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Today, We’re Gonna Find Boyfriends

“Today, we’re gonna find boyfriends.” Ah, that is sweet music to my single ears! (Even if it’s total BS.) And this music video is 100 percent eye candy about man candy. Myles Cooper on the mic tells us everything we want to hear in a wonderland where strawberries dance with Mo’Nique. Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?! Keep reading »

Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Joanna Newsom To Shout Out Louds

It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means—there are sweet new jams here for your listening pleasure. This week, Joanna Newsom drops not one, not two, but three discs of harp hits. Daniel Merriweather’s got soul, and a new record. The Alkaline Trio mixes drug metaphors with alcohol. The kid, Joey McIntyre, goes to the block on his own. And the Shout Out Louds work it, girl! So, let’s get into the groove after the jump. Keep reading »

Naked Men Make The Best Furniture

The Valley Lodge band has a great look, but even better-looking furniture. The pop quartet pulled some strings and got an apartment decorated with naked men for their video for “All Of My Loving,” and it’s all of their loving, indeed! Man, after watching this, I’ve totally got the tune stuck in my head, but now I’d like to get something else stuck in me — perhaps the whole dining room table. Don’t men make the most functional furniture? [Gayest Ever] Keep reading »

Is “Imma Be/Rocking Your Body” The Black Eyed Peas’ Best Video?

The Black Eyed Peas have combined “Imma Be” and “Rocking Your Body” into one mega mix video that’s more than 10 minutes long. The band takes on robots in a kind of fun, move to the beat, “District 9″ sorta way. It’s really entertaining, especially since plot-driven videos aren’t as popular as they once were, and Will.i.am even tweeted that this is “the best video the black eyed peas ever made.” So what do you think? [Just Jared] Keep reading »

The Inspiration For “My Sharona” Pays Tribute To Doug Fieger

Doug Fieger, lead singer of The Knack, passed away on Valentine’s Day, after battling brain and lung cancer for several years. His ex-girlfriend Sharona Alperin, who inspired the #1 hit 1979 song “My Sharona” came to his memorial. She told Entertainment Weekly, “About 70 percent of the people I meet, as soon as I introduce myself as Sharona, they say ‘My Sharona.’ Another 20 percent, you can tell, they’re thinking it in their heads. It’s so funny. I spent the entire weekend with him, with his body [at the services]. It was beautiful to see the people who paid him respect on his death bed—the people who he was the biggest fan of. He was so devoted to rock and roll—a walking encyclopedia … I’m grateful that he’s out of pain.” RIP, Doug. I hope he could tell that his Sharona was there to pay him tribute on a day devoted to love. [Entertainment Weekly] Keep reading »

Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Freeway & Jake One To Field Music

It’s Tuesday, so you now what that means: It’s time to check out what’s fresh off the presses this week. If you’re feeling the winter blues and need someone to reason with you, well, then this week is your Album Drop! There’s so much folk flowing it’s like Garrison Keillor curated the new releases. We got the Tindersticks, Mumford & Sons, and a record to benefit the Appalachian Voices charity. Plus, the grand ole return of British pop existentialists, Field Music, and rap supah stars Freeway & Jake One have got their mind on the money. So, let’s get into the groove, after the jump! Keep reading »

Why You Should Be Listening To Ebony Bones

Now that Erykah Badu is collaborating with Mr. I’ve-Got-Nothing-Important-To-Say Lil Wayne in a cheap attempt to score profits and younger, less critical fans, I’m looking for another funky singer who isn’t afraid to bring the crazy. I was a little late “discovering” Londoner Ebony Bones, aka Ebony Thomas, as the Afro-Punk songstress has already played at SXSW, CMJ, and the last Jelly NYC Pool Party in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, not to mention a bunch of other music festivals around the globe. Yet she’s stayed true to her own sound and inspirations despite interest from major recording labels. Her debut album, Bone Idle, was released last year, but still sounds fresh in this copycat musical climate. Bones, who was also the main producer, describes the album as “schizo-sounding” and “like me, a collection of contradictions and subjects close to my heart.” She’s able to weave dance tracks, like “Don’t Fart on My Heart” and “I’m Your Future Ex Wife,” with more politically driven songs like “We Know All About You” into one cohesive project. Keep reading »

The Official “We Are The World” Remake Video

The official video for the remake of “We Are The World,” which will benefit victims of Haiti’s earthquake last month, has arrived, to, uh, mixed reviews. I’m all for the charity angle, obviously, so I’m not going to knock it too hard, but the Michael and Janet Jackson split screen is hella cheesy and I have a hard time taking anything seriously that features a Pussycat Doll. Keep reading »

Quickies: The White Stripes Are Suing The Air Force & Kate Gosselin’s New Book

  • The White Stripes are threatening to sue the Air Force for using their “Fell in Love with a Girl” for a recruitment commercial. [Rolling Stone]
  • Dutch officials have intercepted a shipment of cocaine hidden in 20,000 long-stem roses. [CBS News]
  • Michael Barrett, the man who shot a video of Erin Andrews through a peephole, recorded 16 other women and ran background checks on 30 people. [Los Angeles Times]

Keep reading »

A Taxonomy Of Relationships, Based On The Song You’re Listening To On Repeat

Whenever I walk down the street, I like to pretend that the music I’m listening to is my own personal soundtrack. The other day, a song popped up on my iPod that was so emotionally loaded with memories that it took me by surprise. It was the song I listened to on repeat for weeks during my freshman year of college, after a particularly dreamy encounter with a guy I was crushing on. For me, the song captured all the intricacies and excitement of that moment. It escalated my already-giddy happiness into a euphoria that beat any thrill I could get from dissecting the encounter with a friend. The music knew how I felt and carefully played with my emotions to make me believe that this song “got” me — like it was made just for me and that moment.

I truly believe that for every relationship, quasi-relationship, or sexual encounter you have, there is a song that perfectly encapsulates it. A song, no matter how annoying, whiny, cheesy, or sappy, that you can listen to on repeat because, durnit, that ditty knows exactly what you’re going through. After the jump, I’ve compiled a list of songs — taken from my personal experiences — which I feel categorize and exemplify specific relationships. Keep reading »

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