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Beyonce’s “Why Don’t You Love Me?” Full Video

I told you my opinion of Beyonce’s “Why Don’t You Love Me?” video based on the preview she released over the weekend. And I have to admit I was only half right. She’s definitely scantily clad, but the video is extremely entertaining. The “Why Don’t You Love Me?” video is like candy for the eyes — there’s something to look at everywhere, but the imagery isn’t overloaded. Plus, Bey’s body is perfect for mid-20th century clothing. I also enjoyed her campy-on-purpose acting. Nyom, nyom, nyom, that’s me eating my words. Keep reading »

Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Broken Social Scene To The Flaming Lips

It’s Tuesday, and you know what that mean, folks: new jams! This week, The Flaming Lips spearhead a super group magic carpet ride across the “Dark Side Of The Moon.” The New Pornographers are back and keeping it together; The Hold Steady hangs in there; Broken Social Scene trims down and turns that motha out; Josh Ritter strums his heart strings; Greg Laswell takes a bow; and Toni Braxton’s record isn’t as toe-up as her crotch. So, get those headphones on, girl, ’cause there’s some major auditory awesomeness after the jump! Keep reading »

37 Years Later, Carly Simon Finally Makes A Video For “You’re So Vain”

A little while back, it was rumored that Carly Simon’s 1973 hit “You’re So Vain” was actually about David Geffen. And here I was assuming all along that it was about every guy I’ve ever dated. Carly put all that energy into keeping the song’s “you” a secret that she forgot to make a music video. She talked about her oversight at a Tribeca Film Festival party, telling the crowd, “I never really thought about it until I was on the ‘Today’ show recently and had a 103-degree temperature. I was completely out of it, but I realized, why don’t I have a video for ‘You’re So Vain?’” Good question, Carly. We’ve been wondering the same thing for like … our whole lives. I guess Geffen and my narcissistic exes were all booked up, because Carly chose to have a competition to see who could make the best “You’re So Vain” video instead of making her own. The winning entry shows a Hasidic Jew searching for a pie. Huh? I don’t get it. Please explain. I guess we’ll have to wait until it hits YouTube to find out. [NY Post] Keep reading »

Chely Wright Comes Out For People Magazine

For the last few weeks, People has been teasing the blogosphere with hints that someone famous was going to come out on the cover of their magazine the week of May 3rd. After much speculation — and further rumors that the person is a female country singer — Chely Wright will come out of the closet and right onto People‘s cover in the issue to hit stands Friday. In a snippet of the story posted on the magazine’s website, Wright says she hid her sexuality because of intolerance within her community and thought, “There had never, ever been a country music artist who had acknowledged his or her homosexuality. I wasn’t going to be the first.” Now, however, on the eve of the release of her memoir, Like Me, and new album (the first in five years), Lifted off the Ground, she says, “Nothing in my life has been more magical than the moment I decided to come out.” Congratulations and good for you, Chely. But I still have to say — who?! Not to take anything away from her brave decision to come out publicly, but Shania Twain would have been more exciting. [People] Keep reading »

Beyonce’s “Why Don’t You Love Me” Video Preview: Why Won’t She Try Something New?

“Why Don’t You Love Me” – Sneak Peek from Beyonce on Vimeo.

Beyonce released a preview for her “Why Don’t You Love Me” video this weekend. The song is a bonus track on I Am … Sasha Fierce (Deluxe Version). It seems Bey enjoyed her Bettie Page look in the “Video Phone” video because she took another nostalgic turn as Rosie the Riveter. But this time Rosie has shed her factory uniform for Daisy Duke shorts, thigh-high stockings, and a midriff-baring shirt — you know, the same sexy garb we’re used to seeing Beyonce wear. From the preview, it looks as if this will be another video full of beauty shots of Beyonce’s heavily made-up face, butt, and boobs. Which is kind of disappointing because I think the concept of Rosie the Riveter as a homemaker doing the male and female chores could have been really entertaining — especially since the cinematography, lighting, and setting are so beautiful — instead of what I expect will be campy soft-core porn and a lot of mesmerizing gyration. Keep reading »

Christina Aguilera Wants To Remind You She Is Edgy! So So So Edgy!

If Christina Aguilera used to be “dirrty,” the new video for her song “Not Myself Tonight” proves she is now straight-up filllllllttttttthhhhhhhhyyyyyy. There are bejeweled ball gags, and corseted gimp masks, and, and, and … Sigh. Keep reading »

The Rock Bottom Remainders: Writers Gone Rock Star

As the cliches go, critics want to be artists, actors want to be directors, and writers want to be rock stars. Very few of the latter actually go for it—which is why I am so in love with The Rock Bottom Remainders, a band made up of authors like Dave Barry (guitars), Amy Tan (left, vocals), Mitch Albom (keyboards) and James McBride (saxophone). Many others—like Stephen King and Matt Groening—have played with the band during its 18-year existence. As the band’s tagline goes, “We’ve sold more books than The Doors, The Beatles and Rolling Stones together.” They just finished their April 2010 Wordstock tour, which raised money for Haiti, and actually managed to pick up some mediocre reviews along the way. Of the band’s New York show, the NY Post wrote, “During the 100-minute performance, Barry wasn’t Slash, but he was slick in his guitar work. The rest of the ragtag lit rockers in the lineup also fell into the not-so-rarefied air between pretty good and not so bad.” But rave reviews aren’t what this band’s about—they’re more into having fun and raising money for good causes. In all, the band has raised more than $2 million for charity. All I can say is, keep on rockin’ in the literary world, guys. Keep reading »

Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From The Mynabirds To Hole

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means, folks, it’s time for some fresh jams! This week, our fave electric guitar-slinging kook (and major blabbermouth), Courtney Love, claims Hole for drug money and glory. The Eastern Block is rallying with Gogol Bordello and the Balkan Beat Box. Jesse Malin & Saint Mark’s Social glam up life in New York like they’re the rock version of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. Two Door Cinema drops a hot redhead. Avi Buffalo is the new Beach Boy. And the sweet Mynabirds are taking us higher, down south, and back to the ‘60s. So get those headphones on, ’cause we’re gonna rock out, after the jump! Keep reading »

What Do You Think Of M.I.A’s “Born Free” Video?

Most music videos from female superstars involve sequins, big hair, choreographed dance numbers and, lately, no pants. Not the case for M.I.A. Her new vid for “Born Free,” directed by Romain Gavras, shows military dudes with American flags on their shoulders rounding up redheads from an apartment complex and bringing them to the desert, where one of them—a kid—is shot in the head at point-blank range. Near the end of the video, another guy is literally blown apart by a bomb. Obviously, the video has created a ton of controversy. It’s been pulled from YouTube less than a day after being posted. (A representative from the site said, “YouTube rules prohibit content like pornography or gratuitous violence. If the content breaks our terms then we remove it.”) You can still watch it on Vimeo, though. [NY Times] Keep reading »

Quotable: Joni Mitchell Goes After Bob Dylan And Madonna

Bob [Dylan] is not authentic at all. He’s a plagiarist, and his name and voice are fake … Everything about Bob is a deception. We are like night and day, he and I … Americans have decided to be stupid and shallow since 1980. Madonna is like Nero; she marks the turning point.”

– Joni Mitchell tells the world how she really feels about two music legends. Calling a whole country and stupid is no way to win or keep fans, in my opinion. Your thoughts? [PopEater] Keep reading »

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