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Dear John, Check Out My Wedding Dress!

Anna Kendrick Is Blushing

[82nd Annual Academy Awards]
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The Most Embarrassing Day Of This Dog’s Life

But does he look as tasty when dipped in melted butter? [tumblr.9gag.com]
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Pie Chart Explains The Kitty Cat/Testicles Conundrum

Cats, much like toddlers, always know the best place to sit on a man’s lap. [ImageShack.us] Keep reading »

Weirdest Branding Ever: The Obama/Sonic/Harry Potter Backpack

Somewhere in China, someone’s getting very rich off this backpack that combines passions for “Harry Potter,” Sonic the Hedgehog, and Obama. And you thought Weatherproof had a problem. [Geekologie] Keep reading »

Check Out The Danish Lady Gaga!

While we’re still dying over the very interesting outfit Rihanna wore to the Echo Awards in Berlin, we were surprised to see she wasn’t the most strangely dressed attendee there that night. Danish pop sensation Aura Dione looks like she could give Lady Gaga a real run for her money. Sweet hat, dude! [Berlin, 3/4/10] Keep reading »

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