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For The Week Of May 11-17, 2009

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

As the cliché says, “Just fake it, until you make it.” This means if you have to fib and turn the truth up a bit to impress that someone, go ahead. You have a tendency to “under talk” yourself anyway and if you think you are bragging, it’ll end up just being what really is going on anyway. You only have yourself to sell yourself and always hawk it to the highest bidder.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

They’ll be no accounting for your taste this week, but why judge yourself? Whatever gets your rocks off this week, just do it. No one is going to hold you responsible for all the decisions you make in life and nothing has to be forever, so lighten up and do what feels right and exciting, despite the unfamiliar surroundings.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Your love life is about to hit a skid and whomever you are palling around these days with will have a high chance of driving nails into your brain and heart with thoughtless behavior. How you deal with this seemingly fatal flaw is up to you, as freewill be giving you a lot of leeway to do what you must this week to maintain your sanity.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Don’t let other’s promises hold you up from what you want to do. Not to say this is a week of flakes, although they will be a part of your week, but knowing you can’t rely too much on the day-to-day favors you’ll hear, as there will be something unexplainably ridiculous in the air that will cause obstacles. It’s nothing personal either, just inevitable.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Don’t make everything out to be a big drama this week, because if you clutter your mind with garbage, everything will stink. It’s mind over matter time and owning up to the fact that you have full control and that no one can talk you off your dreams and if they do, know it’s wrong and then let it slide off your back and keep on keeping on.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Love won’t be easy because when it comes to what really matters to you, you won’t be able to see eye-to-eye and the controversy will burn you hot under the collar. However, people are entitled to their opinions and while you can argue your side, you can’t expect you are going to change anyone. If you do, you’re just asking for disappointment.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Finding the right words will escape you and being misunderstood can cause some long-term repercussions. Be clear with what you say and don’t let small arguments get out of hand. As it goes, this isn’t the time to be dealing with any heavy communications right now, as the lighter it stays, the less chance you have of falling into an emotional danger zone.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

A little stubbornness will get you what you want and when faced with this as your challenge to win victory, you might as well just put down your armor and enjoy waiting it out. Standstills are the best crossroads to bear right now, as it gives you time to rest and focus on other areas of your life. As it goes, this time around, you do have the upper hand to make the opposition sweat.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Your sense of reasoning can’t always help you, especially now because essentially you’ll be using your skills to lie to yourself with a thick helping of excuses, which aren’t going to get you the love you want. Unless you get honest with yourself, there is no real joy. However, not all is lost if you just admit what you want, how you want it and without apology.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

You have learned every lesson you need to know to get your life in the order you want. When it comes to love, even doubly so. This is no time to short change yourself into playing games that really aren’t worth your time, efforts or ego. Your skill and cleverness have far exceeded present situations. Don’t waste the energy.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Your emotions are going to flip flop once again and you’ll repeal a commitment. Don’t worry, this sudden shift will be strong enough to push your off into a new and more exciting direction with a steadier pace. Trust you have plenty of karmic points to cruise you through this transition with grace and a positive upturn finale.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

You’ll be feeling as if your sense of authority is going to be undermined by someone close to you, causing major power struggles that won’t make your libido burn as hot as its known to. Instead, your tempers will be short and those around you will have to fend for themselves, as you won’t be someone to mess with.

Women’s Sexual Fantasies As Confusing As Ever

A few months ago, I posted about a list of “women’s sexual fantasies” that appeared in Men’s Health. I wrote that the majority of the fantasies listed were “so off-the-mark and absurd, I [worried] about men incorporating these fantasies into their sexual routines and turning off women so dramatically that all sex becomes just a fantasy.” Many of you agreed that the list didn’t come close to reflecting women’s true fantasies, and Men’s Health must have listened because they’ve published a new list of women’s sexual fantasies — only these sound suspiciously like men’s top desires! After the jump, see what the publication is telling its (mostly male) readers we women want in the sack. Keep reading »

Is Cheating Ever Deserved?

Much has been written in the media this week about men cheating on their wives. We have the tale of two Jo(h)ns: John Edwards, whose scorned wife, Elizabeth Edwards, appeared on “Oprah” yesterday to promote her new book, Resilence, in which she addresses her husband’s much publicized affair, and Jon Gosselin, costar of the hit TLC reality show “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” whose rumored affair has become tabloid fodder. The former is a tale as old as journalism itself: a man in power cheats on a wife who, from the outside, seemed a supporting and loving spouse undeserving of her husband’s unfaithfulness. The latter is another familiar tale: a man under an enormous amount of pressure is regularly and publicly emasculated and treated like dirt by his wife and seemingly seeks solace with another woman. In both cases, the men are vilified — but is it possible that maybe, just maybe, at least one of the women had it coming?
Keep reading »

Guys Say The Meanest Things

Men can say some really crappy things, even if they’re not necessarily jerks. They’ve been socialized to speak their minds and disconnect from emotions, so maybe they don’t realize words can hurt. But then again, their intention could have been to inflict pain. We’ve rounded up the meanest things a guy has ever said to us, and some other women, in an effort to dull the pain. Keep reading »

Why Are Weddings Getting Weirder?

