Woman Pretends To Be A Ghost On Tinder; Tinder Guys Are Not Deterred

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / December 22, 2014

New York comedian Grace Spelman is a god damned inspiration. She created a Twitter account specifically to pretend that she was a ghost Tinder-ing from beyond the grave… More »

15 Signs Your Man Is Insecure

By: / December 21, 2014

He picks you up, presents you with roses, opens your door, takes you to an elegant restaurant, and endlessly compliments you throughout the night. He repeatedly tells you, his voice laced with incredulous wonder, that he can’t believe you actually agreed to go out with him since you are so far out of his league. More »

This Woman’s Solo Christmas Cards Capture The Joy Of Being Single This Holiday Season

By: The Gloss / December 19, 2014

What happens when your parents kick you, their last remaining single daughter, out of their Christmas card? If you’re as mind-blowingly awesome as our friend Bridget here, you create your own Christmas card that celebrates the joy of being single in all its alcohol-soaked glory. Read more on The Gloss… More »

Make It Stop: “My Friends Are Always Late And I Am Over It”

By: Anna Goldfarb / December 19, 2014

I have a few friends who cannot make it anywhere on time. We’re all busy and yet, I still manage to make it to places on time. What can I do to make them show up?
As someone who was awarded the “most punctual” award in eighth grade, I totally feel your pain. I’m… More »

Mommie Dearest: Pregnant Women In The U.S. Deserve Access To Midwives

By: Avital Norman Nathman / December 19, 2014

Earlier this month, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), a U.K. organization that provides national health care advice and guidance, released a report on the care of healthy women and their babies during childbirth. The report stated that low-risk women would actually be safer delivering with a midwife — either at a… More »

10 Ways To Win Her Back If You’re A Dude In A Rom-Com

By: Huffington Post Women / December 18, 2014

In the sacred tradition of the American rom-com film, the romantic hero can get away with pretty much anything — so long as he redeems himself with one big, bold romantic gesture five minutes before the movie ends. Touched by his brave display of affection, the leading lady (And, let’s be real, it’s always a… More »

Girl Talk: What My Mom Taught Me About Motherhood

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / December 18, 2014

I was in an online networking group, for a while, in which there coincidentally happened to be many, many children of narcissistic parents, mothers especially. Well, either it was a coincidence, or there are more narcissistic parents in the world than one would imagine. It sounds horrible. Apparently, narcissistic parents rely on their children forMore »

Hitched 2.0: 7 Guests You Encounter At Every Wedding

By: Emma Sarran / December 18, 2014

We still have seven months until our wedding, but I can’t help but wonder about our guests: how they’ll act, what their reactions will be, how they’ll get along. I’ve been to enough weddings to know that there are bound to be certain people who emerge in some pretty standard guest roles, especially when you… More »

8 Iconic Moments In “Friends” Relationships & The Episodes In Which You’ll Find Them

By: Katie Oldenburg / December 18, 2014

This January, every single season and episode of “Friends” will be available on Netflix, giving us all 236 perfect excuses to hibernate in bed and never leave the house. But for those of you who don’t have over 7,000 hours to kill binge watching the gang at Central Perk, we’ve put together a quick list… More »

Comedian Michelle Markowitz Demonstrates What Kind Of Gross Guys You’ll Meet On Tinder

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / December 17, 2014

Michelle Markowitz apparently had the same experience on Tinder that I had on OKCupid: Eventually, you begin to realize that not only are most of the potential matches exactly the same types of guys with the same types of baggage, they’re usually also incompatible (which is OK!), but often in a way that is borderline-if-not-definitely… More »

Dater X: I’m Going To Have To Say No To “Fuck Yes Or No”

By: Dater X / December 17, 2014

Earlier this week, a friend of mine sent me an article by Mark Manson titled “Fuck Yes or No,” with a simple directive: “Read this.” Since it had the word ‘fuck’ in it, I was obviously sold, considering the F-bomb has been my favorite word since I was old enough to pronounce consonants. More »

I Can’t Go To Your Holiday Party Because I’m An Introvert Who Has Better Things To Do

By: John DeVore / December 17, 2014

I can’t go to your holiday because I’m an introvert who has better things to do.

You wouldn’t understand because you’re not an introvert. You’re probably an extrovert, or worse, a warm, emotionally-stable person who can relate to other people.

I’m an introvert. Ask my life coach. He says I’m a… More »

Life After Dating: Loving A Grad Student Without Going Insane

By: Camille Guillot / December 16, 2014

“Be prepared for a breakup about three weeks from now.” That was the relationship advice I got from a girl in her second year of my boyfriend’s graduate program, just before he started the first semester of his MFA in creative writing.

She had reason to be cynical: grad school means a convoluted… More »

4 Stupid Ways Everyone Deals With Breakups

By: Cracked / December 15, 2014

Ahh, l’amour. Or, as the French call it, “le humpy jumpy.” It’s a funny thing us humans do to each other, getting all stupid in love with one another, touching tongues, watching Jennifer Aniston films, and feeling this intense longing for the presence of someone else in a way that curiously wanes over time and… More »

My New Reason For Living: “Dear Sugar” Is Back — As A Podcast

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / December 14, 2014

Oh my godddddddd, my prayers have been answered! Dear Sugar, the advice column from the Rumpus penned (mostly) by my beloved Cheryl Strayed — the best of which was compiled for the book Tiny Beautiful Things – is COMING BACK in podcast form. I am seriously so excited. This is the best new… More »

Mommie Dearest: Sister Wife-ing It Up

By: Avital Norman Nathman / December 12, 2014

I used to watch TLC’s “Sister Wives” — a reality show about a Mormon household with one husband, four wives, and a combined 17 children =- with a mix of shame, incredulity, and, dare I say it, jealousy. While I couldn’t imagine sharing my husband like that, there was something appealing about the way the… More »

Make It Stop: “My Best Friend Won’t STFU About Her New Boyfriend”

By: Anna Goldfarb / December 12, 2014

My best friend is in a new relationship. I’m really happy for her, but it seems like she ONLY wants to gab about this new fella, who I’ll call Louis. We talk about Louis for—I’m not kidding—hours on end. She doesn’t even ask about how my day’s going, she just talks endlessly about thi… More »

Hitched 2.0: 10 Questions To Ask A Potential Venue

By: Emma Sarran / December 11, 2014

When we started venue-hunting, we had literally no clue what we were doing. On the outside, we tried to appear to be a sophisticated, knowledgeable couple touring each potential venue. On the inside, we were two clueless twenty-somethings wondering what the hell we were supposed to ask these events directors and catering managers to avoid… More »

Update: I Wanted This Cute Comedian To “Be My Boyfriend,” And He Responded To My Christmas Wish

By: Katie Oldenburg / December 11, 2014

I’m already planning the rom-com about this meet-cute. I would like Kate Hudson to play me (or, per a coworker’s suggestion, Jennifer Lawrence in a blonde wig), and Chris Pratt to play Rich. To remind you, Rich is the comedian who almost flawlessly impersonates characters from 25 of the most beloved Christmas movies. More »

Gift Guide: For The Recently Dumped

By: Claire Hannum / December 10, 2014

Break-ups are tough enough as it is, but a heartbreak during the holiday season is particularly excruciating. Nobody wants to be surrounded by gushy holiday cheer bullshit when their heart is torn in two. Here’s what to buy for that fantastic, talented, loving, newly single friend of yours who deserves way better than her ex… More »

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