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Mac + Mac = True Love

Justin Long taught us that Macs and PCs are just plain incompatible. Subtext: Macs rule; PCs drool. A new site understands this principle and applies it to love. Soon you’ll be able to meet your perfect Macheart match on Cupidtino, an online dating site exclusively for Appleheads. The theory is that Apple fanboys and fangirls have lots in common — similar personalities, creative professions, sense of style, aesthetics, taste, and love of technology. Now that I think about it, I can’t remember the last time I got hot when a dude whipped out his Blackberry. An iPhone? Different story. And if I ever were to get serious with a PC, his bulky, boring laptop would not be welcome in my home next to my stylish, chic iBook. It might just be my Macsnobbery, but this site sounds fun. I can almost imagine my profile … Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: “Where Can A Bi-Curious Girl Find A Date Around Here?”

I’m a 22-year old female who is about to graduate from college. From the time that I’ve been in elementary school, I’ve always had an inkling that I might be bisexual. As I grew up and went through my first serious relationship, this feeling intensified, and I became more and more attracted to women. Now that I am single for the first time since I was 18, I really want to experiment with that … but I don’t really know how. I don’t know where to find gay girls, or even how to hit on them or how to act on a date. All of my friends and family would definitely be supportive of any sexual choices that I made, but none of them are gay, so I can’t exactly tag along to the gay club. Also, I’m afraid that if I take a girl home, there is a chance that I’ll discover I don’t really like touching lady-parts and end up rejecting her. How can I go about testing the waters? — BiCurious

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Love Vandal: Always In Style

Reader Ellina snapped this in Montreal.

Have you seen graffiti that’s kind of sweet (even if it is against the law)? Send your pic to Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: “I Can’t Cope With Mother’s Day”

My boyfriend and I have been together for three years. Everything about our relationship is great, but my boyfriend’s relationship with his mother is strained. They do get along, but it all seems very forced and whenever he goes to visit his parents, I come along to give him the emotional support he seems to need which, under normal circumstances, is fine. However, Mother’s Day is not one of those circumstances. My mother died of cancer four years ago when I was 20 and, unlike my boyfriend and his mom, she and I were VERY close. I have dealt with her death in what I feel is a healthy way and, although I miss her every day, I am not sobbing into my pillows on a daily basis. However, Mother’s Day is a really hard day. I prefer to spend it by myself with a bottle of wine and a box of tissues. The whole day makes my heart ache. When my boyfriend goes to visit his mom on that day, he wants me with him for the usual support and I have no desire to be there. It causes some tension and he feels it’s unhealthy for me to stay in and cry my eyes out to “mommy-themed” movies all day. Is this something I should learn to deal with and get out of the house or is it okay to have a “cry day”? — Missing Mom

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Craigslist Dating Experiment: Looking For A “Feminist Man”

There are lots of good reasons not to go looking for love on Craigslist — namely, getting stabbed by some creep. But The Frisky will condone Craigslist dating “experiments” of the feminist variety, like the one conducted by Alexandra Tweten, a blogger for Ms. magazine. Tweten posted a W4M personals ad on Craigslist in L.A., describing herself as a feminist journalist, and urging only pro-choice feminist guys to respond.

The responses, as you can imagine, were discouraging. (But at least she only got two photos of penises, right?) Keep reading »

Questions For Our Mothers: Kate’s Mom

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re interviewing our moms to find out how their lives changed when we were born and what they learned about love and life as a parent. Today, Kate’s mom.

My parents met the cutest way ever—waiting on line to see Shakespeare in the Park in New York City in June of 1967. They married a year and a half later, but their journey toward becoming parents was hardly a straight line between point A and point B. While I am the oldest of their two children (hey Lizz!), I was not their first baby. In 1978, they had a son named Matthew. At three months old, he died during a surgery to mend a heart defect. It was an incredibly sad period in my parents’ life, and one that I’ve never quite understood how they got through with such grace, poise, and hope. So I was very curious to ask my mom, Marianna DeMarco Torgovnick, what it was like becoming a mother again a few years later, when she had me. Keep reading »

7 Online Dating Red Flags to Avoid

Dater, beware: steer clear of these tell-tale online dating profile warning signs. Keep reading »

10 Awesome Lessons I Learned From My Mom

My mom’s a middle school English teacher and over the past, oh, 25 years or so, she has taught thousands of kids. Her reputation precedes her too. She’s known for being tough and strict — maybe even a little demanding — but serious students know she’s the best teacher for the job. She loves what she does, she’s passionate about the subject, and she gets results. Sometimes, years after leaving her classroom, students will send my mom a “thank you” and tell her they were far more prepared for high school and college than their classmates who didn’t have my mom as a teacher. And I know what they mean. My mom didn’t just help prepare me for school; she prepared me for life — and in a big way. After the jump, the ten best things my mom, the teacher, taught me. Keep reading »

I’m Jealous Of His Female Friends

My boyfriend has lots of friends who are girls. Likewise, I have tons of friends who are guys. The problem is both of us are slightly jealous people, but neither one of us wants to give up our friends first. What should we do? Read more Keep reading »

Ask The Astrosexologist: “Can I Convince A Stubborn Taurus To Move?”

I’m a Gemini (Capricorn rising, Scorpio moon) in a long-distance relationship with a Taurus man (5/2/80). We have incredible chemistry and have been together just over a year, six months of which we lived in the same town before I left to pursue a Masters and PhD . He works in my hometown and has lived in the city where I’m studying before, but had a bad experience with an ex, as well as trouble finding work in his field here. He seems to be carrying around a lot of baggage about that period in his life. He says he wants to be with me, just preferably not in this city. I love him, but I really hate the distance — and though I haven’t cheated, I am starting to find being faithful rather difficult.

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