11 Supposedly Romantic/Sexy Things That Are Actually Terrible

By: Robyn Pennacchia / February 9, 2015
Valentine's Day is almost here--and you know what that means! Piles and piles of listicles suggesting romantic tips for couples looking to spice up their love lives. Most of those suggestions will be either awkward or terrible. Then again, so are--I would say--the vast majority of things traditionally considered generically romantic and/or sexy. For example... 1. More »

10 Reasons Most “Bachelor” Relationships Don’t Work Out

By: / February 9, 2015
I've been watching "The Bachelor" since middle school. Yeah, it's been on for that long, and I remember watching the first "Bachelor" couple in history say "I do." Those two were Trista and Ryan. They are still together eight years later, however, "The Bachelor" was a little bit different then. It was much less dramatic and a lot… More »

On Paul Elam, Men’s Rights & Gender Extremism

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / February 6, 2015
Paul Elam, the founder of men’s rights website A Voice For Men, has been railing against women, and against preferential treatment for women in custody battles, for decades. Which is funny, because it turns out he voluntarily signed away his parental rights, according to a Buzzfeed feature on Elam, complete with an interview with… More »

Make It Stop: “My Boyfriend Keeps Sabotaging My Diet!”

By: Anna Goldfarb / February 6, 2015
I’m trying to lose weight, but my boyfriend, who I’ll call Joey, keeps sabotaging me. Like, if I want a side salad, he’ll talk me into ordering the French fries as a reward because I’ve been so good with my diet all week. Or he’ll stock his freezer full of ice cream knowing full well… More »

Mommie Dearest: I’m A Parent With Postpartum Anxiety

By: Avital Norman Nathman / February 6, 2015
When it started, I thought it was just a stomach thing. I had probably unwittingly eaten some dairy, my usual digestive foe. But the mild nausea showed no signs of letting up. Two weeks, then three. I couldn't ignore it anymore. It had gone from a minor inconvenience to an omnipresent feeling, lurking deep dow… More »

Want To Feel Truly Happy? Then Stop Using These 2 Words ASAP

By: / February 5, 2015
These two simple little words steal your joy fast (and, sometimes, steal it forever). When I was a little girl my mother never ate peaches. One day, I asked her why she wouldn't eat those delicious, juicy fruits that tasted like  happiness to me. She explained that in 1935, she ate a peach and it made… More »

Hitched 2.0: 11 Songs I Vow Not To Play At My Wedding

By: Emma Sarran / February 5, 2015
Little known fact: There are other important wedding-related vows to make, aside from the ones said while standing at the altar. Things like “I vow not to be an asshole bridezilla” and “I vow to make it in the photo booth at least three times.” And then there are vows made in the best interest… More »

What You Really Look Like When You’re Flirting With Your Workplace Crush

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / February 4, 2015
Have you ever been on the receiving end of an awkward office crush? I haven’t, because, as it’s been explained to me repeatedly, I am way too scary to approach even if someone is interested (which is fortunate, because I’m at work to work and wouldn’t receive it kindly, which is what I assume, i… More »

Dater X: Jumping Head First Into Head-Shrinking

By: Dater X / February 4, 2015
I’m happy to report that I went to my first successful therapy session this week. When I walked into Lauren’s cozy New York City office, I felt immediately at home. Her couch was draped with one of those super-soft, faux fur blankets that’s just begging you to get naked and roll around in (I didn’t,… More »

10 Reasons Why Valentine’s Day Is Awesome And You Should Celebrate It

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / February 3, 2015
Despite my consistent general mood of cynicism and constant mild frustration with humanity, I happen to be a person who’s enthusiastic about all holidays, even the “Hallmark” holidays. Which means that I love Valentine’s Day, and now that it’s just around the corner, I’m going to try to make an argument for why you should… More »

Make It Work: How To Handle The Office Fight

By: Megan Reynolds / February 2, 2015
Your co-workers are the siblings you never really wanted, but ended up with anyway. You may not know what Andrea from accounting does when she leaves the office, but you know exactly what it looks like when she tries to hide her crippling online shopping habit behind Excel spreadsheets. You can tell when Jonathan i… More »

Wanderlust: 8 Types Of Guys To Avoid On An Island Vacation

By: Tiffanie Drayton / February 2, 2015
Solo traveling can be a great opportunity to meet cool adventurers, especially for single ladies looking to spice up their love lives or have a little fun with dudes with foreign accents. Yes, travel dating can certainly have perks! Exotic locations make for perfect date options, the island breeze brings a nice calm and there… More »

Your Essential Guide To Buying A Vintage Engagement Ring

By: Tres Sugar / January 31, 2015
Just open your Pinterest feed and it's obvious that vintage ring styles are having a moment. We spoke with vintage expert and Lang Antique and Estate Jewelry store owner Suzanne Martinez about every aspect of purchasing a vintage ring. She told us everything from why you should buy vintage to how to take care of your antique… More »

3 Easy Ways To Win Every Argument (And Still Make Everyone Happy)

By: / January 30, 2015
Think "winning" an argument means always being right? ... WRONG! Want to never "lose" another argument ever again? I've discovered that reconnecting to your personal purpose when conflict crops up is the secret to understanding how to rise above the energy of a fight, and bring about a win-win resolution. I've certainly had my share of fights in my… More »

Make It Stop: “My (Taken) Guy Friend Keeps Hinting We Should Hook Up”

By: Anna Goldfarb / January 30, 2015
I’ve gotten myself into a miserable situation with a good friend, who I’ll call Dave. We’ve known each other since we were kids and as we've gotten older, we’ve become close. I’ve always felt there was something more to us, but was never really sure, so I chalked it up to being bored with the… More »

Hitched 2.0: I Didn’t Love Dress Shopping As Much As I Expected

By: Emma Sarran / January 30, 2015
I’m obsessed with my wedding dress. Last weekend, I went to try it on for the first time since ordering it, and loved the whole experience. I was relieved my dress was as pretty as I remembered it, and that I still liked the silhouette. I started to get excited about planning my hairstyle, and… More »

Texts With My Straight Single Dude BFF: Being The Asshole

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / January 30, 2015
Hands down, my absolute favorite person to talk to about dating and basically every other carnal-related topic is My Straight Single Dude BFF. As his name suggests, he is also single and straight and we often turn to each other for advice, a second opinion and to share dating/sexual war stories, mostly via text because… More »

Dater X: A Penny For Your Thoughts

By: Dater X / January 29, 2015
It’s been a few years since I’ve seen a therapist, but with the new year comes new self-discovery. Just last week, I bit my ring fingernail down to a three-centimeter stub and decided it would probably be in my best interest (and my fingernails’ best interest) to tackle some of the anxiety I’ve been having… More »

Being Terrain-Fucked & Other Unromantic Things You Want To Avoid On Your Ski Trip

By: Janet Manley / January 29, 2015
You’re off on a romantic ski weekend. You’ve never skied, or you’re not very good, but your chivalrous man-toy has promised to teach you. You’ve zipped your butt into a brand new pair of powder-blue skin-tight pants, your eyeliner is perfect and you’ve bought the perfect pair of goggles to wear… More »

12 Guys You Should Never Ever Date

By: Tres Sugar / January 28, 2015
There are certain types of guys that women find irresistible, even if we know that those men are no good. Can you blame us? Everybody loves a  bad boy, but the troublemakers are only the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of other types of guys that women should avoid dating at all… More »

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