Over the weekend, British budget airline easyJet announced that it hopes to soon hold in-flight wedding ceremonies. It’s not official yet, but the airline is looking into whether it can get its pilots authorized to officiate weddings in the air, a feat that may be easier said than done, as Heather Dsenisi, deputy registrar at the Southampton Registry Office, explains: “Officially, British marriages have to be conducted in a licensed building, which has to be a permanent structure that doesn’t move, and the ceremony has to be officiated by a minister of religion or by a registrar employed by a local council.” If easyJet does manage to get the go-ahead and couples start marrying mid-flight, their nuptials will join a growing trend of increasingly weird weddings. In the last year, we’ve seen a candy shop wedding, a Taco Bell wedding, Barbie weddings, and even a Hello Kitty wedding. Are these quirky ceremonies just good fun, or do they mock the sanctity of marriage? Have weddings been reduced to nothing more than an avenue to express creativity? Keep reading »

Can Powerful Women Find Love?

Today, more women than ever are wildly ambitious and intellectually curious. According to Harvard Business School’s e-publication “Working Knowledge,” women now make up 35 to 40 percent of business school applicants; women also make up the majority in the undergraduate populations at more than one Ivy League college.

According to the BBC, the average woman’s workweek is now half a day longer than it was five years ago—sometimes with more work waiting to be done at home. The media has coined the term “alpha female” to describe these assertive, strong, successful women who are big on work.

But how do these hyper-ambitious alpha females navigate the dating land? Keep reading »

Dating Don’ts: How Not To Be (Or Date!) An Overlapper

When I asked an old friend why she hadn’t just broken up with her live-in boyfriend instead of beginning a messy affair with a married neighbor, she snapped, “Don’t be stupid—nobody leaves a relationship without having another one in place.”

Oh, please, I corrected her. Of course they do. People fall out of love or get angry and leave without a safety net all the time. But as I thought back, I realized that for as long as I knew her, she never had. Even when she pretty much hated the one she was with, she stuck it out until she’d lined up his replacement. I could never understand why. My friend is beautiful, successful and very smart; surely being single for a little while wouldn’t end her world.

Women aren’t the only ones guilty of this. I know—and have unfortunately dated——plenty of men who careen from one girlfriend directly into another, often with a big fat overlap; connecting the two relationships like a murky Venn diagram. I understand that being single can be annoying and lonely sometimes, but there are plenty of good reasons not to be—or date!—an Overlapper.
Keep reading »

Love Vandal: Languages Of Love

Reader Courtney sent us this shot from the streets of Paris. Even French graffiti is superstylish. Le sigh.

Have you seen graffiti that’s kind of sweet (even if it is against the law)? Send your pic to tips@thefrisky.com. Keep reading »

Five Ways To “Unfriend” A Friend

Recently, a reader asked “Dear Prudence” how to “unfriend” a friend:

How do you “unfriend” someone, not on Facebook, but in real life? This is a person who is also friendly with someone I know well, so it is not unlikely that we might all get together through our mutual friend. However, it might seem odd to the mutual friend that I no longer wish to associate with this person. I see both of them at work and we often eat lunch together. How should I handle this? My main reason for unfriending this person is a serious lack of boundaries on their part (constant evangelizing me to her religion, constant “invitations” which are hard to say no to, bad manners, etc.).

Once, I had a flaky friend. Whenever I’d call her or make plans with her, she’d have one of three excuses: she was too tired, she was sick with a headache or a stomach ache, or she would have to call me back, which almost never happened. I got the hint. Either she didn’t value our friendship or thought her time was more important than mine, and I decided she and I didn’t really need to be friends. While it’s hard to end a friendship, a bad one can be as destructive as an abusive relationship. Here’s the best way to “unfriend” a friend if you find yourself in a similar situation. Keep reading »

Notes To Our Younger Selves

Last week, The Guardian published a heartfelt letter that writer Stephen Fry had penned to his 16-year-old self in which he wrote : “Tears splash on to my keyboard now. I am perhaps happier now than I have ever been and yet I cannot but recognize that I would trade all that I am to be you, the eternally unhappy, nervous, wild, wondering and despairing 16-year-old Stephen: angry, angst-ridden and awkward but alive. Because you know how to feel, and knowing how to feel is more important than how you feel. Deadness of soul is the only unpardonable crime, and if there is one thing happiness can do it is mask deadness of soul.” Hundreds of readers responded to the letter with notes to their own 16-year-old selves, warning of everything from fast-approaching baldness, unfulfilled dreams, and death of friends and family. Some gave advice: “Marry that fab posh girl in about three years, not seven. Life’s too short to wait, but any sooner will freak her out.” Others gave hints of good things to come: “Amazingly, not only will you get a boyfriend but he is lovely and you will live together in London on the other side of the world.” What would you say to your 16-year-old self? After the jump, a letter to myself at half the age I am now — and, yes, that makes me 32. Keep reading »

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