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Are You Dating A Control Freak?

At first it might have been charming: he orders for you on dates, wards off creepy guys at the bar, wants to protect you. What girl doesn’t like being taken care of? But there’s a thin line between wanting what’s best for you and deciding what’s best for you. Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: “Marriage Talk Gives My Boyfriend A Woody”

It’s time again for shortcuts, wherein I answer readers’ letters in two sentences or less. Sometimes the answer to a person’s question is so obvious and the need to hear it so great, being as clear and frank as possible is simply the best way to go. Today we examine surprise boners, just saying ‘no’ to moving too fast, and the problem with enabling a significant other. Keep reading »

The 6 Biggest Mythconceptions About Being in Love

One of the more cringe-inducing memories I have of my teen years is playing the Buzzcocks’ “I Believe” over and over, as I sobbed alone in my twin-sized bed. In particular, the line “There. Is. No. Love. In. This. World. Any-moooooooore!” always sent me into paroxysms of tears. I was positive—one-hundred-percent convinced—that life would be perfect if only I had a boyfriend.

Boy, was I wrong! Keep reading »

Better Marriage Blanket Will Save Your Marriage By Repressing Farts

The divorce rate in this country is way too high, period. Many marriages break apart due to financial problems, work-related stresses, the hectic nature of raising children, and a constellation of other reasons. But not many know that a shocking secret has led to the dissolution of many of this country’s great union. And that is farts. Farts, I know, speaking from personal experience, can destroy a bond once thought unbreakable. Horrible late-night emissions, disturbing butt-gas odors, and explosive noises emanating from your significant other’s rear end can send one screaming out the front door and right to the divorce lawyer. Thankfully, for the more gaseous and also married among us, there is the Better Marriage Blanket. The blanket is made with military-grade materials that stop nightmarish farts from killing romance in the conjugal bed. I’m ordering one as soon as I find a husband! [Gizmodo] Keep reading »

Why Do Women Abandon Their Friends For Their New Lover?

I’m not one of those people who demands a lot of time from friends, because vegging out on the couch watching reality TV is one of my favorite pastimes. Not only that, but I’m my mom’s only child, so I learned to entertain myself from a very early age. But lately, I’ve considered calling out my friend for a behavior that plagues a great amount of women.

As women, I think we love so hard, so fast that we want to spend a great deal of our free time with our new lover. I know I’m guilty of this, too. We just want to be in that person’s presence every minute because that’s better than thinking about him or her when we’re alone. I get it. I understand. But I’m not one of those women who feel my previous friendships should take second priority to my new guy. Too bad my homegirl, who I’ve known since she was born, doesn’t feel the same way. Keep reading »

8 Ways To Deal With Jealousy

For the most part, I’m a pretty happy, confident person, but, man oh man, when feelings of insecurity start seeping in, a small part of me inevitably turns into a little green-eyed monster. If I’m having a “fat week,” I’m jealous of women with great figures; when I’m feeling like everything in my closet is drab and I can’t put together a cute outfit to save my life, I envy women with seemingly effortless style. Don’t even get me started on things like money, lifestyle, and career success. In my weakest moments — which, thankfully are relatively few and far between — it can seem like everyone is better off than I am. That’s not true, of course, but more important: life isn’t a competition. I know that intellectually, but that doesn’t always help when I’m all “woe is me.” Over the years, though, I have picked up a few tips and tools that help me manage feelings of jealousy when they crop up. After the jump, check out eight ways you, too, can deal with bouts of jealousy (because, let’s be honest — it happens to the best of us). Keep reading »

Girl Talk: It’s Time To Cut The Baby Talk

There comes a point in every relationship when two people become so cozy together that they start to create their own private, little world. One person’s neck becomes a perfume shop, a place where you could bury your nose for hours. The other’s chest becomes a bedroom piece as essential to sleeping as the bed itself. This list could go on; this list could get dirty. But perhaps what’s most notable about the birth of your tiny couple nation is the genesis of your own tonally driven dialect of sweet, soothing sayings, otherwise known as baby talk.

Of course, baby talk should never be used within earshot of anyone other than your partner. (If you do happen to employ baby talk outside of state lines, you should be immediately deported.) When used in the confines of your relationship, though, it can be a really positive thing—until you overdo it, and the sweetness turns sour. Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: “My Boyfriend’s Mom Committed Suicide”

My boyfriend’s mom committed suicide a couple of days ago, most likely from stress from her divorce, financial issues, and selling of their house. Right now he has the support of his immediate and extended family. I’ve been blessed with zero death experience, so I’m not sure how this would affect him as a person, me as a person, and our relationship. I’m definitely going to be next to him all the way, but is there anything I should expect that will come out of this? I’d like to be prepared so that I can take everything head-on without doubt. We’re both in high school, and we’ve dated for about a year and a half. Please don’t tell me that I have to break up with him because I shouldn’t have to experience this during high school; I’m going to stick with him all the way. — Worried

Keep reading »

The 8 Most Empowering Experiences Of My Life

The other day, Wendy wrote a list of the different things that make a woman feel beautiful, outside of hearing the words from a man. I noticed that many of the items on the list were experiences — successfully cooking a great recipe, doing yoga, etc. — and it got me thinking about some of the experiences I’ve had in my life that not only made me feel beautiful, but also empowered. These are the eight most empowering experiences of my life — tell me yours in the comments! Keep reading »

A Couple Gets Married In A Hospital

Yesterday, I read Wendy’s post on how to get your wedding announcement in The New York Times and followed a link to Offbeat Bride, where brides who think outside the box showcase their unique weddings. But far and away the most special, and moving, wedding I saw was that of Rebekah, a designer and “wannabe entomologist,” and Shayne, a computer programmer. Their wedding took place last November in Manhattan’s Beth Israel Hospital a week after Shayne was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Keep reading »

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