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Rihanna Has A Big Head On The Cover Of Elle

If Rihanna‘s head was really as big as it is on the cover of the July issue of Elle, it would fall off. [Elle] Keep reading »

Lying Sheets

So sneaky: Snurk bedding aims to trick with screen prints of stray bras, panties, or shirts. We imagine these sheets would be very frustrating for a neat freak. [Gessato] Keep reading »

Unfortunate Yearbook Photo Cropping

Picture day is not the the best time to wear one’s American Eagle shirt. Now, can someone please start a blog of unfortunate photo cropping? [via BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

“Star Wars” Corsets: Has A Sexier Nerd Get-Up Ever Been Made?

California-based costume-maker Evening Arwen — a name straight out of a sci-fi fantasy movie — has created these corsets inspired by the uniforms of Darth Vader and the Storm Troopers in “Star Wars.” I can think of no better way to enhance our Simcha’s curves! [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Finger Splint Or Strange Ring?

Betony Vernon’s ring will either elicit sympathy for your broken hand, jealousy for your high-design jewelry, or confusion over both. [Colette]

UPDATE: Hold up! I thought that ring looked familiar — it’s similar to the jewelry Christina Aguilera wears on the cover of her new album. Annika reported that it’s called a “petting ring,” which comes in, uh, handy during a hand job. — Editor Keep reading »

Weird Idea #231: Inflatable Leg Wraps

Just another item from the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog that makes you go “huh?”: Circulation Improving Leg Wraps. Sexy. [Hammacher Schlemmer] Keep reading »

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