sg wendy 092410 jpg

sg wendy 092410 jpg
What Wendy’s Wearing Today

    • Design History dress from Bluefly
    • Anthropologie necklace
  • Anthropologie shoes (got ‘em half off!)

Outfit Notes
I work from home (my apartment in Brooklyn) and since I try to get in a bike ride or a jog during my lunch break, I usually don’t get showered and dressed until early afternoon. But today I had to get an early start because I’m going into the city mid-afternoon for this photo shoot thing I hope to tell you about next week. Originally, I had something else in mind to wear today — I even did a trial run yesterday to make sure I had an adequate spot in my apartment to take a self-photo — but even though it’s hot as balls today, it’s overcast and the sunny dress I had planned would look stupid. So, I went with my old standby today — a dress I basically lived in all summer. Even when I’m not wearing yoga pants and a stretched-out tank top, I’m probably wearing something just as comfy.