10 Fall Fashion Trends I Totally Support

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / September 18, 2014
Ahh, the changing seasons, the cooling temperatures, the falling leaves, the new excuses to shop for "must have" items for your closet. I have mixed feelings about fall fashion. On one hand, I love to have a good reason to blow some money on pretty things. On the other hand, I personally find fall fashio… More »

Home Inspiration: Styled With Studs!

By: Katie Oldenburg / September 16, 2014
There's something about studs that bring a wee bit of badass to whatever they adorn. While recently shopping around TJ Maxx for a loveseat, I stumbled upon some furniture and home accessories that I loved, and they all had one thing in common— studs. Whether they're muted metallic or shiny and bright, studs are the… More »

Here Are All The Pumpkin Goodies Money Can Buy

By: Claire Hannum / September 13, 2014
Whether we like it or not, early fall brings with it a craving for all things pumpkin. It's one thing to nom on pumpkin pie and or those oh-so-popular Starbucks PSLs, but sometimes the autumn lovin' goes beyond food. Fortunately for those moments, you really can buy a pumpkin-themed version of just about anything. Whether you're looking… More »

Hair Dos: 10 Styles To Save Any Bad Hair Day

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / September 12, 2014
Fun fact about me: I find showering really tedious, boring and annoying. Some days I wake up and I just can't. That 10 minutes standing in the tub could be spent getting a little extra sleep, or reading Twitter while I drink my coffee, or having a really quick morning masturbation session (truthfully, I'm a… More »

Shop The NYFW Trend: Everything’s Coming Up Palm Prints!

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / September 10, 2014
One of my favorite trends out of NYFW so far are the array of leafy palm-prints from designers like Tracy Reese and Yigal Azrouel. From full-on palm trees to more abstract, close-up fronds, palm prints are a sophisticated alternative to regular ol' florals. And you don't have to wait until spring to wear them --… More »

These Underwater Puppy Portraits Are Giving Me Life

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / September 9, 2014
What's cuter than a bunch of adorable puppy faces? A bunch of adorable puppy faces captured UNDERWATER. I'm just going to tell myself that all of the pups shot by award-winning animal photographer Seth Casteel for new book, Underwater Puppies (a followup to the New York Times bestseller, Underwater Dogs), are having the time of… More »

What Are We Wearing Today? NYFW Edition Featuring TJ Maxx & Marshalls!

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / September 8, 2014
All of us at The Frisky love fashion, but we love a bargain more, so when T.J. Maxx and Marshalls offered to send us gift cards to purchase outfits in honor of New York Fashion Week, we were like, “OMG YES PLEASE.” We scoured the racks and each came home with an outfit (or two)… More »

Shop The NYFW Trend: 13 Ways To Get Your Gingham On

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / September 8, 2014
Gingham was a big component in Diane Von Furstenberg's NYFW runway show this week, and while her designs won't be available until spring 2015, there's no reason why you can't rock the hell out of some gingham now. Here are 13 pieces to start with... More »

Etsy Spotlight: 25 Stationery Sets To Match Your Every Mood

By: Claire Hannum / September 7, 2014
I'm in the market for some form of personalized stationery, though I have yet to narrow down my search to just one design. What says "I'm an adult with a sense of common etiquette" more than a nice handwritten note on beautiful paper? If nothing else, it'd be nice to at least keep some cute,… More »

Kim Kardashian Is British GQ‘s Naked Woman Of The Year!

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / September 3, 2014
Last night, Kim Kardashian was the recipient of British GQ’s “Woman of the Year” award, an honor bestowed upon the female celeb willing to get the most naked in the pages of the magazine. Okay, maybe that’s not the exact reason she won the title, but Kim did get down to her birthday suit for… More »

OMG I Love Your Hair: 15 Not-So-Average Ponytails

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / September 1, 2014
Whether the weather is too hot, you haven't washed your hair in a few days, or you just want your strands out of your face, sometimes the only hairstyle that makes sense is a ponytail. But who says there's only one way? Here are 15 fresh takes on the classic, casual updo. More »

15 Passive Aggressive Sandwich Boards

By: Claire Hannum / August 31, 2014
We've all had one of those days, in which we're full of bitterness and taking it out on everyone but the one person who actually made us angry. Luckily for society, I've never been put on sandwich board duty at a job on one of those days. Restaurant and coffee shop employees of the world, I envy… More »

Frisky Eats: 15 Compound Butter Recipes To Make Everything You Eat Better

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / August 29, 2014
So it turns out you guys are as big of freaks about butter as I am! I really did feel weird writing my Ode to Butter until a rash of you swooped in and expressed how dedicated to butter you are, too. There’s nothing like the Internet to build communities you didn’t know you needed. More »

One Pair Of Culottes, Three Ways To Wear Them

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / August 28, 2014
WAIT! I know what you’re thinking -- that culottes are just baggy, long shorts that cannot possibly look good -- but please hear me out. If you like full midi skirts, you should really consider trying culottes because they give you the same silhouette -- dramatic volume with a tiny waist! -- without the risk… More »

Must Haves: 16 Pieces Of Awesome Arrow Jewelry

By: Katie Oldenburg / August 27, 2014
When my favorite arrow-shaped midi ring broke this weekend, I went on the hunt to find a new one to take its place. While browsing, I came across a boatload of awesome arrow-themed pieces that kept the structure of a classic arrow, all with their own elements of glam and uniqueness. Even with the simplicity… More »

16 Gifts For The Ultimate Beyoncé Fan

By: Katie Oldenburg / August 27, 2014
If I could have a room in my house dedicated to the perfection that is Beyoncé, I would do it. Unfortunately, I'm single, and a large display of Mrs. Carter prayer candles and Andy Warhol-inspired Beyoncé wall art might scare the menfolk away. On the bright side, there is a ton of awesome merchandise out… More »

The Best Hair & Beauty At The 2014 Emmy Awards (Plus. How To Get Their Looks For Yourself!)

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / August 26, 2014
There were a lot of major fashion moments on last night's Emmy Awards red carpet -- so many ladies in red, Lizzy Caplan's leading lady glamour, Lena Dunahm's whole situation -- but I think the beauty and hair stole the show. Click through for some of my fave beauty looks, plus the products you need… More »

All The Red Carpet Arrivals At The 2014 Emmy Awards!

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / August 25, 2014

Style Superlatives: The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / August 25, 2014
Did y’all catch the MTV VMAs last night? It was quite a show, what with Blue Ivy showing up to steal the spotlight with just a few dance moves. But before I get to recapping the show, let’s review what Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani and more wore by handing out some style… More »

Frisky Eats: 10 Crispy Wonton Bites

By: Sophie Leon / August 25, 2014
Sometimes, the best things come in little packages. Correction: crispy little packages that melt in your mouth. Getting hungry? Here are 10 recipes for wontons that will deliver little bites of AMAZING straight into your mouth. More »

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