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Lying Sheets

So sneaky: Snurk bedding aims to trick with screen prints of stray bras, panties, or shirts. We imagine these sheets would be very frustrating for a neat freak. [Gessato] Keep reading »

Unfortunate Yearbook Photo Cropping

Picture day is not the the best time to wear one’s American Eagle shirt. Now, can someone please start a blog of unfortunate photo cropping? [via BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

“Star Wars” Corsets: Has A Sexier Nerd Get-Up Ever Been Made?

California-based costume-maker Evening Arwen — a name straight out of a sci-fi fantasy movie — has created these corsets inspired by the uniforms of Darth Vader and the Storm Troopers in “Star Wars.” I can think of no better way to enhance our Simcha’s curves! [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Finger Splint Or Strange Ring?

Betony Vernon’s ring will either elicit sympathy for your broken hand, jealousy for your high-design jewelry, or confusion over both. [Colette]

UPDATE: Hold up! I thought that ring looked familiar — it’s similar to the jewelry Christina Aguilera wears on the cover of her new album. Annika reported that it’s called a “petting ring,” which comes in, uh, handy during a hand job. — Editor Keep reading »

Weird Idea #231: Inflatable Leg Wraps

Just another item from the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog that makes you go “huh?”: Circulation Improving Leg Wraps. Sexy. [Hammacher Schlemmer] Keep reading »

What Will You Do During The World Cup, Ladies?

Starting June 9, the World Cup soccer matches will dominate TV for the next month and it looks like their ad folks have a solid idea of their target audience.

After the jump, take a NSFW look at what this lady is doing with her mouth … Keep reading »

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