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Oops: A Guy Asked Me On A Date And I Laughed At Him

Dating Good Guys
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Dating Don'ts
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Jessica’s Note on 11/23/11: An update to this post has been published here.

Late Sunday afternoon, I was lying around watching reruns of “Millionaire Matchmaker” when I realized I would fall asleep if I didn’t caffienate, pronto. I paused Patti Stanger, threw on my coat, and scurried to the local coffee shop. I expected a quick in-and-out, but one of the employees stopped to chat with me near a bag of beans.

You see, I go to this coffee shop three or four times a week and its always the same people working there. Ever since I moved into the neighborhood and quickly became a regular customer, I’ve had regular, friendly nod-smile-ask-how-are-you chitchat with them.  You know, the kind of pleasantries that makes a neighborhood feel like “yours.”

So it wasn’t out of the ordinary to start chatting with this guy. Yesterday, as with every other day I run into him, we discussed only two topics: how are you and how’s the weather. I really didn’t want to chat; I wanted to get back to my TiVo on pause. So, I was caught off guard when he asked my name for the first time, told me his for the first time, and then said, “Sometime, I would like to take you out to dinner.”

Then I did something I’m not proud of: I burst out laughing, turned my back on him, and walked away. Keep reading »

NY Times Vows Column Highlights Most Romantic Story Ever

Attention married, engaged, and otherwise coupled up folks! I know every — or most — romances are beautiful and special, but I have some sad news: yours will never live up to the relationship presented in Sunday’s New York Times‘ Vows column. Sonia “Sunny” Jacobs and Peter Pringle have raised the romantic bar to insurmountable heights. So what’s so special about Jacobs and Pringle’s relationship? Oh, they were both convicted of murder and then exonerated after years in prison. Keep reading »

Girl Talk: My Paranoia Led Me Astray

Maybe He's Gay?
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I Swore I'd Never Snoop
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9 Signs He's Gay
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I was afraid of falling in love with a gay guy. My sister diagnosed me with “homophilaphobia,” derived from the Greek roots homo, phila (which means love), and phobia. Even though it is not a real word, I had been dealing with it for a while and with good reason. I dated a guy who I thought was the love of my life for two years. On my birthday he confessed to me that he was in love with his (male) best friend from childhood. At first I was angry, then disturbed, and eventually paranoid. Every man I tried to date after him started to show clear signs that he was either on the down low or ready to bust out of the closet singing Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.” Keep reading »

For The Week Of November 21-27, 2011

2011 Astro Guide!
Find out what Kiki T predicts for your sign! Read More »

Scorpio (October 23-November 21): The pressure will be off and it’ll feel as if you’ve dodged a crash-landing with love. While this may have only been psychological, it’ll free up your time and energy in a new way. Of course, there is never any rest for the weary. So, as one part of your life starts to settle in, expect something else to stir — but this time around, it’ll be way more real than just your imagination.

Sagittarius (November 22- December 21): Your heart will be going one way, your brain the other — and where they meet up, who knows? Yes, nostalgia will be nipping at your feet, while you’ll also be fighting a wilder sense of adventure. While logic is what’s needed now, who wants to wait that long to weigh out all the options? Of course, understand mistakes you make now will be harder to correct. Keep reading »

10 Things Not To Do At Your First Holiday Dinner With His Folks

Whether you’ve been dating for weeks or years, the first holiday meal you spend at his family’s house is unnerving. Hopefully, you’ve met his family before this big day, though maybe you haven’t. Regardless, the premiere Thanksgiving at his parents’ house is an entirely new adventure –who knows what you’re walking into? Each family has its own set of rituals, customs, and holiday expectations, not to mention unique ways of communicating, joking — and making stuffing. Here are 10 tips to help you minimize any potential awkwardness so that you won’t feel like the odd (wo)man out, and can instead focus on the marathon eating. And if you’re a liberal vegetarian and his parents are meat-worshiping Tea Partiers, maybe read this list twice.
Keep reading »

11 Things In College I’m Not Thankful For

With late night study seshes being fueled by Ramen and Redbull, Thanksgiving has been the light at the end of this dark tunnel. Seeing friends and family, eating a hearty home-cooked meal, and doing absolutely nothing but sleeping and shopping for days in a row… it’s almost too good to be true.

But it’s not! It’s real. And I’m so thankful for this refreshing calm before the storm that is finals that it almost makes me want to stay home in a cranberry sauce-induced food coma forever. Because as great as college life is and as grateful as I am to be here, there are a few aspects of it that I am oh so NOT thankful for. Keep reading »

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