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Ask The Astrosexologist: Double The Scorpio Means Fireworks Or A Freak Show!

I’ve (11/11/79) recently begun hanging out with the brother of an old friend (11/21/77)and what started as a ball-busting friendship is turning into an intense sexual attraction. We tend to have those conversations that potentially evolve into amazing earth-shattering sex punctuated by laughter and general awesomeness. We’ve both admitted that we feel uncommonly comfortable with each other and we’re sometimes brutally honest. Here’s the issue: right now neither one of us is in a place where we feel able to give a relationship our attention. He’s facing a MAJOR career-altering event in two months (hopefully once in a lifetime event), and I need a few weeks after school ends to get my s**t together after a career-altering and uncommonly stressful year. (I’m a teacher and grad student.) We both need lots of sex, and a primarily sexual relationship is OK with me for the foreseeable future. The problem is that we have an awesome connection, and I’m afraid I will get all dramatic in a few months if it has to end. I hate drama and he’s one of my best friends at the moment. I do not deal very well with uncertainty about this kind of stuff, which is probably why I am frequently single and a frequent battery-buyer. I like being in control, but I have never wanted to lose control more in my life. – Sex Starved Keep reading »

Women Aren’t Backstabbers, Lusting After Taken Men

Male blogger Craig JC over at Clutch Magazine tries to caution women against telling their best friends all the intimate details of their sexual life, saying that “we all need some type of privacy.” But while giving this advice, Craig helps to perpetuate the stereotype that all women are jealous backstabbers. Keep reading »

Frisky Exclusive Q&A: Guy Proposes To His Girlfriend Via Whisper Chain

By now you might have seen the video above, in which a guy simultaneously sets a Guinness World Record (for the longest whisper chain at 59 people) and proposes to his girlfriend. But when I saw it, I realized something — hey, I KNOW that guy! His name is Jake Bronstein and you may recognize him as a cast member from “Road Rules: Islands” (1997) if you are as old as I am and a devoted watcher of MTV’s crap. Since then, he’s pretty much avoided the reality TV ghetto, instead working at a variety of men’s magazines, launching his own blog, Zoomdoggle, and helping to bring our new web series, “MERRIMe.com,” to the masses. The last time I saw Jake, he told me about his girlfriend, Kristina, and said he was “gettin’ engaged soon.” Little did I realize that their engagement would become viral video fodder. Jake was nice enough to tear himself away from engagement bliss to answer a few questions about his aww-inducing proposal. Get the scoop, after the jump… Keep reading »

Girl Talk: Should I Have Told My Boyfriend’s Parents That I’m Depressed?

depression photo

I could have just said “I don’t know” or deflected the question. I didn’t have to say anything. But when my boyfriend’s parents asked me over a family dinner the other night what I might want write a book about, I answered honestly: my struggles with depression.

Surprised, I think, neither parent said anything in response, which made me feel nervously awkward. But then another relative chimed in with her own depression story. She said when she started taking anti-depressants, she would sleep all day, so I shared that Lexapro used to make me conk out, too. Then the relative kept on talking, and pretty soon, the dinner convo had veered onto other topics entirely.

I’m not ashamed that sometimes I feel unbelievably sad and my life is temporarily derailed. My extended family knows about it, my roommate knows about it, even my boss knows about it. But I woke up the next morning and asked myself, “Did I really just tell my boyfriend’s parents that?” Keep reading »

Could You Ever Get Past Hearing “I Don’t Love You Anymore?”

One of the big bombshells my ex dropped the day he decided he needed a break was, “I don’t know that we’re in love anymore.” I didn’t buy it. I was in love and I was certain he was too. He was confused, he needed space, and I was going to give it to him, despite the fact that for many, his words would have been the final nail in the coffin. So I was fascinated to read Laura Munson’s “Modern Love” column in Sunday’s New York Times about her refusal to fight with her husband when he declared he no longer loved her. Keep reading »

