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The Best Of This Week’s Political Sex Scandal Headlines

A political sex scandal is a headline writer’s dream. So, were they creative enough when typing up this week’s big bombshell about now former-New York Governor Eliot Spitzer?

  • The New York Post: “Ho No!”; “Hooked!”
  • The New York Daily News: “Pay For Luv Gov”; “Hooker Happy”
  • Newsday: “Trystin’ In The Wind”
  • Frankly, we’re a little disappointed. The NY Post, after all, is the paper that came up with the headline “Close But No Cigar” after the Senate failed to convict President Clinton in 1999. However, the aftershocks of this scandal are sure to be felt for at least a little while longer, so maybe they’ll take it up a notch. Keep reading »

    Which Candidate Would Get The Most Presidential Nookie?

    “Politics Is A Man’s World” Says Actress/Twit Angie Harmon

    Angie Harmon, one of the many semi-interchangeable women who’ve played an assistant district attorney on Law & Order, seems to think women in politics should be just as seen and not heard. The Texas-born and raised hardcore conservative, who’s married to former pro-football player Jason Sehorn (he famously proposed to her on Leno) told Page Six Magazine:

    I really don’t know how I feel about [a woman in the White House]. I see the positive parts of it. But, you know, I think there’s something incredible about a First Lady. That, to me, is a woman in the White House. It’s sort of like being parents to the United States, and she takes on the role of mother and confidante and care-giver. Standing behind every powerful man, there’s a powerful woman…I don’t want to say no, because that doesn’t sound very open-mined.

    Keep reading »

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