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Woman Getting Married: It Happened!

Well, it finally happened. I’ve waited 30 years for this big moment. I remember being 6 years old and sitting in my room, writing fake wedding invitations for my big day. I even remember staging fake weddings when my parents would go out. I’d record ceremony scenes from my favorite movies on my yellow Sony boom box so I could exchange the “proper vows” with my fake husband. I’d put on my whitest clothes, tie my hair up, and put on my mom’s red lipstick. I’m also pretty sure on the nights of my fake weddings I would welcome my baby doll into my new family. Things moved pretty quickly back then. Thankfully, there’s no real baby doll today.

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Factors In Making Love Last (Or Not)

A wacky new study called “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” followed 2,500 couples who are married or have lived together for at least six years and discovered there are, gasp, lots of factors that lead to the success (or failure) of a relationship besides just falling in or out of love. For example — this is going to shock you — women who want babies much more than their husbands are more likely to divorce than women who marry men who want kids just as much as they do! People whose parents divorced are more than 50 percent more likely to divorce or separate than those whose parents stayed married. And people who are on their second or third marriage are 90 percent more likely to divorce than spouses who are both on their first marriages. One in five couples who have children before marriage, either from a previous relationship or their current one, will separate, compared to just one in ten couples who do not have children before getting married. Just one in ten? That figure seems to contradict the finding that a quarter of all relationships will end within six years and half within 25, but maybe I’m splitting hairs here. Age is another factor that determines the success of marriage — men who marry before 25 are twice as likely to get divorced as those who marry after turning 25, as are men who are more than nine years older than their wives. Stuff that doesn’t matter so much? A woman’s employment status, country of birth, religious background and education levels. [via Daily Mail]
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What NOT To Do With Your Ex

Your relationship wasn’t working out, so you broke up. Mission accomplished, right? Sometimes, though, having your ex in your life can be more complicated than you’d think. You could be sabotaging your future happiness if you’re making one of six ex-related mistakes. Find out what they are! Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: “My Boyfriend’s Jealous Of My High School Ex”

After about 1.5 years of dating (four months of it long distance), my boyfriend, Tom, and I have decided to split so we can focus on our careers/degree. I said I was fine with seeing each other when we could and staying in each other’s lives under one condition: that he sees me in his life when he moves back to NY in a year and half. He said he wasn’t sure because, “I’ve always been bothered by who you have slept with before me.” Tom and I are four years apart but attended the same schools growing up, and therefore have a lot of mutual friends/family friends/neighbors, etc. One in particular is John, whom I had a relationship with and slept with when I was 16 years old. We had a dumb high school relationship that lasted all of 4 months. Five years later, John’s brother married Tom’s sister, and now Tom and John are, well, kind of related. This creeps Tom out. I was 16. It was nine years ago. I guess if Tom were once madly in love with my sister-in-law, I could see it being uncomfortable, but a random high school relationship? He told me, that for guys, learning your ex had SEX with a friend of theirs is the equivalent to how a girl feels when she finds out her ex was in LOVE with one of your friends. Is this true? Could it really be such a big deal for him? I didn’t even know Tom when I was with John! I want to make it work for us, but this is just something I can’t change. — Haunted By My Past

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Dealbreaker: The TMI Guy

When I showed up at the bar, Doug* had not arrived yet. I had seen his picture (he was an online acquisition), so I knew roughly what to expect. I am not a superficial broad and I can usually find just about any dude attractive if he has a good personality. Based on the few emails we exchanged, I felt fairly certain that at worst Doug and I would bond as friends. His emails were funny, honest, and open. “Now that’s what I’m looking for!” I thought to myself. “A guy who can communicate!” Keep reading »

“Unfriending” Is Oxford Dictionary’s 2009 Word Of The Year

First Facebook took over your personal life; now it’s taking over your dictionary. Well, only the New Oxford American Dictionary. Those wordy peeps have chosen the verb “unfriend”—as in, I unfriended Joey so he’d stop pestering me to play that stupid Mafia Wars game!—as their 2009 word of the year, which means it’s been added to their massive publication. “Tramp stamp” and “funemployed” are also new words Oxford included in the dictionary, but (luckily) “unfriend” is the only one we have personal experience with. After the jump, The Frisky’s tales from the trenches of “unfriending!” [Oxford University Press Blog] Keep reading »

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30 Rules To Live By After Turning 30

Now that I’m 30 and have, uh, accomplished some of the things in our 30-before-30 lists, I’m hardly done learning. Here’s a repost of Wendy’s “30 Rules To Live By After Turning 30.” I shall start tomorrow. — Editor

Inspired by the “40 Unwritten Rules to Live By” recently published in Men’s Health, I thought The Frisky could pen a list of our own. So far, we’ve talked about the 30 skills every woman should know before she turns 30, as well as places to do it, things to have, and friends to make before the big 3-0. But what’s really important are the lessons a woman learns from the years before that milestone birthday and how she applies them to life afterward. So, without further ado, here are 30 rules to live by after turning 30, after the jump. Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: Find Better Relationships With Positive Thinking

“I was dating a guy recently for a little over a month. Things were going great – we went on dates every weekend, occasionally hung out during the week and we had started to meet each other’s friends. We were definitely progressing towards a relationship. But suddenly, from one day to the next, he didn’t make plans to see me. I made a last effort to contact him — we talked on the phone and I let him know that I did want to see him. He had said definitely and that he would call… but, as you can guess, that was our last conversation as he never called. I am very hurt and confused. I’ve been left in the pouring rain. Why do guys disappear? Why don’t they have the decency to tell us that it isn’t working out instead of pulling the disappearing act and pretending we didn’t matter at all? Especially when things were going fantastic?” — Left in the Rain

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365 Days In Paris: Two Americans In Paris

“So … I’ve kind of been hanging out with American Boy,” I confessed hesitantly on the phone to my friend, S. I held my breath, a bit worried about what she would say. S and I went to high school together (she is, in fact, my only remaining friend from high school), and she now lives in Paris. It was through S that I met American Boy in the first place—they’ve been friends for a while, and I met him at a group outing in a bar back in September. I wasn’t sure how S would feel about me tumbling into bed with one of her good friends. Not that she would be disappointed, necessarily, but that she’d maybe feel awkward about the whole scenario. I should have guessed that it was just me who felt awkward about the whole scenario. Keep reading »

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