For The Week Of August 3-10, 2009

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

It might feel as if the world is working against you right now and to some extent it is, but if you are indeed as bright as you think you are and can work the angles, you will find that there are more than a few loopholes you can work your way through to move out of the turmoil that has seemingly trapped you.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Who you choose to associate yourself with is your business and anyone that tries to manipulate you isn’t giving you enough credit to be able to handle yourself. Sure, it’s nice to have people care about you, but there is a fine line between being protective and controlling. Until they can find that distinction, it’s best not to listen to anyone else but yourself.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Emotionally speaking you’ve been feeling more intense than most can even begin to comprehend and while you can try to explain yourself, chances are it’ll only upset you and leave you feeling more alone than before. Best to use your escapism tendencies to deal, because trying to go about anything rational now will be an unnecessary downer.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Agreements are about to be made and sealing important deals will lift a massive amount of stress off your shoulders, getting you back into a chill position in your life. Slink back into play mode with your honey and realize that if he has been willing to put up with you for the last few weeks as is, you‘ve got yourself a real keeper.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Your relationship with money is one of the most solid ones you’ve got. However, when someone enters the picture, you’ll wonder if something has been lacking in your life all the while and if your material instincts have been leading you astray. Seems there are a few vital things you’ll want that money just can’t buy.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

You’ve had your heart in the right place, but your mind less so. This week, a magical alignment happens and puts you back on the right karmic page, driving you ahead in the proper direction that isn’t just good for your soul, but everyone around you too. Yes, others will finally stop wondering what crack pipe you’ve been smoking out of. Hoorah!

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

If you have paid attention to your gut, this week won’t be a big shock to you, as the thing you thought would come to pass will happen this week. If you haven’t been listening to your inner voice, then this is when you will reconsider why and deal with those issues that make you your own worst enemy.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Strategy and calm emotions will be your key to getting through this week with the least amount of drama as possible. As it goes, keeping friends close and enemies closer will have played a vital role in how this week will sort itself out and deliver you onto a new drama that not only has you peeved, but also wondering if you’re psychic.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Choosing the best for you is easy, as the choice that will work is the one that isn’t pressuring you to drop all other choices. Getting control of matters at hand means knowing what’s behind the forces pulling you. If you truly want the life you say you want, with one that is for your ultimate good, then you will understand that freedom isn’t a bad thing.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

This is when the big talks stop and the action begins. Yes darling, time to end those lighthearted flirty games and get down to business, opening up and discussing that emotional agenda you have locked up in the most guarded places of your heart, revealing that you do indeed have a delicate sensibility that isn’t all just jokes and giggles.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

You’ll be so doped up on love; not much will phase you. However, a tide of stressful events is coming that’ll shift the power dynamics in your life — which most likely have to deal with your finances. No, this isn’t the best news in the world, but be grateful that you have a trusted source to curl up to during this rocky period and do so.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

You’ll reach your last bit of patience and snapping won’t be out of the realm of possibility. While the tantrum aspect of it won’t be pretty, something surprisingly hot will grow out of it and what blooms will be worth its weight in gold. However, don’t expect anything to be so linear this week.

Rorschach Test: Sex And Marriage Material

The Rorschach test is in the news. The entire 10 plates have been posted on Wikipedia and the controversy begins. The ten plates have been kept tightly under wraps for years. But now the copyright has expired. So it is quite natural to wonder: “Can a Rorschach test be used to determine marriage material? Can it tell us about intimacy? What about sex?” Continue reading Keep reading »

Thinking Vs. Feeling: Which Is Better In Relationships?

A funny thing happened on the way to a party recently. It was a work party for my friend Dave’s venture capital firm. He was going with Mary, his longtime girlfriend who, just a few weeks earlier, he had asked to marry him.

As the couple was about to enter the party, Mary stopped, turned to her fiancé and asked, “Do you think what I’m wearing is okay?”

Dave gave her an appraising look and said, “You look great. But you probably could have worn different shoes.” (Insert collective gasp here.) Keep reading »

Poll: Do You Still Wear Jewelry You Got From An Ex?

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The 30-Day Breakup Guide Will Be Here When You Need It

You might not have been splitting with someone when we started our 30-Day Breakup Guide at the beginning of the month, but if you are now (or do at some point in the future), don’t forget to follow our step-by-step instructions for how to get over him. Moving on from a relationship can be tough, but forcing yourself to go through our daily to-do list for a month will motivate you to pull yourself together in no time — or at least distract you from the deep emotional pain you’re feeling for 30 days. Keep reading »

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