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Did Obama’s Budget Guru Leave His Preggo Girlfriend For A News Anchor?

The Obama White House is notoriously crush-worthy. I will fully fess up to having crushed on I-can-dunk-and-assist-the-president Reggie Love and wordsmith hottie Jon Favreau. I’ve also always been into Peter Orszag, director of the Office of Management and Budget. He’s distinguished, handsome, good with numbers, and very powerful—I’ve even suggested that Jennifer Aniston and Elin Nordgren give the 41-year-old divorcee a holler. But my crush may be over. The NY Post has dug up some dirt on Orszag. For a long time, he was dating Claire Milonas, a Greek shipping heiress. She had his baby in mid-November. Only, by that point Orszag had already broken up with her and started dating ABC News anchor Bianna Golodryga, who he met at the White House Correspondents Dinner—those two are now engaged. But, according to the math, Milonas must have been three months pregnant when the pair broke up. And it sure looks like Orszag might have ditched her for the better (though not richer) option. Hardly a scandal of John Edwards proportions, but enough for me to scribble out the heart around his name in my notebook. [NY Post] Keep reading »

Bristol Palin Gets A Big Girl Job, Opening Her Own PR Firm

Perhaps Bristol Palin was upset that everyone from Tiger Woods‘ mistresses to the woman accusing Shaquille O’Neal of harassment was running to spin doctress Gloria Allred for their scandal-busting needs. Because now Bristol is starting her own public relations and lobbying firm. Rachel Maddow dug deep to get the scoop on the new firm, which is called BSMP—short for Bristol Sharon Marie Palin. Bristol recently filed to incorporate the business, and it sure looks like it’s legit since the signature on the paperwork is a dead ringer for the tattoo of Bristol’s signature that Levi Johnston got on his finger. Bristol—who’s 19 and only has a high school diploma—already has her first client, the pro-abstinence Candie’s Foundation. She could start taking on new clients soon, or she could have gone through the legal rigamarole to save some tax money. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. [Media Bistro] Keep reading »

Barack Obama Appoints A Transgendered Woman To A Major Post

Amanda Simpson, Barack Obama‘s new appointee to the Commerce Department, looks like your average powerful woman with well-coiffed hair and a skirt suit. But a few years ago, Amanda was a dude. Simpson is a former test pilot who has worked for assorted aerospace defense companies for 30 years. She also ran for the Arizona House of Representatives and was a delegate for Hillary Clinton at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. She isn’t the first transgendered woman appointed to a government post —that honor went to Senior Policy Adviser Diego Sanchez last year—but she is certainly one of the few. “I hope that I will soon be one of hundreds, and that this appointment opens future opportunities for many others,” she said. [ABC] Keep reading »

A Former Exotic Dancer Inspires Military Wives Through Burlesque

Years ago, I interviewed Lily Burana, a former exotic dancer who wrote a book about her “farewell tour” dancing at strip clubs across the country. Earlier this year, I interviewed her again, about her latest book, one in which she chronicles the difficulties she experienced when her Army officer husband was deployed to Iraq. Now, the New York Times has a profile of Burana and her Operation Bombshell, which offers burlesque dancing classes to military wives. (Make sure to check out the accompanying audio slide show for a peek behind the scenes.) These aren’t classes in how to strip for your man; as Burana explains: “This is more Ava Gardner than Britney.” Instead, Army wives learn the fine art of peeling off their gloves, the “showgirl bounce,” and how to work a boa. Ultimately, says Burana, Operation Bombshell fosters camaraderie among military wives through a little sexy fun during these challenging times. [New York Times] Keep reading »

Crazy Woman Arrested For Threatening To Kill Michelle Obama

Kristy Lee Roshia is not in the Christmas spirit. Last month, she called the Boston Secret Service and told some poor receptionist she had plans to “blow away” Michelle Obama. “I will kill Michelle Obama,” she said. “I will kill Marines.” This weekend, Roshia took things further and was arrested two miles away from the Hawaii vacation home where the Obamas will spend the holidays this week. She is being charged with threatening a family member of the president—and with assaulting a federal agent, since she struck one in the arms and face when they caught her.

Roshia, it turns out, is a woman with a dark past. Keep reading »

Mexico City And Other Places Around The World Where Same-Sex Couples Can Get Hitched

On Monday, Mexico City’s legislature voted 39 to 20 in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage and adoption. So happy holidays, everyone, there’s now another place gay couples can go to tie the knot. [CNN]

Honestly, the whole debate over this in the U.S. is almost funny to me. New York and California say no—but Iowa says it’s cool?! Our country is really behind the times on this one. Surprise! We aren’t a big, happy mecca of progress and equality after all. After the jump, a few places around the world where same-sex couples can say “I do” legally. And some of them pretty surprising. Keep reading »

Quotable: All The Single Ladies (On The Supreme Court!)

“I understand from my girlfriends that I’ve been put on a most eligible bachelorette list. I’ll figure that out in time. But right now I pity the man who tries to find a minute in my schedule.”

—Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor [AP] Keep reading »

Turns Out Hillary Clinton Is Way More Popular Than Barack Obama

It looks like Hillary Clinton may have won out over Barack Obama after all. Well, at least in the most recent approval polls—and we all know that life is really just one big popularity contest. A poll of news watchers showed that our Secretary of State has a 75% approval rating with only 21% disapproval. The Prez is lagging behind, with 51% approval and 41% disapproval. This is good news for Hillary if she decides to run again. But this gap is due, in part, to the fact that a whole lot of Republicans like Hillary better. In fact, the GOP is behind Hillary 57% while only 19% of them like Barack. Ahhh, it’s hard to be the boss. [Newser] Keep reading »

It’s Now Illegal For Commercials To Be Super Loud

I’m sitting by myself after a long day, watching TV and chowing down on dinner. I’m relaxed. Everything is calm, peaceful, quiet. Then, suddenly, a commercial comes on. The volume skyrockets. It’s so loud that it’s deafening. The windows crack, the walls shake, the roof starts to crumble. I fall out of my chair and nearly choke on my food. OK, maybe it’s not that bad. But now, thanks to the House of Representatives, super loud commercials will be no more. That’s right. On Tuesday, peeps in the government passed the CALM Act. Hardy har har. Get it? Anyway, it stands for Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation. Now, advertisers have to turn it down so their commercials aren’t a lot louder than the programs they’re interrupting. The bill was headed up by California Democrat Anna Eshoo and the measure will be implemented within two years. We hope they do it quicker. I’m tired of being blown away by people talking about Tylenol PM and Tide. [CBS]

Keep reading »

Sarah Palin Rocks A Visor With John McCain’s Name Blacked Out

Sarah Palin has obviously never heard this expression: “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” While vacationing in Hawaii with her family, she made three mistakes. First, she wore a visor, which is practically the biggest fashion faux pas ever. Second, the visor had John McCain’s name on it, and everyone knows that dude lost the election, so it just makes her look like a sore loser. But her third and biggest mistake of all is … she blacked out McCain’s name, which was emblazoned on the front of the hat, with a black marker. Really? Really!? Keep reading »

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