunch with some girlfriends and we shared fantasies of having similar arrangements in marriage one day. While I really enjoy living with my husband-to-be and building a home together that’s “ours” and not just “mine or “his,” I daydream of having a second home — a cottage in Vermont or a small Condo in Chicago, maybe — where each of us can go for a weekend or a week or a month and recharge alone. So the union of Dixie and Jeff is a nice reminder that marriage can be whatever you want it to be, look however you want it to look, and often happen when you least expect it. Keep reading »

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