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Dear Wendy: “I Got Friend-Zoned. Now What Do I Do?”

I met a guy off of a dating website recently. He is actually exactly what I’m looking for. Since we met, he has initiated most of the time we spend together. We talk about solid things — everything from weekend plans to our past relationships, families and goals. We have more in common than I ever expected. I feel great around him and happy, but the catch is he says he just wants to be friends. Although hurt, I told him it was perfectly fine because he’s a great guy and I’d love to stay friends. He looked at me and said, “Great! This means we have more opportunities to hang out — sporting events, movies, comedy shows…” and although he IS a great guy, I do have feelings for him. He totally friend-zoned me and I don’t know why. The only possibility is that he’s not physically attracted to me. I don’t know what to do; do I hang out with him and get over my feelings? Do I give him and our friendship time to see if something develops? We’ve only known each other for two months and it’s been great. I’d love to date him but he’s also admitted in the past to not wanting a relationship until he gets a few things taken care of at work, which will be this summer. What’s his deal? — Wanting More

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Debate This: Does Valentine’s Day Suck?

It doesn’t matter whether you have a significant other or not, there’s no avoiding Valentine’s Day’s red roses, candy hearts, sexy lingerie, or cheesy cards (about one billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year, according to the Greeting Card Association). So we asked two writers whether they think the holiday is totally lame or super awesome, after the jump. Keep reading »

365 Days In Paris: French Automatic Online Dating Dealbreakers

While I was in NYC, a session with my old shrink told me that I really need to—as much as I hate, hate this expression—“put myself out there” more. “It’s not wrong to want to be in a relationship,” Dr. W reasoned. “It’s unhealthy, however, if you just sit at home all the time and do nothing about it.”

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Girl Talk: When Did Food And Sex Become Mortal Enemies?

A typical Saturday night for me can be summed up one of two ways: food or sex. Do I skip dinner and start drinking, adopt the “eating is cheating” adage so I can feel thin and attractive and get tipsy quicker, thus increasing the chances I’ll get naked later, or do I cave and open the box of Triscuits, resigned to an evening of stuffing my face in front of the TV and going to bed with a bloated stomach full of carbs and a phone full of sexually frustrated text messages from potential paramours? Keep reading »

How To Seduce Someone (Or Simply Get A Date)

In honor of Valentine’s Day, there’s an article in today’s Daily Mail called “How to … Seduce a Man,” written by the founder of the popular lingerie boutique Coco de Mer. The advice, which is really applicable to either sex, made me think of this weekend’s “Dear Wendy” column in which a reader asked me why she can’t get a date. I offered her some suggestions, but because a lot of us could use a refresher, check out some of the best tips for seducing someone (or simply getting a date) … Keep reading »

Handling Valentine’s Day With A Not-So-Serious Boyfriend

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love (or crass commercialism, depending on whom you talk to). However, things can get a little bit awkward when Feb. 14 rolls around and you’ve been dating someone very casually. There’s a lot of pressure on V-Day to bring a relationship to the next level, but sometimes you’re just not ready for that.

Of course, you could fake your own death. However, you might not have access to a boat and enough dynamite to get the job done correctly. In these rare situations, you’ve got to do what you can to tone down the date itself, in order to avoid any awkwardness. Here are a few tips to help you out. Keep reading »

For The Week Of February 8-14, 2010

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

You’ll be feeling your honey in a deeper and more pleasing way and it’ll make you want to rearrange your life to make more space for bonding. However, your time is tight, so it will take some innovation and calling in favors. Thankfully, the universe is on your side and if you ask, you shall receive.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

