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25 Things Cheaters Say

My most baffling cheater moment was when my high school boyfriend told me those hickeys on his neck were bruises that he got from playing soccer. Dumb, dumb Jessica.

But it turns out that jerk’s lame lie was actually not the most ridiculous thing a cheater has ever said. “Things cheaters say” is a trending topic on Twitter right now, so I gathered up 25 of the best (read: worst) of these twitty tweets … Keep reading »

For The Week Of March 15-21, 2010

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Your mind is going straight for the gutter this week, as your libido turns a dark corner and has your curiosities raging to new levels of depravity. While this might seem slightly out of character, explore your wilder side and let loose the secrets you hold so dear. If you let loose just a little, there’ll be someone waiting to greet you on the other side.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Watch out, as you and your honey will reach a sudden boiling point this week, causing words to fly and passionate extremes to arise. While fighting makes you uncomfortable, do realize this sparring match is unavoidable and that it’s more of an opportunity than anything to be as constructive as you can. This is your time to make things right, so don’t mess it up.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Switch up routines and take last-minute offers as they come, as this week will mark a turning of the screw in your life and changing of the guard. Yes, slowly, spring is thawing out your cold heart that winter has seem to zapped the sap out of — but whatever, you needed that hibernation to recalibrate and now, finally, the time has come when you can show it all off again.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Your power and charisma is about to get a jolt of fire that will give you the Midas touch in terms of all that is love and romance. However, use this power sparingly, as this is also the time you are prone to attracting losers who’ll stick to you like fly paper. Be fast to the uptake and cut off the charm when necessary — you can’t and shouldn’t be everything to just anyone.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Change is good. So when you start to make decisions that take you far out of the comfort zone, don’t bat an eye. Hesitation is your worst enemy and the more you can keep yourself busy and keep going with the flow, the better off you will be. Trust your instincts now; they won’t let you down.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Who cares what you say, as trying to censor yourself now will only get you in trouble. Best to be clear with what you feel and say it as directly as possible. However, the problem just won’t be giving it, it’ll be getting it—so prepare yourself to hear some harsh truth too, and coming from sources you least expect. At the least, it’ll be sexy to see that someone show some backbone.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

You won’t be pulling any punches if you just let your mouth go off this week, because it will wind up expressing a bigger and bolder side to you that will even shock you at times. Seems when you’ve reached a limit of patience, you won’t be able to help yourself from just laying it all on the line.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

When your instincts are telling you something, listen to them. No matter how much you might be tempted to go down another route, the fact is you won’t be able to get rid of that nauseating ache in your stomach — you must heed its warning. While you might think you’d be missing out if you don’t feed your curiosity, don’t even tempt fate. It’s not a game you’ll win.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

When you have a moment of weakness, thinking you won’t be able to get over the emotional hump that you are sitting on, go over your past. If you think hard, you will conjure enough ideas and examples of times you have faced adversity ten times harder than this and it’ll pull you through. After all, you have seen and done it all.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Making fast judgments is what you are all about and without them you’d be lost. This week, extend your services to friends, as you can save a few from the wrong guy and for that you’ll be able to wrack up some karmic points that’ll play nicely in your favor down the line. However, in your personal life, forget trying to lead by example. Sometimes a girl just needs to have fun.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

You have to set you mind and sights higher than ever before, as it’ll take a strong, almost cocky, sense of yourself to take the next leap of faith that’ll firmly get you what you want. While luck is on your side, it’ll be up to you to strive that extra mile. So stay focused and keep your eye on the prize — it really is in reach.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Feel free to get on a pedestal and share your philosophies, ideals and critiques. Seems waxing poetic will be the hottest move you can make now, as flexing your mind will be what gets your body the treats it’s looking for. Not to say you don’t already come across as brilliant, but this week, it’ll take a whole new level of power to truly captivate your audience.

Forget Trophy Wives, Try A Trophy Husband

Since creation, man has been an entity unto himself and woman has been his counterpart. First, God made man; then he made him a girlfriend. Men are the protagonists of our children’s stories, the majority of our doctors, generals and CEOs, the president, Jesus, God, Allah and Buddha. All “men” are created equal. To deny that man is the dominant gender is to deny our vernacular, religion, culture and art. Keep reading »

Ask The Astrosexologist: Can This Gemini/Virgo Couple Find A Way To Get Along?

I am a Gemini and my boyfriend is a Virgo. We’ve been dating for about a year and a half, but we seem to butt heads ALL the time, over the smallest and the most ridiculous things that get completely blown out of proportion. We just cannot seem to avoid arguing. I always feel the need to talk and express how I feel and he is very reserved. We just can’t seem to get along for more than a few weeks at a time.

The problem is that when we aren’t arguing, I am extremely, extremely happy and I care about him a lot. However, all the arguing has gotten to be too much. I like that we are so different and I am optimistic, but he is overly logical about too many things. We both bring out the absolute worst and the best in each other, but is it possible for us to find some way to get along? Or is this a sign that we shouldn’t be together? – Annoyed and Confused

Keep reading »

Love Vandal: Edgy Heart, Sweet Message

Reader Nina snapped these outside a supermarket in Bochum, Germany. She translated the message as, “Love is there for everyone” and said, “The heart is edgy, but the message is sweet.” So true!

Have you seen graffiti that’s kind of sweet (even if it is against the law)? Send your pic to Keep reading »

What To Do When Your Date Stinks

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she finds the man of her dreams — with the exception of one flaw.

Today, that flaw is his body odor.

Contrary to public opinion, we prefer to exhibit ladylike behavior — and in accordance, we’d never crush a man’s self-esteem by telling him straight-up that his B.O. reeks. So we asked you for advice: How do you tactfully tell a guy he smells? Read more Keep reading »

Open Thread: What Are You NOT Doing This Weekend?

It’s Friday! What are you definitely not going to be doing this weekend? Share it in the comments. Keep reading »

Real Estate Agents? Teachers? The World’s Most Unfaithful Professions

Be careful when buying your next piece of real estate. Not because the housing market is crap, but because real estate agents may charm your mate into bed at that so-called open house. According to a new study, both male and female real estate agents tend to be among the most unfaithful men and women. After surveying 1.9 million people, it was found that you might be able to determine your partner’s faithfulness by their line of work. And the people most likely to cheat are? For women: teachers, housewives, nurses, administrative assistants, and real estate agents. For men: doctors, lawyers, policemen, engineers, and real estate agents. I’m wondering how musicians, professional athletes, actors, politicians, and porn stars managed to stay off the blacklist? [Lemondrop] Keep reading »

Dating Don’ts: Sensing And Resisting An Office Affair

When I read the gossip about Vanessa Paradis allegedly feeling so threatened by her man Johnny Depp’s upcoming on-screen sex scene with Angelina Jolie that she “forbade” him to take part in it, I rolled my eyes. Yeah, right.

My boyfriend, however, didn’t think this was a ridiculous rumor at all. “I think she’s being smart,” he said. Huh? Like Angelina Jolie is this all-powerful sex monster that zaps men of their free will and judgment, rendering them helpless at her feet, regardless of how attached and in love they might be?

I raised an eyebrow.

“It’s Angelina Jolie,” he insisted (emphasis his). Well, I see how long I’d last if my man were to come face-to-boobie with Ms. Jolie. Keep reading »

You May Be A Female Player If …

My boy bestie, our own Mind of Man John DeVore, wrote a hilarious piece for called “You Might Be A Player If …” directed at dudes. Like:

You might be a player if … you own as much leather as you do denim. And you wear your sunglasses on your head like a tiara.

Keep reading »

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