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6 Easy Ways To Get Your Sexy Back Post-Breakup

Breakin’ up is hard to do, and like any other natural disaster, the aftermath is awful. You just don’t know what to do with your wreckage, but you gotta get back in business. And while “Ploomy’s 30 Tips To Help You Get Your Swagger Back” is a great post-breakup to-do list for men (they go for new clothes and a haircut too!), we’ve decided to create our own Frisky version for the ladies. While it may take the boys 30 steps, we’re going to try to bring our sexy back in 6 moves.

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Love Vandal: Tiny Sidewalk Heart

Good things come in small packages, no?
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Click & Tell: Friends Know Best?

Have you ever wondered what your friends really think of you? Let them pick out your dates, and you’ll know instantly.

I’ve been online dating for about three months. And just as frequenting a bar means you’re bound to run into guys you’ve already exchanged numbers or spit with, so does browsing through profiles over and over again (my preferred search method is looking at the “Online Now” section). In an effort to mix things up, and hopefully meet some new people, I had my boss Amelia and best friend Nathan sift through the profiles for me. The rules: They could browse as much as they wanted but could only “wink” at three people. I would wait and see who responded, and, hopefully, go out with whomever contacted me and seemed normal. Keep reading »

Betsy Ross To Marry Benjamin Franklin

Although Benjamin Franklin had a hand in a lot of great American accomplishments, he never put the moves on Betsy Ross, the lady who stitched the first flag — that is, until now. Philadelphia’s favorite Benjamin Franklin impersonator, Ralph Archbold, is engaged to the best Betsy Ross impersonator, Linda Wilde. Oddly enough, the couple met at a wedding on September 1st, the same date our forefather Franklin married his wife in 1730. The betrothed modern day Betsy and Benjamin are both widowers with an interest in history, role-playing, and costuming. My Jewish grandmother would call them bashert, but the serendipity of it all doesn’t require Yiddish. Congratulations to the happy historical couple! [Santa Cruz Sentinel] Keep reading »

Get Ready To Be Frisked

Hello! Welcome to The Frisky! Here’s a head-scratcher for you: the last time you had a really awful, awkward date (or a super-fun romp in the sack), did you laugh about it with your girlfriends afterwards? We sure did. Which is why it totally boggled our minds that out of all the gazillions of love, sex, dating, and, um, smut sites for women on the Internet, none of them were relatable. Enter The Frisky.

Chances are (unless you’re a character in a Sandra Bullock movie), most of your day-to-day thoughts about love and sex revolve around pop culture (“Britney Spears tends to a shrine of Justin Timberlake? What?!”), health (“Is the HPV vaccine right for me?”), politics (“Are all powerful men total horn dogs?”), fashion (“Do sexy, comfortable shoes actually exist?”), dating (“He took me to the pharmacy to pick up his Propecia prescription!”), and travel (“How do you say ‘to the left’ in Italian?”). That’s why The Frisky tackles all of these facets of life, but with a sexy, carefree, and most of all, relatable twist.

The Frisky is a site is for women everywhere, and we can’t wait to hear your totally ferocious and fiery opinions. So please register, and feel free to post away on our blog and forums, and shoot us your amazing tips on cool stories. We’re really looking forward to getting to know you.

So once again, welcome to The Frisky. Let’s have some fun!

– Amelia, Catherine, and Simcha (More about us after the jump!)
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So I’m Engaged: Do I Have To Say Fiancé?

Engaged people can be obnoxious. That’s what I thought before I was engaged, and it’s what I think now that I am. For starters, engagements are by definition a lil’ flashy. Literally speaking, there’s the ring. I was always noticing women wearing big rocks, little rocks, enviable rocks, ugly rocks (Pear shaped diamonds?! Patooey!), when I would ride the subway. Sometimes I would find the bragginess of a big ol’ diamond annoying and contemptible. So now I turn my ring around on the way to work so I just look like a married lady with a wedding band.
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