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Campus Confidential: School Spirit

campus confidential

In high school, I embodied a lack of school spirit. I went to two football games my entire high school career and left halfway through both of them. It wasn’t that I thought I was too cool to support my peers. It wasn’t that I hated my school with a burning passion (well, not really). My lackluster feelings of school spirit can probably be traced back to the fact that I don’t understand or really like sports (and there were few things to support other than sports) and that my school as a whole wasn’t exactly teeming with spirit.   Keep reading »

Infographic: What Their Favorite Thanksgiving Dish Says About Their Dating Style

The bird’s in the oven and the tables are set with festive cornucopias, but before your girlfriend or boyfriend digs into their Thanksgiving plate, what can you deduce from their favorite dish?

We’ve pegged your S.O.’s type based on their favorite holiday eats, so you know exactly what sort of a relationship you’re in for before you go for seconds. Keep reading »

The 5 People You Shouldn’t Hook Up With On Thanksgiving

So, you’re in your hometown for Thanksgiving break. And you’re already bored … like, super bored. Or you’re out and about, and after three (or seven) Bud Lights at your hometown bar, you’re feeling nostalgic for that old flame. Who knew how handsome the kid who used to pull your hair would get? Why not smooch them a little bit? You’re a grownup — you’re allowed!

Just. Don’t. Don’t do it. Because like most great ideas, you will regret it. Here, heed our words for the five folks NOT to hook up with while you’re home for the holiday. Keep reading »

7 Seemingly Neutral Topics That Might Start A Family Feud (And How To Recover)

Everything Thanksgiving!
All you shall need to survive the Thanksgiving Holiday Frisky style. Read More »
1st Holiday With His Folks
10 things not to do at your first holiday dinner with his folks. Read More »
Get laid on T-day
Eight ways to get laid this Thanksgiving! Read More »

Ah, Thanksgiving: a day of gratitude, binge eating, and togetherness. Unfortunately, that whole “togetherness” thing doesn’t always go so smoothly. We all know to avoid inflammatory topics like religion and politics when convening with far-flung family members, but what happens when seemingly innocuous subjects cause tempers to flare and awkward silence to follow? To help you prepare for the worst, here’s a list of seven neutral conversation starters to try this Thanksgiving — and what to do if things turn bad…

Keep reading »

An Update To My “Oops” Post

Jessica's Oops!
man asking out a date photo
A guy asked her out and she laughed. Read More »
Dating Good Guys
boyfriend photo
Not every woman wants to date an a-hole. Read More »
Dating Don'ts
How NOT to act crazy when online dating. Read More »

This week marks my third anniversary at The Frisky. (Amelia, where’s my damn cake?!) I know well by now the responses posts garner from readers — both “positive” and “negative.” Admittedly in the first year or so, aggressive or cruel reactions to my blog posts would surprise — genuinely surprise — and upset me. Despite my strongly worded, “loud” opinions in blog posts, I’m actually rather quiet,  shy, thoughtful, and low-key in real life. By year three, I understand just what it means to put some of myself out there — whether it’s my opinions or my personal life — and how some people will react.

So I knew what I was doing, you could say, when I wrote the post “Oops: A Guy Asked Me On A Date & Laughed With Him.” I saw that piece as an awkward dating tale — er, asking out tale? — that are The Frisky’s bread and butter. I assumed, perhaps incorrectly, other readers would chime in with similar stories of guys asking them out and them responding in awkward ways. We’ve all been there, ladies, have we not?  Keep reading »

20 Things I’m Thankful For This Year

Everything Thanksgiving!
All you shall need to survive the Thanksgiving Holiday Frisky style. Read More »
Amelia's Thankful For ...
20 Things Amelia is thankful for this year. Read More »
Jessica's Thankful For ...
20 things Jessica is thankful for this year. Read More »

This year, in honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, The Frisky staff is going to be sharing our lists of what we’re thankful for. Amelia, Jessica, and Julie all shared — now it’s time for Ami! Keep reading »

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