If you take a chance on love, it’ll happen. Dreams, wishes, and all that is fantastical are possible now. All you have to do is trust. Go ahead, let go of the logic and act accordingly, because blind faith will work and leading yourself around by instincts will bring surprises that’ll have you grasping for air and curling your toes in scenarios that’ll confirm destiny is real.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Getting laid this week should be like shooting fish in a barrel. If you are over that phase of tawdry sex, then replace that with having romance, because, as it happens to be, you’ll be in top form. The energy you radiate will magnetize hot ass to you, at your disposal. Yes, you’ll have so many options, who knows when you’ll ever have time to come up for air.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Nobody can tell you what to do, so if you think you should sit back and let that someone bark orders at you and think they can get away with it, make them think again. Put your foot down and start a revolution! Remember, you’re a hot and sexy badass who calls the shots. If they can’t understand that and see it, well, they’ll never know how to appreciate you either.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Not everyone can be an amazing communicator. As much as you’d love to hear certain words that touch the sweetest part of you, forget it. Instead, know you’ll have to read in-between the lines to get to the heart of the situation. The good news is that once you sort it out, you will realize the sweetest part of you can be reached in many different and intriguing ways.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Your mouth will be moving much faster than your brain or your heart, and that can lead you into some compromising positions over this week. However, no matter how ridiculous you may feel at times or how brash the comments that fly from you are, stick with it and go with it. Standing your ground and flexing your power are your hottest moves yet.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Drawing boundaries is necessary this week. There will be people you don’t want to do but who might harass you into feeling compassion, which might trigger you into savior mode. While you know you are smarter than this, when it comes to emotional ambushes, you aren’t the strongest, which means knowing when to hold them and definitely knowing when to fold them.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

We all have something seedy in our past that haunts us, but if you can keep a sense of humor when it reappears, then all is good. So, as a score comes around to be settled this week, prep your armor with apathy. It’s your only mechanism to generate laughter, at least of the false kind. As long as you fake it until you can make it and never let them see you cry, all will be A-OK.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Your popularity will be soaring and that might make that certain someone not so happy — it’ll mean sharing you. While this might irritate you initially, as you will have to stop everything every so often to baby the hell out of that special someone, suck it up. The rewards will come later. At the least, realize this beats dating those emotionally unavailable losers.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

The truth will set you free, so brace yourself as you hear news that might not be music to your ears, but will give you a sense of clarity when it comes to a confusing situation that has been teetering on the fence and making you uncertain of your next steps. Thankfully, this is your week to make that next move and on no uncertain terms.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

The things tickling your fancy this week won’t be obvious. Suddenly, you will realize that you are slowly slipping into an obsession for the oddest of choices. However, not all strains of passion have to be malicious and have you scraping your ego from the bottom of a shoe. So, play back this game and show a little intrigue and lots of skin.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Love is in the air and it’s circling all around you. Seems there’s no stopping you and your boo from going that extra mile now, as you’ve reached a place in your relationship that’ll really prove to you, him and everyone how in sync you two are. Just one warning though, actions speak louder than words; so forget the urge to gloat, as that’ll be the end to your new blissful beginning.

How Do You Get Over A Guy?

Every week, the gentlemen over at GuySpeak answer women’s relationship questions in guy style. Then they handpick some of their favorites and send them over to us to answer (read: fix) them in girl style. We call it GuySpeak/GirlSpeak. This week — is hooking up the best way to get over someone?

I’ve been told by several people that the best way to get over someone is to hook up with someone else. What do you think?

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Ask The Astrosexologist: My Gemini BF’s OCD Ways Are Driving Me Crazy!

I’m a Libra and he’s a Gemini. In some ways we are alike and others we are very different. We both have some anxiety, a tendency to be quite anal and organized, but I try not to let it get to me, whereas he has anxiety about it. For example, if his room isn’t clean, suddenly it will get to him and he MUST organize it. Right NOW. Things like that.

I’d like to think, however, that we’re both fun-loving and outgoing, and he just has anxiety about little things. If he loses something, he has to find it IMMEDIATELY. If he can’t find it, he replaces it immediately. I am tired of dumping out all of my stuff in my purse, duffel bag, etc., to find what he will inevitably find in five minutes with some basic searching. My deal: how do I handle him (sometimes) making a mountain out of dung?! Will he ever change? I hate picking up his anxiety and then five minutes later, he’s over it and I’m all stressed out! – Attempting to Chill

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How To Know If He’s Just That Into You

When it comes to finding a potential soul mate, getting the date is only half the battle.

These days, small talk isn’t enough to determine if someone is into you, but you can rely on more innate signs based on a person’s body language. Sure, a big, wide smile is a good starting point, but there are other telltale signs that can also tip you off as to whether your date is into you. Keep reading »

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